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General Ledger Operations AgVantage ® Software National Conference June 22-24, 2010 Rick Prinsen.

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1 General Ledger Operations AgVantage ® Software National Conference June 22-24, 2010 Rick Prinsen

2 General Ledger Operations Generating a Trial Balance & Transferring to Excel Adding/Editing/Posting Journal Entries Entering/Adding/Posting Inventory Adjustments Allocation Setup Budgets Opening/Closing Fiscal Periods Creating New Fiscal Year End of Year Balance Roll

3 Transferring Trial Balance to Excel Verify Trial Balance will be held in your print spool. 4. Accounts Receivable 9. Setup File Maintenance 17. Print Override File Maint.

4 Transferring Trial Balance to Excel

5 Page Down to Second Screen.

6 Generate Your Trial Balance 1.General Ledger 3. Report & Inquiry 1. Trial Balance Transferring Trial Balance to Excel

7 Double click on iSeries Navigator on your desktop, or choose in Start, All Programs. Depending on your connection this may take a few seconds to load. Transferring Trial Balance to Excel

8 In Right window click on Basic Operations. Next Click on Printer Output This then loads your spool files from the iSeries. Transferring Trial Balance to Excel

9 Highlight the row that the User Specified Data is GLS51T. This is your trial balance Hold down your left mouse button & drag & drop to your Desktop. Close the iSeries Navigator box. On your desktop double click the icon, this will open in Wordpad or Notepad depending on the size of your file. You can view this, attach to an email or open in Excel. Transferring Trial Balance to Excel

10 Adjust Columns FINISH If you open in excel youll have to Maintenance file 1 st via Text Import Wizard Transferring Trial Balance to Excel

11 Make any column/formatting changes as needed once brought into excel. Transferring Trial Balance to Excel

12 1. General Ledger 4. Journal Processing 1. Add/Change Journals Adding/Editing/Posting Journal Entries

13 F6 = Add Batch Batch Types -GJ General Journal -RJ Recurring -RV Reversing Adding/Editing/Posting Journal Entries

14 Enter the Following G/L Posting Date G/L Posting Month Fiscal Year Journal Code – Will Default to GJ Adding/Editing/Posting Journal Entries

15 Must Be Y to generate reversing entry Adding/Editing/Posting Journal Entries

16 All Required Fields Adding/Editing/Posting Journal Entries

17 Print and Check Edit Before Posting Journal Entry After youve verified your edit Post Journal Entry to Ledger Journal Processing Menu Option 2 Print Edit of Journals Option 3 Post Journals to G/L Adding/Editing/Posting Journal Entries

18 Reversing Entries New Batch will automatically Create to next posting period Edit this batch verify totals then Post. Adding/Editing/Posting Journal Entries

19 Entering/Editing/Posting Inventory Adj.

20 Acct. to be adj. Beginning Inventory Amount – leave blank prior months balance will be used Ending Inventory Amount – actual value of inventory, may also enter qty Actual – Enter A for actual when not calculating estimated margin % A Entering/Editing/Posting Inventory Adj.

21 Monthly Sales $5,515.00 Margin 15% Multiple Sales by 85% Adj.Cost of Sales $4,687.75 Monthly Cost of Sales $5,000.00 Adj. Needed $312.25 Debit Inventory Account Credit Adjustment Account Entering/Editing/Posting Inventory Adj.

22 Journal Processing Option 7 Edit Inventory Adjustment G/L Location 001 = all locations INVENTORY ADJUSTMENTS CAN NOT BE POSTED BY INDIVIDUAL LOCATIONS. Entering/Editing/Posting Inventory Adj.

23 Journal Processing Menu Option 8 Post Inventory Adjustments Posting of your Inventory Adjustments should only be done once a month. All locations post at the same time and may not be done individually Entering/Editing/Posting Inventory Adj.

24 1 st Verify Financial Statements are Setup to Use Allocated Files. Financial Reporting Menu Opt 1 Define Financial Reports General Ledger Allocations

25 1.General Ledger 5.Financial Reporting 8. Add/Change G/L Allocation Enter a 4 digit year to allocate Enter General Ledger Number you Wish To Allocate. Keep in Mind Allocations Are For Financial Reporting Only and do not Post anything to General Ledger. General Ledger Allocations

26 Enter Location and General Ledger you Wish to allocate and the %. Must = 100% General Ledger Allocations

27 May Enter a Specific % for each Period. Default % will be used if Individual periods are not specified General Ledger Allocations

28 Verify Report All Periods Must = 100% General Ledger Allocations


30 Y if you want to convert all monthly Percentages to the Default % N if you entered different percentages For the different periods throughout the Year and want to use those for the new Fiscal Year. General Ledger Allocations

31 1.General Ledger 6. Budget Control 1. Maintain Budgets Budget Control

32 Enter Fiscal Year Location Number Account Number Budget Control

33 Enter Budget Amount Quantity Debit/Credit Note: If a Credit Balance Budget Amount Must Be entered as a negative number Budget Control

34 To Average an Amount throughout The periods enter in The Budget Amount And then Press F6 Will Average both Amount And Quantity (if entered). Budget Control

35 To Duplicate an Amount Or Quantity Throughout the Periods Enter the Budget Amount And Quantity And then Press F7 This will duplicate the Amount for all periods. Budget Control

36 To enter/maintain for a Specific period, tab Down to the period and enter the amount in the correct column. Debits are entered as a (+) number Credits are entered as a (-) number Budget Control

37 To Mark an Amount Up/Down from Actuals Or Budgets for any year Use F15 Enter Fiscal Year Actual / Budget Percentage Plus or Minus (added or subtracted) Budget Control

38 Budget Forecast Select Information To print for the Budget Forecast. A series of pop-up windows Appear. Print all or one location Fiscal Year Account Type Selection Budget Control

39 Budget Worksheets Prints the Actual Budget Worksheets Budget Control

40 Used to drop ALL Budget Records for A Given Year. Be Careful once you Purge a Fiscal Year It is gone. It is not required to Purge a budget year. Recommend to keep On file. Especially if You wish to go back and Compare Prior years. Budget Control

41 After youve entered Your Allocations and Budget amounts be sure to Update Files for Financials To reflect these amounts. Update Files for Financials

42 1. General Ledger 7. General Ledger Processing 1. Close/Open Fiscal Period Fiscal Year...... 10 Page Up/Down to Select Period Opening / Closing Fiscal Periods

43 1.General Ledger 1.Master File Maintenance 7. Fiscal Year Control Enter Fiscal Year You Wish to Create Creating a New Fiscal Year

44 1 st Verify all periods are closed for Fiscal Year youre closing. 2 nd Verify New Fiscal Year is Created. Roll Balances to Next Fiscal Year

45 1.General Ledger 7. General Ledger Processing 2. Roll Balances to next Fiscal Year Balances May Be Rolled Multiple Times Roll Balances to Next Fiscal Year

46 Questions? General Ledger Operations

47 Thank you for attending. General Ledger Operations

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