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1 Adjective expensive cheap nice horrible modern dangerous A An Noun house car shoes bicycle hat driver..

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1 1 Adjective expensive cheap nice horrible modern dangerous A An Noun house car shoes bicycle hat driver..

2 2 Mehmet doesn’t like Indian food. Hasan has a fast car. A horrible rat ran out of the old house. Ali wore an old fashioned jacket in the play. Uğur lives in a modern house..

3 3 Esra is a careful driver. The students bought some cheap potatoes. There is an expensive cafe on our street..

4 4 Put the words in the right order. 1) hat - I- red - like - her 2) you - do- music slow like? 3)to-expensive-we-restaurant-an -went. 4) modern-they -house - live-a -in Ilikeherredhat. 2) Do you like slow music? 3)We went to an expensive restaurant. 4) They live in a modern house..

5 5 Choose an adjective and noun to complete the sentences. AdjectivesItalian /red / new /blue Nouns roses / eyes /food / job 1)Uğur gave Ayşe some................ for her birthday. 2)My sister and I both have.............., just like our mother. 3)Antonio loves......................, especially spaghetti. 4)Esra works really hard at her..................... at the university.. redroses new job Italianfood blueeyes

6 6 Verb I You He She It We They feel smell look sound seem taste Adjective good tired nice beautiful happy sad interesting.. Object

7 7 The flowers on the table look nice. Mel Gibson doesn’t sound Australian. Uğur seems happy this morning. I slept well last night so, I don’t feel tired today. That etli ekmek smells good. Does it taste good too?..

8 8 I think those tourists look Italian. The book sounds interesting but the film looks boring..

9 9 Test Yourself Put the words in the right order. 1) soup / does / taste / the / horrible? 2) new / our / American / neighbours / sound 3)Esra /seems / happy / job / new / with / her 4)apple /that / smells / pie / good 5)today / looks / Uğur / ill 1)Does the soup taste horrible? 2)Our new neighbours sound American. 3)Esra seems happy with her new job. 4)That apple pie smells good. 5)Uğur looks ill today..

10 10 be I You He We They am are is was were adjective good beautiful interesting loud.. She It

11 11 1) Please be quiet. I am studying. 2) The music at Uğur’s party was really loud. 3) Those red shoes are expensive. 4) The weather isn’t good today. 5) Some films are boring..

12 12 Test yourself Hungry / Mexican / tired / interesting / awful. 1) Ahmet eats a lot but he is always........... 2)That film was so......... I left the cinema early. 3)I think Jennifer Lopez is............. 4) Uğur is....... again today. He should go to bed early.. hungry. awful Mexican. tired

13 13 Adjectives ly Adverbs quick slow careful easy angry dangerous bad + ly quickly slowly carefully easily angrily dangerously badly.. +

14 14 1) Ali shouted angrily at the robber. 2) Esra works quickly and carefully. 3) It’s raining heavily. We can’t go out. 4) My neighbour drives his car dangerously..

15 15 5) He also plays the stereo loudly. 6) Pour the milk slowly or it will spill onto the table. 7) The box isn’t heavy. I can lift it easily..

16 16 Adjective Adverb good fast late early hard well fast late early hard..

17 17 Compare these sentences Adjective Your English is good. Uğur is a fast runner. He is always late. They are good singers. Jimmy is a hard worker. Adverb You speak English well. He runs fast. He always comes late. They sing well. He works hard..

18 18 Test Yourself 1)My brother sings....... (bad,badly) 2)Please listen............ (careful, carefully). This is important. 3)Mehmet can run........... (fast, fastly) 4)Our basketball team played.......... (good, well) last night.. badly. carefully. fast. well

19 19 They’ll win the league......... (easy, easily) The car stopped.............. (sudden, suddenly) outside our house. Uğur waited................ (nervous, nervously) in the doctor’s reception room.. easily. suddenly nervously

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