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SIMPLE SENTENCE By Vanny Martianova Y., S.S.,

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1 SIMPLE SENTENCE By Vanny Martianova Y., S.S., M.Hum. @VannyNingtias

2  VERB  VERB, TO BE, MODAL  1 SUBJECT + 1 VERB  I study and sleep  we are swimming  Fafa and Fifi (they)are from Indonesia  fafa and Fifican get married  Fafa is from indonesia and Fifi is from indonesia  S V S V  (Compound sentence)

3  Frasa yang didahului oleh preposition (in, on, at, by, for, of, etc. - kt.depan)  In the classroom, behind the table,  SUBJECT ALWAYS BEFORE PREPOSITION!!!!  Fafa in front of the girls behind the boys is handsome.  One of the most beautiful students is Amina.  The girl/the girls in front of the boys in room 305 at building D in faculty of Economics and Business and marine science in UDINUS in semarang in indonesia in the world…is/are…beautiful  The students in room 3 at FEB in UDINUS are smart

4  Fungsi: memberi keterangan tambahan thdp SUBJECT  PAY ATTENTION TO SUBJECT!!!  Jakarta, one of the busiest cities, -is-the capital city of Indonesia  Rosyid, one of the most brilliant students, ----(is) come/comes from Angola.  The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is very beautiful.  The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, is very beautiful.  The busiest cities in the world, one of them is Jakarta, are usually severely polluted.  One of the most handsome students in FEB UDINUS, Ali is very generous.  I live in Semarang, the hottest city in Central Java.

5  One of the most brilliant students, Pahlawan comes from Angola.  Wise, a student in FEB UDINUS, lives in Blora.  Wise, one of most beautiful students can swim  Semarang, the capital city of Central Java, can be very hot or cool  The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is very crowded

6  Frasa yang dibentuk dari adjective (Verb-ing –aktif dan Verb 3– ed---pasif—ada by…..)  David known for her beauty is from Semarang  The man wearing pink jeans is Reynald.  Oki kissing three girls is happy kissed by three girls  Oki kissed three girls is happy  X kissing by three girls

7  2. Jay Adamson, was an author and a painter, became famous for her book Born Free.  Hadi, a student and a businessman, studies at FEB UDINUS. (simple sentence)  Elisa who is my favorite student comes from Medan. (complex sentence) ◦ Elisa comes from Medan. ◦ She is my favorite student.

8  Bintang who is kissed by three girls is from Semarang (complex sentence)  passive  Bintang is from smg  Bintang kissed 3 girls  Bintang who kissed three girls is from Semarang (complex sentence)  active  Bintang kissed three girls  Bintang is from semarang  Simple sentences:  Bintang kissing 3 girls is from semarang (active)  Bintang kissed by 3 girls is from semarang (passive)

9  Dlm 1 kalimat tdk boleh ada double subject atau double verb tanpa kata sambung (and, but, etc)  I am can go swimming (I can go swimming)  I am come from Salatiga (I am from Sala3/I come from Sala3)  You I go having breakfast (You and I go having breakfast)  Anisa she is my friend. (anisa/she is my friend)  Puspa likes swimming singing  Puspa likes swimming and singing  Erlia plays sings and swims everyday  Erlia plays, sings and swims everyday  I miss hate you  I miss but hate you The capital city of central Java, Semarang, is very hot. Arika, is a student in UDINUS, lives in Pati.  X

10  This is a research which the writer conducted in Karimun Jawa waters. The method of obtaining/collecting/getting data for this research is experimental method.  The technique (which is) used in this research is trial and error.  Based on Ambariyanto (2012: 23), seashell is….  According to….  In accordance with  As stated by

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