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Action plan The City School Gulshan Jr. F Ms. Nusrat Khurshid Art Teacher Grade - IV.

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1 Action plan The City School Gulshan Jr. F Ms. Nusrat Khurshid Art Teacher Grade - IV

2 The use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others.

3 Students will be able to exhibit their hidden artistic talent enhancing their 21 st century skills.

4 To develop IT skills and enable the students use Ms paint to express their thoughts. To develop 21 st century skills. To enable them utilize things with different perspectives. To enable students enhance their artistic skills. To encourage and inculcate the habit of recycling waste materials to turn them into useful products. To enable students display their creativity while integrating it with different subjects. Praise the natural environment. To foster the basic sketching skills in the students.

5 Objective of teaching Arts My Instructional Strategies and Tasks

6 I will help students develop their creativity and the sense of self- expression by giving out clear and precise instructions. I will enable students use imagination as a source of idea tapping higher order thinking skills hence letting them be creative. I will develop awareness of different art techniques and their several uses by allowing students surf on authentic websites.

7 I will enhance students’ confidence to decorate things at their ease by encouraging them. I will assist them develop hand control on sketch while allowing them use different mediums. I will develop collaborative skills by making proper seating arrangements keeping student interests and conflicts in mind.

8 21 st century approaches Observing and monitoring skills. Intervening. Encouraging skills Giving Direction skills Questioning skills.

9 21 st century skills –Creativity and intellectual curiosity. –Self- esteem –Accountability and adaptability skills –Communication skill. –Critical thinking. –Information and media literacy skills. –Interpersonal and collaborative skills. –Social responsibility. –Self- Direction

10 Portrait Sketching Pot Painting Origami Mothers Day Card making activity. To show how do we plan our weeks.

11 Jan Feb Mar Apr may Portrait Sketching Pot painting Origami Card

12 Step By Step drawing : We are going to draw a Portrait.. First sketch should be lightly drawn. Draw basic construction for a character with just pencil.

13 Draw one center and three horizontal lines. Draw an oval for basic foundation of the face. Draw the position of base of nose and lips. Draw the position of ears between first and second line. Draw the suggestion of the eyes. Add details and erase the basic lines and we will get the face.





18 What is the medium used? Imagine titles for artwork What types of material /color/lines/skills would you use--? What is most/least pleasing about the artwork? Decide whys of art:style, medium, technique used. How does a particular artwork get value and meaning in your life?

19 ChallengesSolution 1.Discipline maintenance.Resolve conflict and negotiate 2. Dealing with mixed ability groupObserve critically 3. Insufficient spaceProper seating arrangement 4. Lack of interest Developing interest through attractive activities and incentives. 5. Irregular student Create interest by reinforcement of next week planning 6. Inadequate material Sharing and providing at times after reinforcement for getting it next time.

20 Arts Curriculum Colleagues Library Teacher ICT Teacher and ICT Lab Assistant Domestic Staff to-Draw-Race-Cars.htm to-Draw-Race-Cars.htm es.htm es.htm nts_drawing.htm nts_drawing.htm

21 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Head Mistress. Ms. Sadaf Kashif. Ms. Mariam Jilani. Admin Staff. Intel.

22 “Much of what is said in the arts cannot be said in another way. To withhold artistic means of understanding is as much of a malpractice as to withhold Mathematics.” Howard Gardner.


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