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Using NIMAC 2.0: The Accessible Media Producer Portal NIMAC 2.0 for AMPs.

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1 Using NIMAC 2.0: The Accessible Media Producer Portal NIMAC 2.0 for AMPs

2 What is the NIMAC Accessible Media Producer Portal? The portal allows registered Accessible Media Producers (AMPs) to: – Log into the system and download files which have been assigned to them by an Authorized User (AU). – Archive file assignments that are no longer needed. – View contact information for publishers. – Update your agencys account information.

3 In this training… We will explore the NIMAC AMP portal by logging in and walking through each of the four tabs of the portal.

4 But First: How Do I Become an AMP? Registering as an Accessible Media Producer with the NIMAC is free. If you have not yet registered and received a login ID and password, just contact the NIMAC and well send you the registration link. For more information and our AMP FAQ, please visit:

5 NIMAC Login Screen:

6 1. Accessible Media Producer Home

7 Accessible Media Producer Home From the home page of your account, you will see four tabs: – Accessible Media Producer Home – Publisher Information – View Download Queue – User Information

8 Accessible Media Producer Home Clicking this tab from any screen will take you back to the home page. On this screen, you can find contact information for NIMAC, and for Technical Assistance at OverDrive. Just click on either link to open a new email to either the NIMAC or OverDrive.



11 Clicking a link opens a new email message:

12 A Quick Note on Getting Help: Should you encounter a technical problem or error while working in the system, please direct those support requests to OverDrive: All other questions can be directed to NIMAC: 877-526-4622

13 2. Publisher Information

14 Publisher Information Tab This tab will take you to an alphabetical list of all publishers registered with the NIMAC and their contact information. This information is provided should you need to contact a publisher to provide feedback on file quality, or inquire about a file that is not yet in the NIMAC system. NIMAC would like to be copied at on email inquiries to publishers, so that we can be aware of any issues or

15 Just click on any contact name to open a new email message to the person.


17 Publisher Alphabetical Listing Clicking on any company name will display the complete contact information. From the full information display, clicking on the web address will take you to the companys web site.

18 Click on any agency name to display the complete contact information.

19 From the full information display, you can click the web address to go to the companys web site.


21 3. View Download Queue


23 Download Queue For each file assignment, the display shows: – Title – NIMAC Identifier – Publisher of the title – Format requested by the Authorized User – Authorized User who assigned the file – Date Assigned by the AU – Date Downloaded by you – Download Options – Archive Option

24 Download Queue From this screen you can: – View your active file assignments – Sort your assignments for easier viewing – Download files by using either the XML or Full download option – Archive assignments that have been downloaded

25 The Download Queue default sort is by Date Assigned. Click any column heading to sort by that field instead.

26 From the Download Queue, you can choose either the Full or XML download option.

27 Full versus XML Download The Full Download contains the images for the file set. If you will use the images in your conversion, choose this option. The XML Download does not contain the images. For this reason, the zip file is much smaller and will download faster. If you dont need images for your conversion, choose this option.

28 Clicking on either download option will bring you to a click-through Limitation of Use Agreement.

29 Just click the I agree link at the bottom of the screen.

30 This will initiate the download. The system will fingerprint and watermark the file.

31 Then the usual download dialog box will appear. Just choose Save.

32 Then select where on your computer you want the file to be saved, and click Save.

33 Once the download is finished, you will find it wherever you saved it.

34 Once you have downloaded the file and no longer need it in the active Download Queue, just click the Archive link to move it to your archive.

35 To view the assignments that you have archived, just click the View Archive Queue link.


37 Archive Queue Moving an assignment to the Archive Queue is permanent. Files in the Archive cannot be downloaded or moved back into the active Download Queue. Be careful not to archive files you have not downloaded yet. (If you do make this mistake, please contact the NIMAC for assistance.)

38 To return to the active Download Queue from the Archive, just click the link View Download Queue.

39 4. User Information

40 User Information There are 3 options on this tab: – Manage Account Information: Allows you to update your general agency information. – Manage Sub Users: Allows you to create sub accounts for up to two additional users who can log in to your AMP account. – Manage Your Account: Allows you to change your password or update your email address.

41 Manage Account Information: Just make any needed changes to your agency info and click Submit.

42 Manage Sub Users: Choose Add Sub User to enter information for an additional user for your account.

43 Add Sub User You can create up to 2 sub users for your agency. You may choose to give the Sub User full rights to the AMP account, or limited rights. Rights options are: View Download Queue Download Title (allows user to download files) Manage Users (allows user to add/delete/edit sub users)

44 After you click the Submit button, the system confirms that the user has been added.

45 From the View Sub Users page, you can edit or delete any sub users you have created.

46 Just make any needed changes and click Submit.

47 Sub User Hints In most cases, you will want a sub user to be able to View Download Queue and Download Titles, but not Manage Users. Creating sub users allows you to share access to your agencys account without sharing your own login ID and password information. You will not be able to view sub user passwords once they are created. However, you can assign a new password if needed.

48 Manage Your Account: This option allows you to edit your own email, password, or security question.

49 Just make any needed changes and click Update. Reset will clear changes without closing the page, while Cancel will close the edit page.

50 The system will confirm if you save any changes.

51 Congratulations! You have completed this training PowerPoint! You have learned: – How to access publisher information – How to view, download and archive file assignments – How to create and edit sub user accounts – How to edit your agencys information – How to edit your own account information

52 Contact Us! If you have any questions about how the AMP portal works, dont hesitate to contact us with your questions. (877) 526-4622

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