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Mrs.Rehana Siddiqui. The City School General Science, Grade 2.

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2 Mrs.Rehana Siddiqui. The City School General Science, Grade 2

3 Content Long Term Goal Short Term Goal Challenges & Solutions Instructional Strategies & Task Timeline Resources Conclusion

4 Long-term goal Adopt 21 st century approaches to enhance students Learning and knowledge skills.

5 Short-term Goals Focus on encouraging and motivating students to work more enthusiastically and logically. Encourage collaboration among students to work together like a team. Teach them to share there views and resources with others.

6 Challenges / Solutions Challenges Solutions Unavailability of a computer Parents are not aware of advance methodology Lack of collaboration among the students Requirement of latest informations Staying back after school to use lab and provide material Handout will be given to them for information Encourage them to work in groups Students will be ask to bring newspaper cuttings

7 Instructional strategies and task To make students critical thinkers To teach them to give their answers on logical and experimental basis To encourage them to make projects and posters Involve the students in group discussions and critical thinking

8 Timeline August May Science is a very vast subject. All the topics require group discussions, project work, surfing on net and reading from different sources which will be planned in away to improve the 21 st century skills of the students i.e. inquiring skills, encouraging skills, intervening skills, observing and monitoring skills, presenting skills.

9 Resources Internet Newspaper cuttings Encyclopedia Teachers of the same grade Word processing, multimedia, spread sheet applications Discovery channel

10 Conclusion I hope this action plan of 21 st century will improve their learning skills and enable them to collaborate and communicate knowledge with others.

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