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B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : 800-382-4081 |

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1 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 1/13 IT Marketing Solutions We use More Bytes than You ever will

2 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 2/13 What we offer… More than just Marketing! CUSTOMIZED DATA SOLUTIONS END TO END DATA SOLUTIONS

3 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 3/13 Customized Data Solutions

4 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 4/13 Facts First BEFORE OCT 2012 Why you need Customized Data Solutions ? AFTER OCT 2012 Vivid signs of US economy revival in October 2012 Resulting increase in number of promising market players Most of them are modestly budgeted You inevitably require more clients Big revenue sectors will take time to get back in shape It’s time to pull up your socks… and you need new INFO Your IT company $$$ Client We have low liquidity  $ Can we afford you? Your IT company $ $ $ $ $ $ $

5 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 5/13 So how do you get data about so many companies? Our B2B DATA for the IT sector – Upcoming players this quarter Electronic media Food and entertainment Automation initiators C-level decision makers Corporation professionals Gadget manufacturers Electronics distributors Researchers and scientists Computer assemblers All SIC codes available And More Phone Numbers Company Details Market Parameters Detailed Addresses Our 40 million record database

6 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 6/13 A small cross section of our data for IT companies SOME DATA USEFUL IN IT Entrepreneurs C-level Executives Digital Goods Distributors Management Professionals Banking and Finance Transport Robotics Media & Entertainment Industry Details (company, institution, program related) Profile Details (individual, people related)

7 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 7/13 What we do for your database? Expand  Add parties that are interested  Add latest or in‐use contacts  Focus on all kinds of new players Improve  Remove database redundancies  Correct missing/inconsistent fields  Segment data for easier searching

8 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 8/13 How to get the Data Our Data Purchasing Plans PROCURE business contacts from us LICENSE them out from us, or better still … SUBSCRIBE to a regular and real‐time business intelligence

9 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 9/13 Our Data Services in a nutshell… Fill 80% of your database with dedicated users Get in touch with directors seeking apps Understand real time needs of companies Find the most cost efficient algorithm designers Pitch your solutions when C-levels need you Get more than just international recognition

10 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 10/13 End to End Marketing

11 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 11/13 What we do for Marketing once you have the right contacts Get your Approva l LAUNCH MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Research Plan Strategize But before that… Pay-per-click Marketing Se arch Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Management Product Marketing Custom Applications Content Management Apps marketing Telemarketing

12 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 12/13 Results of Custom-Marketing your IT Business More companies looking for your services and products Sell your C2C apps and solutions through popular distributors Learn about computing requirements in companies Drive up your IT brand’s popularity Know which online apps are current favorites Keep your partners and buyers regularly updated

13 B2Bdatapartners Website : | Phone : | 13/13 The Final Result It's all about being loved by your customers A consistently growing IT brand Increasing customer base Laser sharp marketing across industries

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