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SmartEdge. Solid Edge V10 Support SmartEdge V4.0.

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1 SmartEdge

2 Solid Edge V10 Support

3 SmartEdge V4.0

4 Save As Functionality Save As / Project Manager – Example: Create variants of an existing assembly – Run View command on a Solid Edge Assembly – Run SmarTeam Save As command – Rename file and Save as a new object in ST – Add and delete parts – Check In new assembly to the database

5 Part Copy Applications Portability. A large Assembly welded and inserted into a single Part file Enable more than one engineer to work on the same Part but on different areas Unfolded Sheet Metal which is linked to the original folded Sheet Metal Be able to Divide Part and keep links to the original Be able to populate family of parts member and keep links to the original

6 V4.0 Part Copy SupportP1 P2 P0 A1 P5 P3 P4 Part Copy Link Assembly Link P7 P6 Composed Part Copy Structure

7 V4.0 Part Copy Support SmarTeam Revision Manager Link Directions created in SmarTeam are consistent with Solid Edge Revision Manager

8 Revision Block

9 Similar to Title Block ISO Standard Scrolling Lines method # of lines displayed – set via Options dialog box Auto update from profile card Auto capture Release notes Revision Block

10 Mapping Properties SmartEdge Profile Card Solid Edge File Properties Drawing File Title Block Load Properties Smart Save / Save Notes Load Notes Smart Save Save Properties Smart Release Drawing File Revision Block (I) (II) (III) (IV)

11 Multi Sheet Support

12 Save Performance Large time improvement when saving very large Assembly and Drawing files Using Dirty Flag to skip untouched Parts/Sub Assemblies

13 Missing Linked-Files Report – Continue (Yes/No) – Missing Drawing attachment files – Missing Assembly children files – Missing Linked Part Copy files

14 More New Features Save Properties to Profile Card Local Files Explorer Options dialog box SmartEdge Help Bulk Loading Data Management Tree Weldment Support (V9/10)

15 Bulk Load Recommended Workflow – Bulk Load Top Level Assemblies – Bulk Load any Parts not referenced by the Assemblies – Bulk Load Drafts – Check In Top Level Assemblies – Check in remaining Parts

16 Generate Automatic File Names Assigns value in CN_ID to File_Name and renames Sold Edge File File is not renamed if already saved Uses

17 V4.0 Generic SmarTeam Life Cycle user interface Enhance and Simplify Check In - Keep Checked Out Check Out At Latest Rev Lite Advanced

18 V4.0 Generic SmarTeam Life Cycle – Latest Revision Check-in OptionsCheck-out Options

19 SmartEdge Customization Printing Solid Edge Drafts – PrintDft.vbp delivered by Solid Edge – Prints SE Draft Directly – Customization required – Use Application Tools to hook to Print command

20 SmartEdge Fully Integrated Fully Integrated PDM Plug-in for for Solid Edge Solid Edge

21 Thank You! Any Questions?

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