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Noun Adjective Verb Preposition Pronoun Adverb.

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1 Noun Adjective Verb Preposition Pronoun Adverb

2 Adjective + ‘ly’ Adjective or Adverb? He drives carefully.
He’s a careful driver. He drives carefully. He’s a quick worker. He works quickly. Adjective + ‘ly’

3 Adverbs of manner usually come after the verb.
My son is very ____. My son is very ____. quiet quiet quietly My son speaks _____ . My son speaks _____ . quietly slow slowly He is a ____ driver. slow He drives _____. slowly Adverbs of manner usually come after the verb.

4 An adverb tells you about a verb.
Adjective Noun An adjective tells you about a noun. a slow car. Adverb Verb An adverb tells you about a verb. He drives slowly.

5 slowly angrily easily quietly carefully Adjectives Adverbs slow angry
easy quietly quiet careful carefully Adjective + ‘ly’

6 noisy easy angry noisily easily angrily
If a word ends in ‘y’ change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’

7 Beautifully Beautiful Carefully Careful
If an adjective ends in ‘l’ add ‘ly’.

8 Irregular Fast Hard Late Early Well Fast Hard Late Early Good

9 Oral practice – flashcards whole class activity - choose the correct word
Oral practice – pairwork mingle activity Write the adverb Gr. Pr. P57 Ex 38a [Check - slide 11]

10 hard sadly carefully well fast clearly soft calm hard quick easy sad
angry perfect careful slow polite good nice bad fast quiet beautiful clear hard soft calmly sadly easily quickly angrily perfectly carefully slowly well politely nicely badly fast quietly clearly beautifully

11 Choose the correct word (adjective or adverb) Ex. 38d Gr Pr p. 58
This music is too loud. We can’t talk. She played badly and she lost the game. We waited patiently for the letter but it never came. Please don’t be angry with him. She asks intelligent questions. The children are playing together very nicely today. She’s a very warm person and everyone likes her. She surprised me when she opened the door suddenly. You speak English very well. It’s dangerous to swim in the sea here.

12 Rewrite the sentences using a verb and adverb. Gr.Pr. 38c
They’re slow workers. He’s a dangerous driver. She’s a careful writer. I’m a loud singer. She’s a fast swimmer. He’s a bad actor. Jill’s a beautiful painter. You’re a terrible dancer. They’re good teachers. John’s a patient listener. They work slowly. He drives dangerously. She writes carefully. I sing loudly. She swims fast. He acts badly. Jill paints beautifully. You dance terribly. They teach well. John listens patiently.

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