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The EBSCONET Subscription Management System is a multi-lingual

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1 The EBSCONET Subscription Management System is a multi-lingual
Electronic Resource Management Bern, Februar 2007 The most intuitive and comprehensive tool to manage your subscriptions efficiently in the e-world! The EBSCONET Subscription Management System is a multi-lingual Web based tool designed to help subscription staff efficiently manage their electronic and print journals.

2 Customer Benefits take control of the entire subscription management process receive a comprehensive overview of your subscription portfolio gain access to EBSCO’s title file with more than 300,000 titles get information on hundreds of publisher packages efficiently manage the access and registration of all e-journals and packages track your activity and control your budget with a wide range of reports.

3 Title Search Title Information Orders Claims Reports
Let’s now take a look at these and other enhancements in greater detail… Electronic Resource Management Februar 2007

4 Title Search Users can limit a search to titles that are available for their location or can also expand within EBSCO’s active title file. Multiple search options Every result list includes the original search function, and the results display in a clean, tabular format that can be used to dynamically sort or filter results.

5 Title Search Look for hundreds of publisher packages.

6 Title Information Title Search Orders Claims Reports
Once results have been tabulated, retrieving title information is made easy… Electronic Resource Management Februar 2007

7 Title Information Find information about customer’s subscribers that already subscribe to the order through EBSCO. Locate all bibliographical information. Compare available formats for each title via an Alternative Format panel. -Title Detail – data organized by subject/sub-category. -shows user if they have any subscribers for this title; also shows the last four years on order -shows Alternative Format with a link to the title record for other formats -links to other data such as Index Services and external sites -lists any publisher package in which the title is included -cover image displays included when available Check whether a title is part of a Publisher Package and if the individual library has an order for that title. Links to related title data such as Access and Registration information and volume issue information display here.

8 Title Information Important information about the publisher policy
-publisher terms and conditions for orders, cancellations and claims Important information about the publisher policy Rates shown in customer’s billing currency

9 Order Information Title Search Title Information Claims Reports
Now let’s take a look at the options EBSCONET® provides when placing orders for a title… Electronic Resource Management Februar 2007

10 Order Information create your orders online
retrieve crucial financial and invoice information view four years of order data quickly verify access model information, including archival rights and registration details via an Access and Registration screen an Order Details page includes complete order details, invoice information, claim history and adjustments, all viewable from a single screen. You can link directly from claims listed on this page to a detailed claim view for more information save staff time by eliminating the possibility of cancelling non-cancellable titles.

11 Order Information Multiple search options
All orders pending, active and expired are available from same search options.

12 Order Details Order History provides the ability to update ILS, Fund Code, HEGIS and Purchase Order information. EBSCONET notifies you that the publisher has advised the title is non-cancellable; your CSR is notified via . Order Details organized in logical panels, hyperlinks to key data elements and resources such as A&I information, Volume/Issue information, etc. -summary of claims -invoice information and any order adjustment -additional information to be displayed in any customer-defined fields -action buttons to allow claiming, modification, cancellation, etc. Internal comment fields are provided for making notes about a particular title.

13 Claims Title Search Title Information Orders Reports
The My Claims function allows you to search for two year’s worth of claims… Electronic Resource Management Februar 2007

14 Claims Claiming is possible for an individual title within a membership/combination or package, reducing the time spent trying to find a title that comes with a membership or in a package. Create your claim online for missing or back issues. View claim status and response. Add, edit or delete notes for the claim, including personal user notes. My Claims can be used to access and update claim history for the previous two years.

15 Claims Increased ordering and claiming capabilities provides you with a follow-up claims management tool: Interactive Claim Checker includes an export option to facilitate the resolution of a claim claim multiple issues via publication schedule track claim status and action items via Claim Notes (can be assigned to staff or to your CSR).

16 Claim Checker Claim Checker provides multiple search options including by account and subscriber. -ability to download to Excel or other formats Results are displayed in tabular format to allow further sorting and filtering. -drop down menu to choose action on claim.

17 Claim Details -Claim Details includes claiming restrictions from publisher -Missing Copy Bank link (only shown when there is an issue for this title in the MCB) -Volume/Issue data which is currently captured from JETS -action buttons (only shown if relevant to this record)

18 Reports Title Search Title Information Orders Claims
Electronic Resource Management Februar 2007

19 Reports Generate online reports in a variety of formats right from your desktop. Access EBSCO’s most popular serials management reports such as: Summary of Publications Subscriber List Collection Assessment Report E-Journal Access and Registration Report Publisher Package Report Claims Processed Current Subscriptions Historical Price Analysis JETS reports and Ownership/Access reports.

20 Reports Ability to select reports at account level for any account a user is authorized to access. Report can appear either sorted by name or grouped by category. Information contains brief description of report and layout.

21 Reports Summary of Publication allows further sorting options for results.

22 More features… Missing Copy Bank:
Searches can include titles in the EBSCO Missing Copy Bank. A printable list of Missing Copy Bank titles is also accessible on EBSCONET. Results can be sorted, filtered and used for title selection to place orders for missing issues. Missing Copy Bank is a free service to EBSCO customers.

23 Missing Copy Bank -multiple search options
Results can be sorted, filtered and used for title selection to place orders for missing issues.

24 More features … Help site:
EBSCONET contains context-sensitive help screens that can be accessed from any EBSCONET page. How To demos guide you through major features as a form of recorded training. Contact site: EBSCONET also provides customers with dedicated contacts to ensure all needs are met.

25 Administrative Accounts
Your institution can designate an EBSCONET administrator who can create logins and control permission to various functions via the User Administration feature. Accounts can be created and updated in real time: search user profiles by first or last name option to auto-generate an to new or edited user profiles with customer code, username and password information included name or changes to your administrator account are automatically sent to your EBSCO customer service representative.

26 Administration Set Options to modify your EBSCONET default settings, such as language, font size, password prompts and more. Send s to users with login information when adding or editing a user’s profile. Set authorization levels for their individual users. Some of the User Authorization Options include: disable the display of title cover images set varying levels of access permissions for orders, claims, renewals, claim checker, Missing Copy Bank and JETS Order Activity select authorization for available reports disable the ability to create new subscribers. Maintain customer’s user accounts and create customized users and allocate authorization levels: IP Authentication (view-only accounts) login and password authentication.

27 Administration Add, edit or delete users in EBSCONET very easily.
Every user can have different level of authorization. Users can manage their account preferences.

28 More Information / Contact
For more information visit: EBSCO Information Services GmbH Sachsendamm 2-7, Berlin Sabine Teichert Tel.: Frank Bertsch Tel.: Electronic Resource Management Februar 2007

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