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proudly introduces the new monroe 8125  Award Winning Design  Physical design by Josh Owen  Professor, Industrial Design - Philadelphia  Recipient.

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2 proudly introduces the new monroe 8125


4  Award Winning Design  Physical design by Josh Owen  Professor, Industrial Design - Philadelphia  Recipient of numerous design awards

5 monroe 8125  Jaw Dropping Functionality  Showcases nearly 100 years of direct experience with end user customers  Unique, groundbreaking and exclusive

6 monroe 8125  Design Criteria  Minimize footprint  Enclose paper roll  Highlight display  Create “Desktop Art”

7 monroe 8125  Functional Criteria  Maximize utility  Raise the functionality bar  Maintain reliability and durability

8 Basic Specifications  12 digit print/display capacity  4.1 lines per second print speed  Black/red spooled ribbon  2 ¼” standard paper tape  (2) 4 key independent memories  Reference number  Back space

9 Basic Specifications cont.  Group & Grand Total  Tax with Tax+ & Tax – capability  % with %+ & %- capability  Intelligent n count  Automatic Constants  Battery Supported Clock/Calendar  Square Root

10 Basic Specifications cont.  Time/Date Key  Change Sign  Repeat Add/Subtract  Calculator Mode Correction  Underflow/Reverse Underflow  Full editing capability  Definable keys & functions

11 Definable Functions  ∑x Sum first factor  ∑t Sum = & % results  Running subtotal printed  Running subtotal displayed  Truncate, Round Up  Set Identifier  ∑m Sum =,%, tax and elapsed time

12 Definable Functions cont.  Print defined functions  Price/Price mode  Units/Price mode  Price/Price mode  Variable add mode  Nickel rounding  Paper Saver Mode

13 Definable Functions cont.  Define Tax as discount  Automatic Crossfooting  Clear All Functions  International Date format  International Punctuation format  24 hour clock format

14 Power Switch Settings  Operation as standard calculator  Operation as hours/minutes calculator  Group and Grand Total  Automated Two Column Addition  Display Only  Print/Display  Print/Display with n count

15 Definable Keys Exclusive power functions  Editing – Scroll up, down, replace, insert and reprint  Finance – Future value, present value, rate, term, payment, amortization  Time Card – Calculate hours/minutes worked, past date, future date or days between dates  Currency Conversion – 4 plus home  Tax – 5 tax rates, VAT or Discount  Cost, Sell, Margin, 1/x and % change  (4) key independent memory II & Reverse  Automatic Crossfooting, Proration, Distribution & Average

16 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes  Enclosed Paper Roll  The most expensive component of any calculator and that most likely to fail is the printer.  The primary reason for printer failure is dust and dirt collecting on an external paper roll, then dragged through the print mechanism.  Problem eliminated with 8125

17 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes  Enclosed Paper Roll  External paper roll holders are frequently lost or broken  Replacing them is costly, inconvenient and sometimes results in replacement of the calculator  Problem eliminated with 8125

18 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes  Enclosed Paper Roll  Feed Failures due to inadvertently moving an external paper roll up against another object on the desk.  Yellowing or paper fraying  Problem eliminated with 8125

19 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes  Enclosed Paper Roll  Translucent, interchangeable paper roll covers in green or grey.  Visually check amount of remaining paper  Designed to create a paper platform to enhance review of printed listings  Prevents paper jams

20 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes  Relocating Printer & Display  Moved to right most position  Visually improves line of sight to printed tape  Improves readability of display

21 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes  Large Eye-ease Green Display  Largest display offered by Monroe  Easy to read numbers and eye- ease green for maximum readability  Fully punctuated, with symbols for memory, negative numbers, error and second memory.

22 Design with Purpose Physical Attributes  Reduced Foot Print  Free up usable desktop area  8” W x 11”L x 3”H (5” with paper roll)  4 lbs.  On/Off switch moved to back to eliminate inadvertent power off/on.

23 Design with Purpose Best Adding Machine Made 80 % of all work performed on a calculator is addition and subtraction.  Keyboard  Layout consistent with Monroe heavy duty calculator models  Cupped keys on numeric pad, flat function keys to enhance touch  Raised dimple on 5 (home key)  Large plus, minus, total, single zero and decimal point keys to improve touch operation

24 Design with Purpose Best Adding Machine Made 80 % of all work performed on a calculator is addition and subtraction.  Only Monroe has a “clear add” symbol that prints with the first entry into a clear adding machine.  Only Monroe displays the last entry rather than a running subtotal in the display.  Only Monroe separates the adding machine completely from the calculator.  Only Monroe correctly counts the number of entries in a column of figures.  Only Monroe prints the total above the tear off knife.  Only Monroe features editing capability.

25 Major key groupings  A = adding machine controls  B = total key  C = numeric keypad  D = calculator control keys  E = C/CE key  F = accumulator keys  G = 4 key independent memory  H = definable keys  I = define key

26 Switch Selections  Decimal Selector  +, F, O, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6  Display, Print/Display, n count  Two Column, No-op, Grand Total  Time Calculator or Calculator

27 Definable Keys

28 Definable Functions


30 monroe 8125  Beautifully Designed  Functionally Superior  Competitively Priced  Available June

31 monroe 8125 A calculator like no other From the first name in calculators



34 monroe 8125 Hands On

35 monroe 8125  Be prepared to be amazed.  Be prepared to see what no other printing calculator made can do.  Be prepared to feel your jaw drop.

36 monroe 8125  Lets add two columns of figures.  One entry in the first column needs correction.  Find the total of both columns  Find the correct item count for both columns.  Find the average of all entries made.


38 The Problem  Simple Invoice  Solve for extensions and total invoice. ItemsCost (credit) 6.00 (freight)


40 The Problem  The local tax rate is 7.5%  All items sold must have tax added.  Store the tax rate and find the selling price after tax for an item which costs $


42 The Problem  The company requires a tape to be attached to all work product, i.e. checked invoices etc.  Each tape must show the date and time the work was done.  Store automatic date/time, then time stamp work.


44 The Problem  Add two columns of figures  Find total for each column Invoice Tax


46 The Problem  Now that basic 2 column addition has been mastered, it’s time to expand the feature. Right ColumnLeft Column  Total both columns, then find combined total


48 The Problem  Three items are sold with a sales tax of 8.25%. Item Cost  Find amount of tax for each item, total cost of all items, total taxes and the total of both.


50 The Problem  You are auditing 3 receipts. Shown is the total amount with tax added. Receipt  Find the total cost of the items including tax, the amount of tax and total cost of the items before tax was added.


52 The Problem  Two errors were made while listing a column of figures.  11 should have been 12 and 6 was left out.  Correct the listing and find the new total, then print a corrected tape. Original Listing


54 Editing Continued

55 The Problem  Throughout the day, I provide financial planning advice to my clients.  Show me how to calculate  Payments on a loan  Amount to borrow with a fixed payment  How to find a rate if payment and amount are known  How to find a different term  How to find the future value of my savings






61 The Problem  The hotel I work for has numerous foreign visitors.  As a service we provide currency conversion for Euro, GBP and JPY.  I need to be able to convert these currencies.  I’d be willing to load new rates each day if they change.



64 The Problem  Where I live, there are several tax rates.  Most calculators only have the ability to calculate one rate.  Show me what you can do!



67 The Problem  I work in retail and often apply multiple discounts to sale items.  There is also a tax rate here in this city.  Show me a way to make my life easier and cut down on the mistakes I make.



70 The Problem  I’m a payroll clerk and I have to find the number of hours and minutes worked from our employee time cards.  Also, there are times when I need to calculate the days between two dates, figure out a future or past date.  Help!




74 The Problem  I’m the sales manager for my company.  My job is to establish selling prices, calculate and maintain margins.  As a management tool, I regularly review changes in sales period over period.  Show me a simple way to do my job.



77 The Problem  I like having a second memory on my calculator.  I admit I probably don’t use the features that would eliminate my need for the second memory, but for me, it’s just what I’m used to.  Show me what you’ve got.



80 The Problem  I want to find a calculator that will provide a total for both the columns and rows, you know a spreadsheet.  If you were as old as I am, you’d call it crossfooting.  After I have those totals, I’d like to analyze the data in different ways.  No one has been able to solve my problem, can you?





85 The Problem  I work with hours and minutes frequently.  Show me a good calculator to make this task a breeze.


87 Okay, I’m sold. Now dazzle me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ∑m  Sigma M stores results obtained from the = key, % key, elapsed time key and any of the five definable tax keys into memory I automatically.  Let’s put it to work on our payroll problem, then the tax problem.



90 Thank You The Monroe 8125 is remarkable, and you’ve seen only a snap shot of the many tasks it’s designed to perform. It is unique and unmatched within the calculator market.

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