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AUTODESK VAULT DATA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Hari kumar Gurudu (206735) M.Sc Digital Engineering Data Management for Engineering Applications 16-06-2014 1.

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1 AUTODESK VAULT DATA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Hari kumar Gurudu (206735) M.Sc Digital Engineering Data Management for Engineering Applications 16-06-2014 1

2 OVERVIEW Motivation Introduction to the Autodesk Vault Design web format History Vault Architecture Vault Editions Tools in Autodesk Vault File management tools Lifecycles Categories and rules Revision Management Bill of material Management Change Orders Autodesk Vault basic interface Advantages DM without Autodesk Vault References 2

3 What is AUTODESK VAULT ? Autodesk Vault helps you manage your entire design by providing a single source for all design information throughout the entire Manufacturing process. Conceptual Engineering Simulation Manufacturing Sales &Marketing Design Autodesk Vault Data Management Software comes with all the tools that you need to centrally manage and track your design data, Collaborate in real time to optimize workflow, and Securely share and repurpose data throughout your organization. 3


5 HISTORY Autodesk Vault was initially known as truEVault; part of an acquisition from a company called truEInnovations, truEInnovations was started by two entrepreneurs, Brian Roepke and Dean Brisson in 1999. TruEInnovations was acquired by AUTODESK in 2003. Autodesk began to further the integration of the product into the manufacturing product line, starting with Autodesk Inventor. Software Timeline ReleaseDateProducts Shipped with Autodesk 1.0July 2003Autodesk Inventor 7 Autodesk 1.3Sep 2003Autodesk Inventor 8 Autodesk 3.0March 2004Autodesk Inventor 9 Autodesk 4.0March 2005Autodesk Inventor 10 Autodesk 5.0March 2006Autodesk Inventor 11 and CAD Applications Autodesk 2008March 2007Autodesk Inventor 2008 and CAD Applications ‘ ‘ ‘ Autodesk 2014March 2013List of Supported Applications Ref.2 5

6 Supported Applications Application Version Ref.2 6

7 Autodesk Inventor Interface 7

8 Design Web Format .DWF file  Design Web Format (DWF) is a secure file format developed by Autodesk for the efficient distribution and communication of rich design data to anyone who needs to view,review, or print design files.  Without the Team members needing to know AutoCAD or other design software. 8


10 Vault Editions The Autodesk Vault Data Management software is available in different configurations or Editions.They are  Vault (Basic)  Vault Workgroup  Vault Collaboration  Vault Professional These configurations have features ranging from fundamental Data Management tools to advanced data management tools. 10

11 Autodesk Vault Product Family 11

12 Features of Vault Editions 12

13 Functionality 13

14 Tools in Autodesk Vault Some core Data Management tools built into Autodesk Vault are File Management tools (Check-In/Check-Out File Control) Data Reuse tools Versions and Revisions Lifecycles Simple Administration and Configuration tools Bill of Material Management Engineering Change Management or Change Orders 14

15 File Management tools Check-in/Check-out file control Write Enable Check-out a file from vault (Edit & Make changes) Check-in to vault in Host Application Save then (File gets off the hard drive) (copies file to local drive C:\vaultworkspace…) This above transition or process gives Version 1 of the file. Version is the iteration of the design. Copy,reuse and replace files to and fro from vault into Vault client. 15

16 Categories and Rules Categories classifies different types of files and folders and also automatically assigns their behavior. Gives high level of consistency and completeness to the data. category name rule inventor assembly.iam Inventor part.ipt 16

17 Revision Management Revision is the combination of all the versions put together. Track and manage Vaulted design files using Revision Schemes. Record, Review and Retrieve revision history directly on files. Bump from Revision Revision OR Revision Revision A 17 1 B 2

18 Lifecycles Life cycle management Enables you to set uniform behaviors to files Allows you to Configure the transitions and states of the files. Ref.1 18

19 Lifecycle Definitions and States Ref.1 19

20 Bill of Material Management The BOM (bill of materials) is the single source for a list of assembly parts and component quantities. 20

21 ECO(Change Orders) 21 “Autodesk Vault uses an Engineering Change Order or Engineering Change Notice to record events in a change management cycle and controls how design changes are managed and released”. Ref.8

22 Autodesk Vault basic Interface 22

23 Advantages Best-In-Class Autodesk CAD integration saves time and ensures accuracy Quickly find and organize data with a variety of tools Rapidly copy and reuse data, saving hours of manual recreation time Easily scale for multiple sites and large workgroups with access controls necessary to stay organized Exchange data with Enterprise Business Systems and ERP systems to manage BOM’s and closely monitor costs Simple administration and configuration tools make server management easy Reduce or eliminate time spent on common tasks and focus on ‘value-added’ work 23

24 DM Without Autodesk Vault Some Causes Multiple versions of a file stored in multiple locations. Users save copies to their My Documents folders. No Historical Versions are saved for reference. No Electronic Knowledge of where parts are used. Secure access to files are managed through windows explorer. Some Effects The wrong part is manufactured /installed-Costly rework. Designers spend valuable time searching for data. Copying existing design data is done through manual processes. Changes can be made “at will” to released data. 24 Ref.9

25 References 1. 2. 3. 4. family/features/all/gallery-view 5. products/getting-started#?sort=score 6. 7. 8. e-ecoecn-print-template-in-vault.html 9. 25


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