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Space Missions Can Your Library Automation Software Do This? David Hook MDA

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1 Space Missions Can Your Library Automation Software Do This? David Hook MDA

2 Space Missions Library Databases Library Databases: –Library Catalog –Serials –Loans –Order tracking –Queries

3 Space Missions Library Catalog Database: Library Catalog –Contains library holdings: books, papers, tech notes –Structure: standard library catalog fields –Links to loans database & employee database –Online request feature –Canned query to show list of new items Future Plans –Add more electronic resources

4 Space Missions Order Tracking Database: Order Tracking –Tracks library orders, expenditures, budgets –Quick YTD budget reports at the press of a button Future Plans –Create reports broken down by department

5 Space Missions Queries Database: Queries –Log of detailed queries/reference questions asked and their solutions –Captures resources searched, regardless of whether anything found or not Future Plans –Make search results public

6 Space Missions Communication Tools Communication Tools: –Need for better communication / awareness of library services Databases –What’s new –Blog –Newsletter –Discussion lists –Calendar of events

7 Space Missions What’s New Database: What’s New –Contains recent company news – press releases, HR notices, updates to the Intranet –Output is ASP page embedded into main Intranet page - displays 10 most recent postings –Structure: Entire news posting is one field in database Future Plans –Create web input interface

8 Space Missions Blog Database: Blog –Contains library/Intranet news, resource recommendations, etc. –Don’t refer to it as a blog –Structure: entire post included in one database field –Field for ‘blogname’ – can use DB to support multiple blogs –Tag link is a canned query to search database

9 Space Missions Blog Future Plans –Enable RSS feeds –Open it up for individuals to have their own blogs

10 Space Missions Newsletter Database: Newsletter –Collection of space and robotics related news items –Import headlines, first paragraph and URL of news articles on the web into fields –Fields for classifying news items –Then use to generate weekly news summary by date Future Plans –Enable other individuals to input

11 Space Missions Discussion Lists Database: Discussion Lists –Similar to a web discussion forum –By creating a field for ‘forum’, can use the database to support several discussion forums but allow easy search across all forums. Future Plans –Enable threads

12 Space Missions Calendar of Events Database: Calendar of events –Centralized schedule / calendar of events –Anyone can add to it: IS service outages HR notices, social club events Guest speakers / lunchtime presentations Future Plans –Promote

13 Space Missions Business Process Support Business Process Support Tools: –Business Process Documents –Lessons Learned –Acronyms

14 Space Missions Business Processes Database: Business Processes Documents –Contains information about and links to company business process documents –Interface uses canned queries and image maps –Two views – one based on organization structure, one based on process flow Future Plans –More detailed process flow interface

15 Space Missions Lessons Learned Database: Lessons Learned / PPC –Forum for capturing organizational lessons learned –Program Phased Checklist – checklist of questions to review at various stages of a program based on past lessons learned Future Plans –Link lessons learned database to program phased checklist

16 Space Missions Acronyms Database: Acronyms –Contains over 8,000 acronyms and definitions –One of most used databases in the company –Set up so that individuals can add acronyms that are missing Future Plans –Link definitions to business process documents

17 Space Missions Documentation Control Documentation Control Tools: –Internal Document Tools –Records Management Tools –Specifications & Standards

18 Space Missions Internal Document Management Database(s): Internal Document Management –Series of indexes for managing internally-created documents –Reports / Proposals / tech notes / etc –Interface uses ASP to generate next available number –Linked to employee database –Can generate lists of outstanding documents Future Plans –Generate lists of documents by employee name

19 Space Missions Records Management Database(s): Product Assurance Records –Series of indexes for managing records in Product Assurance Records department –Databases linked through central database of programs & suppliers Future Plans –Open it up for others to input data

20 Space Missions Specs & Standards Database: Specs & Standards –Problem: Different standard vendors; different interfaces confusing for users –Specs & Standards database creates one interface to all specifications and standards regardless of vendor or format –Tracks standards that are current vs. obsolete Future Plans –Increase standards availability

21 Space Missions Other Databases Other databases: –Database inventory –Spider –Supplier Selection –Internal Job Postings –Car Pool Board –Online Auctions

22 Space Missions Inventory of Databases Database: Database Inventory –Contains list of all company recognized databases and owners –Links to the databases themselves (where applicable) Future Plans –Develop standards –Online database documentation

23 Space Missions Spider Database: Spider –Captures results of Intranet spider –Searchable index that integrates with other databases Future Plans –Add search of external web pages

24 Space Missions Supplier Selection Database(s): Supplier / Product Selection –Database of suppliers and products –Indicates which suppliers are approved / disapproved –Can find suppliers based on product / service Future Plans –Automate supplier approval process

25 Space Missions Internal Job Board Database – Internal Job Board (in works) –Index of current Internal job postings –Field for ‘post date’ and ‘remove date’ –Output form only displays postings within the date range Future Plans –Complete database

26 Space Missions Car Pool Board Database - Car Pool Board –Allows users to post their own car pooling interests Future Plans –Allow edit/deleting of postings –Expand to include other types of postings – I.e. classified ads.

27 Space Missions Online Auctions Database - Online Auctions (in works) –Originally devised for online auction for charity –Each item for sale is its own record in the database –Fields for auction start and end dates –Input screen allows bidding based on current highest bid Future Plans –Improve interface and test with multiple bids

28 Space Missions Contact Info

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