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Action Plan Ms.Kanwal Akber The City School Gulshan Campus B Science

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1 Action Plan Ms.Kanwal Akber The City School Gulshan Campus B Science
Grade IV

2 LONG TERM GOAL To bring a revolution in teaching and learning by incorporating 21st century skills.

3 SHORT TERM GOALS To stimulate pupil’s curiosity in the world around them and encourage critical and creative thinking. To create a foundation for Science and secondary school.

4 OBJECTIVES By the end of September students will be able to:
Find out if their skeletons grow when they do. Measure length accurately and decides if the evidence supports their ideas. Understand that the skeleton supports our body. Find out that some animals have other ways to support their bodies. Know that the skeletons have muscles attached to them. Identify that the muscles work in pairs. Observe changes in body with and without exercise. Learn what is a habitat. Classify animals and plants.

5 A tool of change: The BLOOMS TAXONOMY
The goal of incorporating blooms taxonomy within the lessons plans is to help students see the importance of the “big picture”. Therefore ,teacher uses the cognitive domain of the bloom’s taxonomy to help form questions that teachers can ask student. It uses verbs to form measurable objectives that indicates the student’s mastery of the subject.

6 Implementation of Bloom’s Taxonomy

7 TIMELINE September week 1 Growing bones week 2 Your skeleton
week 3 Exercising and contracting muscles week Different habitats and grouping living things

8 Growing bones, skeleton & habitat
SKILLS Communication Critical thinking Information and media literacy skills Problem solving Collaboration APPROACHES Observing and monitoring Giving directions Intervening TECHNIQUES Activity based tasks based on Bloom’s taxonomy Relating the concept with their daily life Power point presentation RESOURCES Model skeletons Muscle models X-Ray of bones Measuring tape

9 Challenges and Solutions
Power supply for the power point presentation Availability of the resources Grouping of the students Solutions Generator Pre planning and prior arrangements according to the time table of different Science teachers Mixed ability groups

10 Conclusion By implementing 21st century Action Plan the students will understand to cultivate the Higher Order Thinking and develop Internet navigation skills.

11 Thank you!!!

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