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proudly introduces the new

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2 proudly introduces the new
monroe ultimate


4 monroe ultimate The ultimate Monroe calculator
Designed with purpose both physically and functionally

5 monroeultimate Meaningful Functionality
Nearly 100 years of direct experience with end user customers clearly evident in every detail of design and function. Unique, groundbreaking and exclusive

6 monroeultimate Design Criteria Optimize user interface
Enhance display size Maintain Monroe standards in durability and performance

7 monroeultimate Functional Criteria Maximize utility
Raise the functionality bar

8 Basic Specifications 12 digit print/display capacity
5 lines per second print speed Black/red automatic ribbon cartridge Optional twin spool black/red ribbon 2 ¼” standard paper tape (2) 4 key independent memories Reference number Back space

9 Basic Specifications cont.
Group & Grand Total Tax with Tax+ & Tax – capability % with %+ & %- capability Intelligent n count Automatic Constants Battery Supported Clock/Calendar Square Root

10 Basic Specifications cont.
Time/Date Key Change Sign Repeat Add/Subtract Calculator Mode Correction Underflow/Reverse Underflow Full editing capability Definable keys & functions

11 Definable Functions ∑x Sum first factor ∑t Sum = & % results
Running subtotal printed Running subtotal displayed Truncate, Round Up Set Identifier ∑m Sum =,%, tax and elapsed time

12 Definable Functions cont.
Print defined functions Price/Price mode Units/Price mode Variable add mode Nickel rounding Paper Saver Mode

13 Definable Functions cont.
Define Tax as discount Automatic Crossfooting Clear All Functions International Date format International Punctuation format 24 hour clock format

14 Power Switch Settings Operation as standard calculator
Operation as hours/minutes calculator Group and Grand Total Automated Two Column Addition Display Only Print/Display Print/Display with n count

15 Definable Keys Exclusive power functions
Editing – Scroll up, down, replace, insert and reprint Finance – Future value, present value, rate, term, payment, amortization Time Card – Calculate hours/minutes worked, past date, future date or days between dates Currency Conversion – 4 plus home Tax – 5 tax rates, VAT or Discount Cost, Sell, Margin, 1/x and % change (4) key independent memory II & Reverse Automatic Crossfooting, Proration, Distribution & Average

16 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes
Enclosed Paper Roll The most expensive component of any calculator and that most likely to fail is the printer. The primary reason for printer failure is dust and dirt collecting on an external paper roll, then dragged through the print mechanism. Problem eliminated with ultimate

17 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes
Enclosed Paper Roll External paper roll holders are frequently lost or broken Replacing them is costly, inconvenient and sometimes results in replacement of the calculator Problem eliminated with ultimate

18 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes
Enclosed Paper Roll Feed Failures due to inadvertently moving an external paper roll up against another object on the desk. Yellowing or paper fraying Problem eliminated with ultimate

19 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes
Enclosed Paper Roll Designed to create a paper platform to enhance review of printed listings Prevents paper jams

20 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes
Spare Supplies Storage Areas Exclusive to Monroe Store a spare roll of paper, a spare ribbon cartridge or spare twin spool ribbon. Supplies readily available Improves productivity

21 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes
Large Eye-ease Green Display Largest display offered by Monroe Easy to read numbers and eye-ease green for maximum readability Fully punctuated, with symbols for memory, negative numbers, error and second memory.

22 Design with Purpose Best Adding Machine Made 80 % of all work performed on a calculator is addition and subtraction. Keyboard Layout consistent with Monroe heavy duty calculator models Cupped keys on numeric pad, flat function keys to enhance touch Raised dimple on 5 (home key) Large plus, minus, total, single zero and decimal point keys to improve touch operation

23 Design with Purpose Best Adding Machine Made 80 % of all work performed on a calculator is addition and subtraction. Only Monroe has a “clear add” symbol that prints with the first entry into a clear adding machine. Only Monroe has indicator lamps for the adding machine and Grand Total registers. Only Monroe displays the last entry rather than a running subtotal in the display. Only Monroe separates the adding machine completely from the calculator. Only Monroe correctly counts the number of entries in a column of figures. Only Monroe prints the total above the tear off knife. Only Monroe features editing capability.

24 Major key groupings A = adding machine controls B = total key
C = numeric keypad D = calculator control keys E = C/CE key F = accumulator keys G = 4 key independent memory H = definable keys I = define key J = Add register lamp K = GT register lamp

25 Switch Selections Decimal Selector
+, F, O, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Display, item count, print/display and time switch Two Column Add and Grand Total switch

26 Definable Keys

27 Definable Functions

28 Definable Functions

29 monroe8125 Beautifully Designed Functionally Superior
Competitively Priced Available NOW

30 monroe8125 A calculator like no other
From the first name in calculators



33 monroeultimate Hands On

34 monroeultimate Be prepared to be amazed.
Be prepared to see what no other printing calculator made can do. Be prepared to feel your jaw drop.

35 monroeultimate Lets add two columns of figures.
One entry in the first column needs correction. Find the total of both columns Find the correct item count for both columns. Find the average of all entries made.


37 The Problem Simple Invoice Solve for extensions and total invoice.
Items Cost (credit) 6.00 (freight)


39 The Problem The local tax rate is 7.5%
All items sold must have tax added. Store the tax rate and find the selling price after tax for an item which costs $


41 The Problem The company requires a tape to be attached to all work product, i.e. checked invoices etc. Each tape must show the date and time the work was done. Store automatic date/time, then time stamp work.


43 The Problem Add two columns of figures Find total for each column
Invoice Tax


45 The Problem Now that basic 2 column addition has been mastered, it’s time to expand the feature. Right Column Left Column 5 15 Total both columns, then find combined total


47 The Problem Three items are sold with a sales tax of 8.25%. Item Cost
100 10 200 Find amount of tax for each item, total cost of all items, total taxes and the total of both.


49 The Problem You are auditing 3 receipts. Shown is the total amount with tax added. Receipt 100 200 60 Find the total cost of the items including tax, the amount of tax and total cost of the items before tax was added.


51 The Problem Two errors were made while listing a column of figures.
11 should have been 12 and 6 was left out. Correct the listing and find the new total, then print a corrected tape. Original Listing 2 3 4 11 15


53 Editing Continued

54 The Problem Throughout the day, I provide financial planning advice to my clients. Show me how to calculate Payments on a loan Amount to borrow with a fixed payment How to find a rate if payment and amount are known How to find a different term How to find the future value of my savings









63 The Problem The hotel I work for has numerous foreign visitors.
As a service we provide currency conversion for Euro, GBP and JPY. I need to be able to convert these currencies. I’d be willing to load new rates each day if they change.





68 The Problem Where I live, there are several tax rates.
Most calculators only have the ability to calculate one rate. Show me what you can do!




72 The Problem I work in retail and often apply multiple discounts to sale items. There is also a tax rate here in this city. Show me a way to make my life easier and cut down on the mistakes I make.



75 The Problem I’m a payroll clerk and I have to find the number of hours and minutes worked from our employee time cards. Also, there are times when I need to calculate the days between two dates, figure out a future or past date. Help!




79 The Problem I’m the sales manager for my company.
My job is to establish selling prices, calculate and maintain margins. As a management tool, I regularly review changes in sales period over period. Show me a simple way to do my job.



82 The Problem I like having a second memory on my calculator.
I admit I probably don’t use the features that would eliminate my need for the second memory, but for me, it’s just what I’m used to. Show me what you’ve got.



85 The Problem I want to find a calculator that will provide a total for both the columns and rows, you know a spreadsheet. If you were as old as I am, you’d call it crossfooting. After I have those totals, I’d like to analyze the data in different ways. No one has been able to solve my problem, can you?





90 The Problem I work with hours and minutes frequently.
Show me a good calculator to make this task a breeze.



93 Okay, I’m sold. Now dazzle me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sigma M stores results obtained from the = key, % key, elapsed time key and any of the five definable tax keys into memory I automatically. Let’s put it to work on our payroll problem, then the tax problem.



96 It is unique and unmatched within the calculator market.
Thank You The Monroe ultimate is remarkable, and you’ve seen only a snap shot of the many tasks it’s designed to perform. It is unique and unmatched within the calculator market.

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