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ACTION PLAN Ms Tahira Tariq The City School Gulshan Junior F URDU LANGUAGE LEVEL 4.

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1 ACTION PLAN Ms Tahira Tariq The City School Gulshan Junior F URDU LANGUAGE LEVEL 4

2 To groom students personality with 21 st century skills and approaches, to make them flexible and competitive in adapting to changes in dynamics of society. To enable the transition of students mentality from lower order thinking to higher order thinking. Long Term Goals

3 To improve the language skills of weak students using 21 st century approaches. To use I.T resources for improvement of student knowledge & understanding of the subject. To enhance the motivation and confidence level of students in all spheres of life making them well versed in Urdu. Short Term Goals

4 TOPICS: Literature Minar-e-PakistanMinar-e-Pakistan Pakistani BachePakistani Bache Suria Ki Dianat DariSuria Ki Dianat Dari Ma kia banoo gaMa kia banoo ga Bahadar KisanBahadar Kisan Azad Kashmir ka safarAzad Kashmir ka safar

5 TOPICS: Grammar Words oppositeWords opposite Urdu CountingUrdu Counting Singular PluralSingular Plural Common and Proper NounCommon and Proper Noun Verb, Subject,ObjectVerb, Subject,Object Masculine FeminineMasculine Feminine Negative and Positive SentencesNegative and Positive Sentences SynonymsSynonyms SimileysSimileys PronounPronoun

6 TOPICS: Composition and Comprehension Letter WritingLetter Writing Story WritingStory Writing Application writingApplication writing Dialogue writingDialogue writing Essay writingEssay writing Picture storyPicture story Advertisement developmentAdvertisement development Book reviewBook review

7 Time Management (Jan to May) MonthTopicsUnits JanuaryLiterature Grammar Composition 1,2 1,2,3 1,2 FebruaryLiterature Grammar Composition 3,4 4,5 3,4 MarchLiterature Grammar Composition 5 6,7,8 5,6 AprilLiterature Grammar Composition 6 9,10 7,8 MayRevisionAll units

8 Use of Revised Blooms Taxonomy to develop 21 st Century Skills in teaching Common And Proper Nouns 21 st Century Skills Developed Critical thinking and system thinking. Self Direction. Creativity and intellectual curiosity. 21 st Century Approaches used Directional Skill. Encouraging Skill. Questioning. Technique Group activities. Resources Work Sheets. Pictures.

9 Instructional Strategies Using Revised Blooms Taxonomy Steps to develop Higher Order Thinking Instructional Strategy 1. RememberingAsking children about their prior knowledge about Common & Proper Nouns 2. UnderstandingI will show different pictures of Common and Proper Nouns 3. ApplyingStudents will be given a worksheet & will be asked to apply the knowledge they have gained through lesson.

10 Instructional Strategies Using Revised Blooms Taxonomy Steps to develop Higher Order Thinking Instructional Strategy 4. AnalyzingAdditional information regarding the topic and instructional lesson will be asked 5. EvaluatingI will plan a class activity and assign a group task to students. For this activity this sitting arrangement was done. 6. CreatingAll students will be given a task to analyze different common and proper nouns around them and present their findings. The best presentation will be give a certificate.

11 Grammar Topics Skills ApproachesTechniquesResources Communication skills Interpersonal and collaborative Skills Problem identification formation and solutions Creativity and Intellectual curiosity Directions skills Encouraging Skills Interviewing Questioning Listening Skills Competition Quiz Games Poems/ singing Internet Work sheets Flow charts

12 Literature Topics Skills ApproachesTechniquesResources Communication skills Intellectual Curiosity Information and Media literacy Skills Accountability and Adaptability Listening and speaking skills Encouraging Skills Reading Competition Pictures and Flash Cards Multimedia presentation Worksheet Course Book Internet Projector

13 Composition And Comprehension Skills ApproachesTechniquesResources Communication skills Adaptability and accountability Self Direction Critical thinking and system thinking Creativity and Intellectual curiosity Direction Skills Encouraging Skills Listening and Speaking skills Story Telling Competition Debate Drama /Role play Talk show Picture story Book review Internet Play Scripts Story Books News paper and magazines Word webs

14 Challenges and Solutions Students Inability to read properly Searching of Relevant information Time Management and Motivation of Students Non Availability of Internet Seating Arrangement and Effective Groups Collaborations Development of critical and healthy competition Pace and Quality of Work Lack of speaking and presentation skills Regular Sessions of reading in class Guiding Students about fruitful searching and authentic websites. Proper planning and preparation of incentives and certificates. Using Library Resources Incentive for best Group Team Work Certificates and Arrangement of Games and Activities to enhance language skills

15 Acknowledgment Headmistress Colleagues Library teacher ICT teacher Computer lab assistant (For teaching advertisement) Urdu Text Books Online

16 Special Thanks Ms. Soofia Shahzad Ms. Sadaf Kashif Ms. Mariam Jilani Ms. Naila Navaid Mr. Kamran Moneer

17 Thank you

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