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B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | -

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1 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 1/26 We Oil Your Gears Each Second Marketing Solutions for Manufacturing

2 WHAT WE OFFER CUSTOMIZED DATA SOLUTIONS B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 2/26 END-TO-END MARKETING WHAT WE OFFER YOU… More than just Marketing!

3 Customized Data Solutions B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 3/26 Customized Data Solutions

4 Our Data Solutions for Manufacturing Enterprises B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 4/26 Phone numbers Market parameters Detailed addresses What our MARKETING DATABASE comprises for the manufacturing sector IDs Company details Organizations with SIC Codes between and beyond C-level decision makers Machinists Supply chain managers Hardware maintenance services Quality testers Metalwork specialists Distributors Pricing parameters

5 A Small Cross Section of our Data Solutions EXAMPLES OF DATA USEFUL IN MANUFACTURING Supply Chain Directors Ship Builders End Users Engineers and Researchers Chemical Automobile Food and Beverage Oil, Gas and Wood Industry Details (company, institution, program related) Profile Details (individual, people related) IT, Healthcare And Robotics Architects B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 5/26

6 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 6/26 Expand Improve How you can get the Data Get us to Expand your existing list of business/research contacts Get us to Improve the database efficiency at your end Through our multiple Data Purchasing Plans, you can…

7 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 7/26 Our Data Purchasing Plans PROCURE business contacts from us LICENSE them out from us, or better still… SUBSCRIBE to uptotheminute business intelligence Just Pick a Plan, and … Gear up your technology to standards of the day Gel with customers and end users with new needs Coordinate with governments on policy issues Drill internationally beyond difficult borders Disseminate information about your achievements Drive in business opportunities to your collaborators

8 How We can Take care of your Existing Data B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 8/26 If this is what you do… …this is what we do before we take you out for marketing

9 The Process We Follow for Dirt Free Data B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 9/26

10 Our Data Services in a nutshell… B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 10/26 Get internationally reckoned without traveling Send more tenders as and when there is realtime demand Know the efficiency boosters from researchers Our Data Services in a nutshell… Fill 80% of your database with immediate buyers Contact supply chain directors who need you Grasp mechanical requirements in all relevant industries

11 End to End Marketing B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 11/26 End-to-End Marketing

12 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 12/26 Website Development Web Management Pay per click Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Research Social Media Management Product Marketing Content Management AND MORE… PROPEL OUT THE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS! But before that… What we do for Marketing your Manufacturing Enterprise Strategize Research Plan Assemble

13 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 13/26 Literature Production And Printing To communicate your strengths effectively – without sounding boastful or inconsistent Our content team has the expertise to market your best machines and sciences in realtime, while maintaining excellent marketing value in brochures, printads and online materials

14 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 14/26 Website Design And Administration For creating the online presence that educates, informs and attracts business partners and endusers in apparently distant markets Our web development experts are well educated in matters of engineering, product development and the most innovative web solutions including online adoptimization and 24/7 support

15 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 15/26 Advertising We use multilayered advertising strategies, which are immersed not only in innovative methods, but the most fundamental and ageold techniques that we preserve quietly Our advertising gurus are habituated in drilling up the right gold mines even before they are discovered by others

16 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 16/26 Trade show displays and administration Use our eventmanagement and administrative capabilities to showcase your best machines without worrying about logistics and staging costs We have marketing event experts who organize events with a 3600 approach that involves everything between rolling out of heavy machinery to legally proofed sales to the most lucrative customers

17 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 17/26 Promotional Items And Programs Before you are able to get your complicated machine intelligence enter the market at a safe pedestal, you might need us to promote the idea through a simpler version of your genius Our marketing experts translate complicated ideas into simple products that do much more than promote the idea that most of the population never knew existed

18 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 18/26 Distributor Communications And Programs If you are worried about selling your machines and parts, you would simply be pleasured by the mechanism we use to channelize business products around the world. Our experts specialize in engaging sourcing managers, supply chain directors and the groundlevel workers in unparalleled cohesion

19 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 19/26 Public Relations Our work in public relations involve networking, connecting, communicating and receiving subscriptions from people who really want to know about the things you have been doing near the furnace Experts at our end can engage in multiple PR strategies, not just in planning, but coordinated implementation and forecasting as well

20 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 20/26 New Product Launches Worried about how your new innovations and tools will be received among the most important prospects? Our experts will take your product launch to the level that is hard to reach for most

21 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 21/26 Technical Writing Allow your products to find the right cushion before the endusers put their hands or minds on your washers, bolts, motors, fans, cars, boats, ships or anything else Our talented technical writers are wellversed in engineering, statistics, numerical problems and of course the English language

22 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 22/26 Direct Mail Marketing Direct mailing can get your business more than the attention you imagined it deserves Our marketers remain immersed in the process of continuous innovation as to how s and newsletters will catch the attention of the most useful contacts

23 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 23/26 Surveys Use our survey results to make sure what you need before you invest your money in major projects All you will need is a small part of our marketing services to make sure you have the information you always wished you had

24 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 24/26 Videos, CDs, DVDs Our media services are enriched with worldclass film and presentation procedures, allowing manufacturers like you to promote their products, work ethics, compliance policies and everything that fetches you the light you need to become a more widely loved brand.

25 Our Data Services in a nutshell… B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 25/26 Keep your partners & end-users consistently well-informed Spike your online visits by 600% Drive up your workshops popularity Results of Custom-Marketing your Manufacturing Business More distributors looking for your business Channelize your materials through cost- efficient distributors Become distinctively factoryfriendly

26 The Final Result B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 26/26 A consistently increasing customer base Popularity of products and widespread acceptance of your protocols A consistently growing manufacturing brand And you can do this every day The Final Result

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