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Autodesk Integrations Overview SmartDesk A seamlessly integrated, affordable, out-of-the-box, Windows based drawing and document management tool for.

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2 Autodesk Integrations Overview SmartDesk

3 A seamlessly integrated, affordable, out-of-the-box, Windows based drawing and document management tool for users of AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop SmartDesk SmarTeam Corporations Integration to Autodesk Products

4 Autodesk Applications AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002 Commitment to Autodesk Products Line ! Mechanical Desktop 4,5,6 Inventor 4

5 New integrations to MDT and AutoCad Improved (simplified) Life Cycle Dialogs BOM Editor Support OutOfProcess mechanism Access to Local File explorer (all Autodesk integrations) Bulk Loading (all Autodesk integrations) Plot Mechanism Support Support embedded images (AutoCad 2000 and higher versions) Automatic File Naming on save (all Autodesk integrations) Comprehensive documentation Release 4.0 - Highlights

6 SmartInventor

7 Standard Parts Parallel Documents/Items trees Data Management Tree (DMT) Over the internet Collaboration And much more … Commitment to the Autodesk Product Line: AutoCad 2000, 2000i, 2002 Mechanical Desktop 4, 5,6 Inventor 3,4 and 5 (TBA)

8 Fully embedded into Autodesk products Document, Drawing, and file management – ties together all product related information Revision control Easy search and documents retrieval By any attribute (revision, description, part number etc.) Where Used and Composed of queries Full Xref support Full assembly support (external & local parts) Bi-directional Title Block updating Embedded viewer (over 200 formats) SmartDesk Features

9 SmartDesk - Seamlessly Integrated

10 Revision Control – Full life cycle management – Automatically maintains design modifications log – Automatically generates revision numbers – Controlled access to files – Ability to view different revisions of the same design – Management of Minor and Major revisions – Quick find and easy retrieval of legacy designs – Facilitate concurrent engineering SmartDesk User Benefits (I) Time spent on design not on data management Significantly reduces error Productivity Improvement

11 Full X-Ref Support and Assembly Management – Understands the hierarchical structure of assemblies – Understands the relationships between different designs – Ability to extract Bills of Material info. Automatically – Easy Where Used and Composed of queries SmartDesk User Benefits (II) Prevents design contradictions and collisions Knowing in advance what is going to be affected by a change Productivity Improvement

12 SmartDesk Understands the Hierarchical Structure of Assemblies

13 Bi-directional Title Block updating – Ability to map to any custom Title Block – Automatically fills-in & update Title Block fields – Keeps TB information consistent and up-to-date – TB Information is filled-in once – eliminate the need to re-type information – TB Information can be viewed even without opening the design file – TB information can be shared with any other ERP/MRP system SmartDesk User Benefits (III) Keeps system integrity Reduces administrative time & typing errors Share TB information with other groups Improves Productivity

14 SmartDesk User Benefits (IV) Simple and easy to use Plugs into the CAD environment via the in process methodology Windows standard user interface Intuitive and friendly Keeps focus on design - not on data management Reduction of design errors Share information and collaborate with team members

15 The In Process Methodology Work within the application… Staying in the design environment while managing the data The management simply becomes part of the normal design process. All the key operations such as Search, Locate, and Life Cycle/Revision control have been intuitively designed and are located inside the design application No need to spend extra time re-keying data

16 Improves Product Innovation and Team Collaboration Reducing Concept creation to Product realization Cycle Times Streamlines and automates work processes and procedures Automatically tracks all of the vast amounts of information required to design, manufacture, and maintain products Adheres to market standards (ISO, MIL, etc.) SmartDesk Organizational Benefits

17 Rapidly implemented Ready to use out-of-the-box Quick load of legacy data Scalability – a clear and simple migration path to an enterprise information management solution – SmarTeam Bridging islands of information among teams within the enterprise in a secured way SmartDesk Organizational Benefits (cont.)

18 SmarTeam Family of Products For product data management within larger organizations, SmarTeam, SmartFlow, SmartWeb, and SmarTeam Viewer provide a direct and simple migration path to department and enterprise level applications. These products are fully scalable, so retraining is not necessary, and you can keep the same database throughout.

19 SmarTeam revolutionizes the collaborative PDM market with affordable, rapidly implemented, Windows & Web centric next generation Team cPDM Thank You!

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