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The City School, Gulshan Boys’ Campus Karachi

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1 The City School, Gulshan Boys’ Campus Karachi
Teachers: Muhammad Saeed Shaikh Class: O Level, Senior 2 Subject: English Language Date: 01 September 2011 Action Plan For September 2011 The City School, Gulshan Boys’ Campus Karachi

2 Long – Term Goals To unleash the potential of the pupils making them:
More competitive to meet the challenges of the 21st century. More communicative to be more competitive. More skilled to be more communicative. To inspire them to be a better and beneficial person.

3 Short – Term Goals In the up-coming session I shall:
Adopt computer-based instruction methodology involving Worksheets on MS Word Result Sheets on MS Excel Presentations on MS Powerpoint Ensure more collaborative learning on the part of the pupils to enhance: Understanding how to describe different aspects (people/things/places/phenomena & experience/events) Creative ability Persuasive writing

4 Problem-Solving Skills Self-Direction Skills
ANALYZING EVALUATING CREATING HIGHER ORDER THINKING Blooming Skills of 21st Century Communication & Information Skills Information and Media Literacy Skills Accessing & Analyzing Information Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills Problem Identification, Formulation and Solution Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity Critical Thinking, High-Order Thinking Interpersonal & Self-Direction Skills Self-Direction Agility, Accountability and Adaptability Leadership & Responsibility Interpersonal and Collaboration Initiative & Entrepreneurialism LOWER ORDER THINKING REMEMBERING UNDERSTANDING APPLYING

5 The Time-Line: For September 2011
Effective communication W E K 1 2 3 . Descriptive Essays Speech Writing Delivering the speeches 4 Descriptions

21st Century Students’ Skills 21st Century Teachers’ Approaches Developing compositions: Describing people, places or events Intellectual Curiosity Critical Thinking Problem Identification Effective Questioning Intervening Developing Persuasive Writing: Writing speeches Creativity Listening & Speaking Giving Directions Encouraging Individualistically Competitively The Arrow shows the direction of the order of thinking.

7 Model Lesson Comprehending The Description Essays Describing:
Type 1: Describing: A person An interesting place A significant thing A phenomenon Passage B Describing an interesting Experience or an event ALL ABOUT DESCRIPTIVE ESSAYS SAMPLE DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY HOW TO DESCRIBE THE WEATHER HOW TO DESCRIBE PEOPLE

8 Applying Cognitive Domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy
Sample: Lesson On Description Essay Remembering What is a description essay? Understanding What is the difference between a description and narration? Applying Give examples of describing people. Analyzing Can the students identify the adjectives in a given passage? Evaluating Can the students tell the apt descriptions from the lacking- ones. Creating Can the students justifiably describe the given aspect?

Challenges Solutions INCOMPREHENSIBILITY Collaborative Work [pair-work] Effective Questioning Technique LACK OF INTEREST Usage of 21st Century Technology [use of internet] Effective Encouraging Skills DISRUPTIVENESS Presentations Effective Intervening Skills Effective Monitoring UNAVAILABILITY OF RESOURCES Prior Information to Management Well-Planned Activities Utilizing Cellular Technology

The Manual of Intel Teach Program, Getting Started Course. The Curriculum of The City School, Gulshan Boys’ Campus. Assistance Provided By The Instructors of Intel Teach Program. Bloom’s Taxonomy The Wild World of The World Wide Web.

11 CONCLUSION During The Intel Teach – Getting Started Course… I realized
the need to embellish my instructional potentiality by adopting the approaches and strategies of 21st century. I will have to be: APPROACHABLE INTERACTIVE TRUST-WORTHY

12 Acknowledgement Thank you Intel Teach Program Team…
For their benevolent guidance & support. For rekindling a fervor of improving myself so as to be more competitive.

13 Thank You

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