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By Ms. Noreen Atta Class IV Date: July 24 th ’2011.

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1 By Ms. Noreen Atta Class IV Date: July 24 th ’2011

2 Name: Noreen Atta Subject: English Unit: 4.1 pg: 21 Book: Grammar Skills– 4 Topic: Prepositions Class: Syndicate II No. of students: 34 Date : 24th July, 11 Time: 09 : 30 Duration: 30 Minutes Venue: DA SKBZ College

3 Previous knowledge of the students: Students have learnt prepositions of place and are exposed to several texts having prepositions of place. They are also exposed to simple preposition of direction ( up, down, into, out of) and can use them appropriately. Method of teaching: Lecture formative

4 To familiarize the students with correct usage of grammar. Adopt different methods of teaching English. General objectives:

5 Change questioning strategies with students to promote high order thinking. By the end of the lesson the students will identify the prepositions and can use them in proper way. Students will be able to demonstrate correct usage of prepositions. Specific objectives:

6 MID TERM SYLLABUS April: Oxford Reading Circle --- 4: i. One More Try ii. When We Are Men (Poem) The Jungle Book: Chapter: 1-2 Grammar Skills--- 4: i. Count and Uncount Nouns ii. Singular and Plural Nouns iii. Types of Nouns Composition, Comprehension May: Oxford Reading Circle --- 4: i. Sinbad the Sailor ii. Bird’s Nest (Poem) The Jungle Book: Chapter: 3 Grammar Skills--- 4: i. Pronouns ii. Possessive Forms iii. Antonyms Composition, Application August: Oxford Reading Circle --- 4: i. When Daddy was a Little Boy The Jungle Book: Chapter: 4 Grammar Skills--- 4: i. Adjectives ii. Adjectives of Comparison iii. Homophones Composition, Comprehension September: Oxford Reading Circle --- 4: i. The Thrush Girl (for reading only) ii. High June (Poem) or oral recitation The Jungle Book: Chapter: 5 Grammar Skills--- 4: i. Preposition ii. Contractions iii. Genders Composition, Comprehension October: Revision Mid Term Exams

7 BLOOM’S TAXONOMY- LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson students will be able to:  ANALYZE: analyze preposition according to their kind and make a chart.  EVALUATE: consider how these preposition can help them in writing i.e. stories essays etc.  CREATE : Write a story with the help of learnt prepositions.

8 INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES AND TASKS o Provide more opportunities for students to answer the questions that require higher order thinking. o Providing opportunities of group discussion to uplift their knowledge and confident. The teacher will introduce prepositions to the students by asking them to think of two words that describe what they could do with their pencil box Brainstorm these words and write them on the board. Most of the words will be prepositions. (Examples: inside, into, under, by, over, beneath, beside)

9 SOLUTION TO ANTICIPATED CHALLENGES CHALLENGES Slow learners may need more focus to come up with ideas. There may be some students who feel uncomfortable with group works. Parents disagreement. SOLUTION Appropriate grouping may help. I will make appropriate group of students to encourage cooperation with all class members. I will take parents in confidence. Motivation.


11 TopicBloom’s Taxonomy21 st Century Approach21 st Century Skills Preposition Creating: Language proficiency Encouraging skills Listening & Speaking skills Monitoring skills Intervening skills Creativity & Intellectual curiosity Information media literacy skill Self direction Evaluating: Assess Appraise Questioning skills Encouraging skills Giving direction skills Identification Formulation Solution Communication skill Analyzing: Research Chart Outline Observing & Monitoring skills Listening skills Questioning skills Adaptability Accountability Critical thinking 21 st Century Teaching Approaches Bloom’s Taxonomy- High Order Thinking Level

12 Internet Book, Board, Chalk, pictures, & Worksheets. Library Other teachers who teach same grade and subject Resources

13 Prepositions A preposition is a word that helps to link nouns and pronouns to other words in a sentence. It usually tells the position of a noun or pronoun. A preposition also tells about time and place. Some prepositions are as follow: in on at after before between

14 Prepositions also tell about place. For example:

15 Some other examples: The dog and cat are on the sofa. The bird is in the cage.

16 Prepositions also tell about time. For example:

17 We reach school at half past 10. It’s hot in the afternoon. Some other examples:

18 We use preposition in with months and years. For example: She was born in My brother will return in February.

19 We use preposition on with days of a week and special days. There is a public holiday on Wednesday. All the shops will be close on New Year’s Day.

20 Teacher will assess the students through worksheets. Assessment

21 Conclusion 21 st century teaching approaches would help my students to acquire higher level of thing and to gain a better knowledge of subject.





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