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WORDPRESS. WHEN YOU MEAN BUSINESS How and why Wordpress can be the perfect platform for businesses.

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1 WORDPRESS. WHEN YOU MEAN BUSINESS How and why Wordpress can be the perfect platform for businesses.

2 About Us Haden Interactive builds, optimizes, and manages WordPress websites for large and small organizations on four continents. WWW.HADENINTERACTIVE.CO M Haden Interactive Address: 1337 E. Ash, Fayetteville, AR Phone: 479.966.9761 Email: 02

3 Our Team John Doe 06 Several of us are here at WordCamp. We’re happy to answer questions and we want to meet you.

4 Service List SEO/SEM includes a lot of different activities, including on-page optimization of content and code, strategy based on analytics, and off- page actions like link-building, guest posting, and integrating social media and advertising. Search Engine Optimization Web design Web content WordPress websites SEO analysis and strategy Website optimization Blogging Link building Social media management Email marketing PPC 04

5 Why WordPress ? SEO advantages plus easy updates so people find you Large support community – easy to hire or find answers Lots of functionality at an economical price 05

6 The Myth of WordPress You can build your ideal website all by yourself! :

7 It’s Not True. 15

8 WordPress is a Content Management System 15

9 How to Get the Website You Want If you can’t do it all yourself, how can you make sure you get the website you want? 2 techniques and a secret weapon

10 Method 1: Hire Someone Whose Work You Like 11 Hire someone whose work you like and let them do their job.

11 Custom WordPress Sites Can Be as Varied as Any Sites

12 Method 2: Buy a Theme (and hire a designer)

13 This Is WordPress Out of the Box

14 Think of a Theme as a Wireframe Don’t get distracted by Colors Pictures Topics Look at the boxes.

15 Use Notable 09

16 The Secret Weapon: Pods

17 Pods in the Admin Area

18 Your Business Website: Front Homepage that says who you are and what you do Products and/or services pages About Us and Contact Authority pages Blog

19 A Word about Blogs Not an obvious candidate for a blog! Results in their first year: 21.12% increase in traffic overall 72.17% increase in organic search traffic 23.62% increase in unique visits to the Contact Us page 40% increase in sales

20 Editorial calendar (EditFlow) Events (Events Manager) Project management (WP Project Management) Invoicing (WP Invoice) CRM (WP CRM) Web analytics (Google Analytics for WordPress) Finances (WP Finance) Downloads (Easy Digital Downloads) Staff information (Simple Staff List) Your Business Website: Back 08 Your WordPress site can probably do more for your business than you realize.

21 WP Project Manager Projects Milestones, To-do lists, message streams Like Basecamp, but in your dashboard

22 Easy Digital Downloads, by Pippin Williamson Easy upload of all media types Simple forms to fill in Sales buttons if you’re selling Can also be patient forms, employee handbooks, credit terms for vendors, etc.

23 Edit Flow Editorial calendar Assignments for reporters, writers, editors, bloggers, photographers

24 How Safe Is It to Run Your Business from Your Dashboard? User roles control access. Many tools add extra user roles.

25 Questions? @RebeccaHaden

26 Thank you for your attention ! WWW.HADENINTERACTIVE.COM

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