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Adjective PLAY or Adverb.

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1 Adjective PLAY or Adverb

2 Adjective or adverb NEXT Adjectives modify nouns. She is very quiet.
Adverbs modify verbs. She speaks very quietly. fast hard late early are adjectives and adverbs He is a fast runner. He can run fast. ( not ‘fastly’ ) adjective + ly adverb quick quickly sudden suddenly good ( adjective ) well ( adverb ) NEXT

3 Adjective or adverb loud loudly WELL DONE loudly
The dog barks _________ . NEXT

4 Adjective or adverb good well WELL DONE good He is a ________ student.

5 Adjective or adverb easy easily WELL DONE easy
This exercise is _________ . NEXT

6 Adjective or adverb heavy heavily WELL DONE heavily
It’s raining _________ . NEXT

7 Adjective or adverb bad badly WELL DONE bad He is a _________ man.

8 Adjective or adverb slow slowly WELL DONE slowly
He is walking _________ . NEXT

9 Adjective or adverb careful carefully WELL DONE careful
Tom is a _________ driver. NEXT

10 Adjective or adverb fast fastly WELL DONE fast He can run very ______.

11 Adjective or adverb angry angrily WELL DONE angrily
He shouted at me _________ . NEXT

12 Adjective or adverb quiet quietly WELL DONE quiet
The students are very _______ today. NEXT

13 Adjective or adverb beautiful WELL DONE beautifully beautifully
She sings _______________.

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