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Point of Success Product Tour 2004 The Point of Success System Point of Success includes two separate programs -- The Office Manager program that is.

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2 Point of Success Product Tour 2004

3 The Point of Success System Point of Success includes two separate programs -- The Office Manager program that is used by the restaurant manager and system administrator to set up the system, to enter company information, and to design the menu used for order entry. The Order Entry program is based on touch screen technology and is used for order entry, order tracking, and delivery dispatch. The Office Manager is organized into areas of functionality called centers. The Customer center is used to enter and view customer information, the Orders center is used to view orders, the Tills center is used to track cash register tills and driver banks, the Products center is used to view and enter product information, the Staff center is where employee information is stored and edited, the Reports center is used for report printing and custom report design, and the Tools center is used to set up and edit supporting information in Point of Success.

4 Customer Entry Customers can be set up and edited in two places -- In the Office Manager and in Order Entry. Point of Success supports both residential customers and business customers. Selecting a business-type customer permits storage of contact information. Multiple contacts are stored for each business customer.

5 Staff Entry Point of Success manages employee information to provide: Contact information Emergency contact information Payroll information Hire, last raise and next review dates Auto insurance information for delivery drivers to track insurance expiration and MVD report requirements Each order stores the staff member who entered the order and the staff member who delivered the order.

6 Complete Product Information Point of Success stores product information for use in order entry, reporting and profitability analyses. Define a separate product description and receipt description for each item on a menu Categorize products for financial, marketing and production reporting Print prep tickets for each product on any one of three prep ticket printers Inactivate a product to permit reporting even after it is removed from the menu Data entry screens in the Office Manager are easy to understand and familiar in their standard Windows appearance.

7 Flexible, Customizable Reporting Reports are organized into separate folders for Financial, Marketing, Production and General reports. Set any report as a Favorite to create a hot list of most-used reports. Reports designed with the included report designer are stored in a separate My Reports folder. Entering, tracking and dispatching orders is at the center of every pizzeria's activities, but one of the most important benefits of a point of sale system is its ability to deliver information that can help make a restaurant more successful!

8 Type of Reports Financial Reports Management reports that distill daily order and statistical details into clear, concise business information Reports for use by an accountant or bookkeeper for tax and business reporting Sales information reports in detail or summary form Marketing Reports Reports and mailing labels to help reactivate and retain lost customers Reports to help analyze the effectiveness of coupon offers and other promotions Reports to identify the best source of new customers Production Reports Reports to help evaluate production of order entry and delivery staff Reports giving information on orders entered and products sold General Reports Reports are included to list customers, orders, products, staff members and more Use the included prep tickets, customer receipts and delivery dispatch tickets, edit these formats, and create custom designs with the included report designer Point of Success includes dozens of reports to help with every part of a pizzeria business:

9 Fast Touch-Based Order Entry Although Point of Success' Order Entry can be done with a standard computer display, keyboard and mouse, a touch screen makes order entry amazingly fast. New Order opens the order entry window to enter dine-in and take-out orders Phone Order opens the customer selection window to enter delivery orders Touch View Tickets to view a list of open tickets -- Review orders, edit orders, void orders, tender payments and more in this window Touch Driver Dispatch to view orders waiting for delivery, view a list of delivery drivers, and dispatch deliveries Touch Tills and Banks to open, close or reconcile a cash register till or driver bank Touch Logout to lock the terminal Touch No Sale to open an attached cash drawer Touch Setup to set security options, to select printers for each system function, and to define cash drawer operation codes Touch on-screen buttons to perform all necessary order entry and management tasks:

10 Delivery Customer Tracking Knowing delivery customers and their buying behavior opens new marketing opportunities for pizzerias. Entering a customer's telephone number is the only step required to select an existing delivery customer. Telephone area codes are not required -- Point of Success automatically enters a standard area code, or a different area code may be entered. Touch New to create a new delivery customer.

11 Enter, Verify and Correct Customer Information Use the built-in touch screen keyboard or attach a standard computer keyboard to enter customer information. Point of Success offers the customer information features pizzerias want most: Store information for both residential and business customers Contact information for business customers tracks individuals at each business Enter location and delivery instructions to make deliveries more efficient Repeat a customer's previous order with one touch

12 Attractive, Easy to Use Order Entry Window Point of Success order entry menus are user-designed to have exactly what a pizzeria wants. Every function is available in one window -- Select menu items for an order, enter information like server, order type and promise time, apply discounts or coupons, and tender payments Define buttons to navigate to the next menu level, to order a menu item, to include or exclude specific ingredients, or to select modifiers or preparation instructions Pizza-specific features like double toppings and partial pie toppings are supported All order information is set by touching the item to change Edit or delete an ordered item by touching that item on the ticket Calculate and enter tips for large parties Point of Success stores descriptions of each item in its menu setup to give one-touch information about ingredients and preparation

13 Flexible Coupon and Discount Support Coupons and discounts are user-defined to fit a pizzeria's needs: Select a coupon or discount from a list or find by code Define days and times when a discount is available Define coupon start and end dates Set security for each coupon or discount to control which staff members can apply the discount Define the menu items that are eligible for each discount Touch the About button to see day, time, date and product information for a coupon or discount Not only does Point of Success make it easy to enter a coupon discount, the system tracks the use of each coupon or discount: Determine which offers are most effective in creating new customers Evaluate each advertising medium to judge its value Rank coupons by number of uses and revenue generated

14 Delivery Management and Driver Dispatch Delivery service is key to many pizzerias. The Point of Success delivery dispatch window helps ensure customers are cared for as promised, tracks delivery drivers and their orders, and helps with driver cash control. Delivery orders are displayed in promised-time sequence with the next promised order listed first Delivery drivers are listed with the driver who has waited the longest at the top of the list Orders that are past the promised delivery time are flagged red Orders that are approaching the promised delivery time are flagged yellow Drivers who are due for a cash drop are flagged and prevented from being dispatched until a drop is done Delivery dispatch tasks may be done with a dedicated dispatch workstation or from any computer in the system. Touch one or more orders to select for dispatch Touch the driver to be dispatched Touch Out to complete the dispatch Touch to select a delivery driver, then touch In when a delivery run is complete View a summary of a driver's orders with two touches -- Touch to select an Out driver, then touch Summary

15 What's Next? Purchase Point of Success! Point of Success costs just $599 for a single-user system, and only slightly more for each additional network user! See the Point of Success products page for detailed price information.products Download the Point of Success Demo Review Point of Success with a completely functional software demo. Demo software can be downloaded from the Point of Success web site Download page.Download Contact MTS for a On-site or Internet Demo: 1.800.380.4405

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