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Softricity LLC Advance slides with arrow keys. Without PDMLynx Informal processes based upon excel, access, paper files No consistency across organization.

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1 Softricity LLC Advance slides with arrow keys

2 Without PDMLynx Informal processes based upon excel, access, paper files No consistency across organization Difficult to maintain Confusion, uncertainty around correct information Competitive PLM tools Expensive Difficult to install and maintain Focus on process management not just data management PDMLynx Manages product data to create a single version of the truth Simple to install and maintain Does not create large process changes Available in license densities for all size companies

3 Engineering tool managing Part numbers Bills of materials Product documentation Engineering change order process Architecture Server based database Windows desktop application reducing load on the server

4 Unlimited quantity of part numbers Part numbers configurable to meet any company need Part numbers formatted with customer defined prefix for like part organization Customizable guide assures constant use throughout the organization Part numbers revision controlled both in pre- released and released state

5 Customer defined part number prefixes segment part numbers into logical groupings Configurable part number format guides assure new part numbers are created correctly Existing parts are presented by prefix groupings for quick access Twelve user defined fields captures customer specific data Configurable compliance flags captures compliances at the part number level

6 Prioritized suppliers and manufacturers by part Complete supplier and manufacturer part number capture Simple access to needed reference information Pricing, purchase quantity and leadtime information

7 Unlimited suppliers supported Attach supporting document to every supplier Full primary and secondary contacts captured

8 BOMs can be created against any part number, creating BOM trees of infinite depth System automatically flags circular BOMs BOMs revision controlled both in pre-released and released state Wide variety of reporting provided Single level, all level or condensed BOM views Costed BOMs with preferred and lowest cost vendor pricing Redlined BOMs showing deltas between revisions Approved Manufacturers list for all BOM items Approved Vendor lists for all BOM items

9 Current BOM updates as you add, remove, or modify unit quantities Part numbers presented by selected prefix for rapid location Simple BOM creation and modification

10 Manage any document within PDMLynx Mechanical Drawings, Schematics, Specifications, Assembly procedures Inspection procedures, Test procedures, Images, Product schedule records, Test data, Sales or promotional artwork, and more. Documents from any software package supported AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Excel, Word, Photoshop, Orcad, etc. Custom softwareif it is on your workstation, PDMLynx can launch it Edit master files real time, not check in – check out Complex multi-file documents stay synchronized

11 BOM for selected part number completes the picture ECO history provides complete audit trail Highlighted buttons indicate documents available for selected part Configurable buttons assure simple document access

12 Full indented BOM trees show complete product visibility at a glance Customizable product categories provide logical grouping for your business Same full document access as the part number view

13 Engineering Change Request Automates requesting a change prior to beginning the actual ECO Engineering Change Order Can be implemented at any level Pre and post product release With or without impacting revision level of: BOM it reports to All uses within a product family All uses company wide Fully automated ECO process All affected parts are placed on hold pending the ECO Drives the update of all impacted documents Informs all relevant parties of the ECO via PDMLynx and email. Electronic ECO approval Automatic creation of new required revisions of all affected parts Full audit trail of all ECO activity

14 Capture impact of ECO on the organization Create initial copies of all attached documents from one screen System captures all affected part numbers Automatically notify all approving parties

15 Each user, name and password controlled User access fully configurable View only Create/Edit documents and ECOs Create/Edit parts and BOMs Approve ECOs Administration

16 Support for multiple databases under single license Independent User access Independent part number and document configuration Ideal for independent design houses Keep each customer unique Design to each customers documentation requirements

17 Full reporting at all levels Single and multi-level BOMS Pick lists, ECO reports Complete audit trail Activity logs, file transfer logs, ECO logs Integration with other systems Import historic data from other systems Export PDMLynx data to Excel Integrate PDMLynx with financial and ERP systems* *Customization required to match specific system

18 PDMLynx manages product information company wide Part numbers, BOMs, documents and the ECO process Delivers improved company productivity Eliminate wasted time looking for the correct information Speed product release via an efficient approval process No missed ECOs resulting in wrong builds/rework Quickly understand the sequence of design changes from a complete ECO history

19 Live Demonstrations Contact Softricity for a personalized WebEx product demonstration and discover how PDMLynx can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. Free Trials Thirty day free software trails available to assure PDMLynx meets your needs prior to purchase. Contact Softricity Phone : 508-242-3865 Email :

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