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8 th SELL meeting Trieste, Italy 30-31th May 2008 Update on NILDE Silvana Mangiaracina CNR – Bologna Research Area Library.

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1 8 th SELL meeting Trieste, Italy 30-31th May 2008 Update on NILDE Silvana Mangiaracina CNR – Bologna Research Area Library

2 2 A short history of NILDE 2000 CNR project, funded for 2 years Promote reciprocal exchanges among libraries and facilitate the use of homogenous quality standards, in order to develop inter- library cooperation in Document Delivery and resource sharing Software requirements inspired by Mary Jackson’s ARL1998 pioneering study to create software to computerize the entire DD workflow to integrate in the automation software DD performance indicators, such as cost, fill- rate and turnaround time to allow electronic transmission of documents in the same software package to promote a cooperative model based on quality of service to propose an unified DD payment system

3 3 Il documento è inoltrato all’utente Metadato OpenURL 0.1,1.0 Richiesta documento ACNP ISSN Ricerca biblioteca fornitrice Utente Biblioteca Risorse elettroniche Consultazione Biblioteca Selezione biblioteca fornitrice Inoltro della richiesta Invio del documento La fornitrice produce una copia del documento richiesto DD workflow supported by NILDE BORROWING LENDING

4 4 Processes Processes A process is any library/user action carried out by means of NILDE functionalities NILDE FunctionalitiesLibrary Processes Reports to obtain any kind of DD measurement and indicators Monitor inter-library exchanges Identify the most requested Journal titles Implementation of the Z39.88-2004 (OpenURL) standard End-users requests directly from any OpenURL compliant bibliographic database; Standardized DD requests Implementation of a communication protocol with the Italian Union Catalogue of Periodicals (ACNP) Search for a supplier library, integrated into NILDE Licenses-Help sectionVerify DD/ILL clauses in Italian licensed electronic resources

5 630 libraries 6.000 end-users 500.000 documents The NILDE network today

6 New developments New software release (in progress) Federated (Shibboleth) authentication Hard-copy + watermarking Trieste, 8th SELL meeting 30-31th May 20086

7 New software NILDE 4 April 2008 NlLDE-USERS released for test Multi-language support (now italian and english) Document Delivery requests + reference management (labels, filters, import/export…) Objects: articles, books,part of books, … OpenURL compliant December 2008 NILDE-LIBRARIES will be ready for test Borrowing, Lending, Reports, users authorization Better integration with ACNP, via OpenURL+XML reference verifying (ISSN, publisher), library search and selection (e.g. ranking) Trieste, 8th SELL meeting 30-31th May 20087

8 Etichette DD e Tracking Dati del Riferimento Navigazione per pagine e ordinamento Filtri

9 Integrazione con il DD

10 Would you like to try NILDE 4? Trieste, 8th SELL meeting 30-31th May 200810

11 11 Autenticazione per accedere alle risorse Riconoscimento IP Username e password Autenticazione NILDE Username e password Federated authentication User Web of Science Scopus / Science Direct Ebsco Host database Licosa … Bibliographic reference requested to DD service Library OpenURL Users authentication NILDENILDE

12 12 Utente Il documento STAMPATO è consegnato all’utente Library: sending an electronic document NILDE Hard Copy PDF testo o immagine Consulta la licenza HELP-Licenze Biblioteca Fornitrice Biblioteca Richiedente Richiesta UK NESLI license on DD “to supply to an authorised user of another library (whether by post, fax or secure electronic transmission, using Ariel or its equivalent, whereby the electronic file is deleted immediately after printing) a single paper copy of an electronic original of an individual document” Produce copia del documento PDF immagine

13 13 Biblioteca Utente Richiesta documento User: receiving an electronic document with watermark Il PDF con la marchiatura di NILDE è inoltrato all’utente NILDE Watermark advantages: Adequate level of security without degradating the possibilities of using the intellectual content

14 Watermark example

15 Particular of the original image Watermark

16 Particular of the Visibility Map

17 Watermark Particular of the watermarked image

18 Watermark Watermarked image

19 Watermark Particular of the watermarked image

20 Watermark Ludovico Ciacci, Laurea thesis Computer Engineering Department, Siena University, under the supervision of Prof.Mauro Barni We have a working prototype in Mathlab Next steps: implementation in C language and integration in NILDE Features: robust and advanced watermarking techniques Software will be released as Open Source Available to any document provider or publisher …. Anyone wishing to collaborate with us? 20Trieste, 8th SELL meeting 30-31th May 2008

21 Contacts Silvana Mangiaracina NILDE dev team Enrico Beghelli: Alessandro Tugnoli: Daniele De Matteis: Biblioteca d'Area – CNR di Bologna: NILDE Trieste, 8th SELL meeting 30-31th May 200821

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