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Product Configurator for Marketing to Manufacturing design automation.

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1 Product Configurator for Marketing to Manufacturing design automation

2  1980s – Drafting Board to Autocad – 50% time saving with 30% process saving  1990s – 2D to 3D – 35% time saving with 25% process saving  2000s – 3D PLM and Verticals in confluence with ERP – 30% time saving with 20% Process saving  Next - ? Newer Problems, bigger demands

3  Trends in the past that drove Technology  Get new customers, Retain existing customers  Reduce Losses, errors, rejection  Improve Productivity, quality, time to market and R&D  New trends  Growth – show continuous and sustained growth of customers, revenue, profits and value  Abundant business opportunities, overflowing orders.  High attrition, Shortage of skill sets, high manpower costs  Product specialization, core business values, new applications, technology leadership

4  Quicker generation of product design and drawings. Higher productivity, efficiency and output  Faster response to customer needs with more clarity, more options and scalability.  Reduced errors and miscommunications  Knowledge capture and core design security implementation  De-Skilling of intrinsic skills. Lesser Manpower dependence  Upto 90% time reduction in design and almost 50% improvement in total ETO cycle  Connectivity and Communications extends from customer to manufacturing and remains synchronized with business / manufacturing systems.  Integration with Web, ERP, CRM and other business systems as a side effect  Scalable results in design and marketing without the need to expand team.

5 Our CAD Customization Expertise includes ETO (Engineering to Order) automation with CAD, 3D Assembly / Part drawing automation Drawing and Detailing Automation Tooling design and tool drawing automation, Process planning and Scheduling automation, CAD / PLM to ERP linking with SAP thru XML, COM etc. Email automation to Drawing generation, Web interface to 3D automation

6 Extend the capability of the regular software Automate repeatedly occuring processes Automate Input collection Automate Calculations Automate Decision Process Standardization of Processes Simplify Complex work Create Simple user interaction / interface Avoid dependence on user skill Enable Knowledge sharing Increase speed of process (Part, assembly, Drawing, Detailing creation) Automation Simplification Calculation Speed Ease Of Use Standardization

7  Autodesk range of Mechanical and Civil CAD solutions including AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Product Stream etc.  MCAD products like Solidworks, Solidedge and Catia  Other 2D/3D CAD products like Microstation, SDS/2  CAM solutions like Delcam

8  In house Custom Configurator technology called iConfigure for Part / Assembly configuration  Custom Automation tools for Drawing and Detailing  Web technologies on VB, c#,, VBA, C++, Python, LISP and other API on any CAD / CAM / CAE platforms, Integration to all MS Office Products and MS Outlook. Custom Integration of ERP and PLM to various CAD platforms.

9  Our combined experience is over 12 years of in providing CAD/CAM/CAE solutions and over 7 years of experience in Customization and automation projects  Over 10 Experts in 3D modeling and 2D Detailing  5 Project Leaders and System Analysts with IT Training  5 External Consultants on manufacturing and tooling  India’s leading Autodesk ADN member

10 ETO Implementation using iConfigure

11  Externally configurable Assembly sequence  Assembly parts compatibility list  Rule based assembling  Fully automatic script based assemblies  OR interactive assemblies  Save assembly script instead of assemblies  Create or modify externally the script for future use  Configurator API for other developers  Future scalability to other platforms  Unified User Interface for all parts and projects  Custom UI definition possible.

12 Inventor iConfigure Assembly Logic 3D Model Library User Interface Assembly Coding Drawing Generation Coding 2D Template Library 3D Assembly 2D Drawings BOM and other Exportable data BOM and other Exportable data

13  3D Configurator engine to configure parameters and assemble parts/ sub assemblies  Rule Database for assembly and parameter logic  GUI Editor for UI Definition  2D Drawing generator engine  Accessories : Script disassembler / Script reader / Drawing template reader / Drawing utilities

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