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Understanding CJIS Online

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1 Understanding CJIS Online
For CJIS Security Awareness training & testing

2 Navigating the CJIS Online site
Walking you through the CJIS Online system: Logging in as an agency administrator Setting up user accounts Modifying user accounts: In-activating users Resetting login credentials Relaying user login credentials & testing instructions Generating & reviewing test activity repots. The CJIS Online system is addressed in LEDS Rep Chapter 08 – CJIS Security Awareness Training.

3 CJIS Online is for your level 1 & 3 users
It is your agencies responsibility to maintain CJIS Security Awareness training documentation. CJIS Security Awareness training shall be required within six months of initial assignment, and biennially thereafter, for all personnel who have access to CJI. If your employee is not LEDS Certified they will need to be entered into CJIS Online: Level 1: Physical Access Level 3: Personnel with Information Technology roles OSP has provided a way for agencies to maintain your records online using the CJIS Online Portal.

4 Physical Access (Level 1)
Question: Who has physical access? Answer: Anyone who has unescorted (eyes on at all times) access to areas that process or store CJI. Common examples include the following roles: Janitors Building maintenance Radio technician vendors Anyone given unfettered walking access to your secured location.

5 Personnel with Information Technology roles (Level 3)
Question: What does this mean? Answer: Anyone that has unescorted access to networking equipment such as: routers switches and hubs or servers processing or storing CJI. Access can be as simple a key to the door that secures this equipment. This can also be as complex as vendors with VPN access (unescorted) to systems that process CJI.

6 Login to the CJIS Online
Login to CJIS Online as an agency: If you cannot login call or LEDS Training to set your password: or Agencies can set only one admin. for CJIS online.

7 Login to the CJIS Online
Your login credentials are unique to your and your agency:

8 CJIS Online – Agency options
This is your agency home screen listing all the options available to you Administrate your agency, add vendors and run reports.

9 Setting up new CJIS Online users
To add new users, go to IT & Agency User Admin:

10 Setting up new CJIS Online users
Your existing users will be listed alphabetically. You can add new users by clicking on the “Add New IT or Agency Employee” button:

11 Setting up new CJIS Online users
You will need to provide the below information for new users. The fields with an asterisk are the only required fields. You will be asked to assign the user with either level 1 or 3 level training. Remember LEDS users are level 2, their CJIS training is covered during their online recertification process. You do not need to setup CJIS accounts for LEDS staff. You can set the password to any secure password appropriate for your agency. Make a note of the employees login credentials – you will be relaying them so they can start the training process.

12 If the new account is rejected
If you get an error message saying this is a duplicate record, this means this user has already been created by another agency. LEDS Training can either transfer the user to be active for your ORI or in the case of vendors send you the credentials for your records. Do not create duplicate user accounts.

13 Setting up new CJIS Online users
Your newly added employee will now be listed in your IT & Agency Employees list. You may click on the magnifying glass to view their record, edit their credentials or inactivate them.

14 Setting up new CJIS Online users
You can edit your employees CJIS Online training file including their name, login credentials, you can add training and certification history and update their fingerprint date.

15 Email the new CJIS user and relay their login credentials

16 Level 1 & Level 3 users will login as “It & Agency Users”

17 Setting up new CJIS Online users
As directed in your , after logging in the users will first complete the training modules, then they will complete their test. Users must score at least 70% to pass the test and will have 1 hour to answer the 25 randomly selected questions. If they do not pass the test they must wait 1 hour before trying again.

18 Completion of training & testing
Upon successful completion (70% or better) of the CJIS Online testing the user will get a certificate of completion. This user is now certified for two (2) years. Upon expiration the user will need to complete the training and & testing process all over again – there is no recertification for CJIS Security Trainnig.

19 Monitoring testing activity
Logging in as a “Local Agency Admin” you can also run reports to monitor your agencies testing activity.

20 Monitoring testing activity
Regularly reviewing your certification expiration report gives you an agency wide perspective of your upcoming expiration dates. Be proactive and administer training & testing reminders 60 days in advance to give your users plenty of time to complete the testing process.

21 Setting up new CJIS Online users
This command will generate a list of all the expiration dates for your entire agency including active employees with no training history.

22 Monitoring testing activity
This report will list all the dates in the database for your agency. Pay special attention to the employees you have created accounts for but how have not completed the necessary training activity.

23 Questions? Reference LEDS Rep Chapter 08 – CJIS Security Awareness Training for more information.

24 Contact Info Jennifer Hlad, LEDS Training Specialist (Desk) (Fax) Greg Verharst, CJIS Information Security Officer Ext (Desk) (Fax)

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