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ADJECTIVE & ADVERB Password : excellent7

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1 ADJECTIVE & ADVERB Password : excellent7
UNIT 3 ADJECTIVE & ADVERB Password : excellent7 By Vanny Martianova Y., S.S., M.Hum. @VannyNingtias

2 Soal latihan silakan dikerjakan sebanyak mungkin, ditulis di buku tulis. Jawaban + alasan. Dikumpulkan max.10nov. UNIT 1/PAGE 24-25 EXERCISE 1 1. False  many diganti much, karena water  uncount. Noun 2. B  karena….

3 ADJECTIVE KATA SIFAT Function: modify NOUN (menerangkan KB)
Characteristics Muncul setelah to be (is,am,are,was,were,be,been,being) I am smart We are young You are beautiful Muncul sebelum Noun Beautiful girl Blue sky Deep blue sea

4 Muncul setelah kata kerja yang berhubungan dengan alat indera (sense verb)
Become, look, appear, seem, remain, feel, prove, taste, keep, smell, sound The food tastes delicious The music sounds good Megan Fox looks beautiful Megan Fox dances beautifully I can swim very well (bukan –good-) (adverb) Deny drives his car quickly/slowly

5 Bisa di bentuk dari Verb -ing & Verb 3 (-ed)
Me-kan merasa /yang di Active passive Interesting interested Boring bored Disgusting disgusted Frightening frightened Scary scared Attractive attracted

6 Example: Verb-ing  active Verb 3 (-ed)  passive
Ex. The smiling woman looks so beautiful The kissing people are in love The running man is not tired Verb 3 (-ed)  passive Ex. The kissed girl is very shy The red haired girl is very graceful The killed mouse is thrown

7 The beautiful woman is crying
lazy smart punished kissed smiling woman is from Padang crying running

8 ADJUNCT NOUN yang berfungsi sbg ADJECTIVE School  N Table  N Adj N
School table Career woman/some career women Business students/ a business student Field Trip Case Study Library Research Research Library

9 ADVERB KATA KETERANGAN Fungsi: modify Verb, Noun, Adjective
Characteristics: Banyak dibentuk dari ADJECTIVE + LY Beautifully, quickly, Kecuali: hard-hard good-well fast-fast late-late

10 Hardly: hampir tidak I can hardly forget Maya I study hard (dgn giat) Badly: parah/dgn buruk Dayat was badly injured because he had a crash with an ant (adverb) Dayat missed Anisya so bad (adjective feeling sense verb) Fajar feels bad about hurting Umi’s heart (adjective) Edwin loves Desy very badly (adverb dgn cara buruk) Lately:akhir2 ini Lately, Pijar often feels confused Lately, Nando often comes late Nando often comes late lately I come late

11 Muncul setelah /sebelum Verb
The students work hard Tia smiles so sweetly Debrian sings very loudly Fatkhur drives fast and furiously Fatkhur fast and furiously drives Damas slowly drives Damas drives slowly Fuz is examined carefully by the doctor Fuz is carefully examined by the doctor

12 Muncul setelah Noun Abiyoga eats silently Abiyoga silently eats Abiyoga eats the candy silently Abiyoga silently eats the candy Abiyoga eats silently the candy –X- Reza drives the car slowly Reza slowly drives the car Reza drives slowly the car  x

13 The danger of smoking The dangerous effects of smoking Mangroves are planted carefully Mangroves are planted extensively Mangroves are extensively planted Mangroves are planted wholeheartedly

14 Adverb yg tdk dbntuk dr Adj + ly
Adverb of frequency Very, so, too, often, rarely, sometimes, almost, never, merely, just, extremely, terribly, etc.

15 I have a definitely quick car
We have a quickly running car adv adj N My mother is a very beautiful woman My mother is an extremely beautiful woman A specially trained diving athlete is coming to UDC to give a diving training program Specially trained diving athlete adv adj/V3/pass adj/act N

16 Noun, Adjective, Adverb. Noun: Girl, Boy, Class, Program
Adjective: pretty, diligent, boring, difficult,lovely Adverb: extremely, very, terribly, specially Adverb, adjective, Noun Extremely lovely girl Very friendly student Terribly, boring class Specially difficult program

17 We need to develop an Extensively A B Agriculturally System
C D Newly-car-a-bought-blue-big-running-japanese A newly bought big blue japanese running car PUKUBUWASABABEN (pendapat , ukuran, usia, bentuk, warna, asal, bahan, benda) A Beautiful expensive large old rectangular pink Balinese wooden Table

18 Esti is an illegally kissed girl
Prasetyo is a newly changed man Hananta is a cruelly killed student

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