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Ms Raheela Siraj Mathematics Action Plan Level 4

2 Long- term goals To enhance the students knowledge about Mathematics by using 21st century skills and approaches. To enable the students face the 21st century challenges successfully. To enable students apply their learning in daily life experiences.

3 Short–term goals To enable the students :
Develop critical thinking by indulging them in challenging tasks Identify problems while promoting collaboration and team work Solve the problems related to daily life Analyze the problems and share their perspectives Master over their calculations Manage the time well

4 Use of Bloom’s Taxonomy and 21st Century Approaches
Faction Decimal Money Length Weight Lines Perimeter Angles and triangles Symmetry Position and movement Handling data Questioning skills Observing and monitoring skills Encouraging skills Intervening skills Giving direction skills Listening and speaking skills

5 Timeline Topics for second term January Fraction Decimal; February
Money Length March Perimeter Lines April Symmetry Angles & Triangles May Position & Movement Handling Data Weight

6 Topics Skills Approach Techniques Resources Fraction Decimal Money
Problem identification Critical Thinking. Questioning Giving Direction. Separate Arrange Evaluate Party stuff distribution Fraction Chart Fractional Box. Worksheets Vocabulary chart Decimal Critical Thinking Accountability Observing Monitoring Recap Comparison between lengths of different objects Quiz Flash cards Work sheets Pictures Money Social responsibility Listening & Speaking Skills Intervening Comparison between prices of different objects Shopping activity Fake money Work sheet Graphs to compare price Length Critical thinking Giving direction Measuring height Construct a shape using objects Meter Stick Measuring tape Worksheet Ruler Vocabulary chart

7 Perimeter Accuracy in calculation & measurement Information and media literacy Questioning Listening skills Observing and monitoring Calculate Cut outs of hard board Composite shapes Activity using ropes and wood Shapes Vocabulary chart Flash cards Lines Understanding & identification Observing & Monitoring skills Investigate Survey & Diagram Posters Soft boards Worksheets Computer/ Internet Angles & Triangles Identification & Problem solving Observing & monitoring skills Encouraging Compare Measure Distinguish Complex shapes Angle tester Handouts Position & Movement Understanding Locate the point on grid Giving direction Monitoring Locate the position activity Position & movement game Chess board Vocabulary charts Handling Data Communication skills & creativity Observing & Monitoring Intervening Plan Research Create graph Worksheet Computer

8 What units will you use to weigh the given objects?
Application of Bloom Level 1 Activity What units will you use to weigh the given objects? Level 4 Arrange the given weights in ascending order Convert the given weights from kg to g Level 2 Instructional lesson on weight Level 5 Grade book Level 6 Conduct a survey and create a graph to show the quantity Of different vegetables sold during the day Level 3 Do the given worksheet and apply your learning

9 Challenges Solutions Extra Curricular activities Lack of resource materials Availability of computer lab City conditions Time limit Extra curricular activities Absentees follow up Well planned lessons Requesting H.M. to provide resource materials Allocating a Computer period in the timetable. Saturdays working Preparation of incentives and certificates Preplanning and flexibility in planning Provide photocopy Collaborate with parents

10 Resources Math Text Book Internet
Math faculty teachers

11 Special Thanks I would like to thank to:
Our tutors Ms Sadaf Kashif & Ms Marium. Our H.M Soofia Shahzad. Lab Assistant Kamran Moneer. Math faculty Admin staff For their Great support!

12 Conclusion With the help of the 21st Century teaching and learning environment the students will definitely become confident in their application of Math concepts


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