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Do you know your signs?.

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1 Do you know your signs?

2 Sign Shapes 8 different shapes of signs Means Stop
Stop line (White Line) Before Crosswalk (Marked or Unmarked) At the sign before entering the intersection



5 Yield right of way to pedestrians and approaching traffic
If 4-way stop, wait your turn If person holding sign, flow their direction Police officer School Crossing Guard Construction worker

6 Means yield the right of way
Maybe stop sign


8 Means railroad crossing ahead
750ft in front of tracks in rural area If train is coming stop and wait, don’t try to beat train

9 Means warning Either yellow or orange in color Warns of hazards or possible hazards Also used in construction zones

10 Means school zone or school crossing
2 children walking = school is near 2 children in crosswalk, you are at a school crossing

11 Is posted on left side of roadway
Posted at the beginning of a No Passing Zone

12 Used as regulatory or guide sign
White with black wording


14 Sign Colors Ten different colors Red Black/White Yellow Orange Green
Blue Brown Yellow-Green Pink

15 Regulatory Signs Must be obeyed Types Stop Yield Do Not Enter
Wrong Way


17 Some are regulatory (must be obeyed)
Some are Route Markers

18 Warning Signs Alerts drivers to road conditions and dangers ahead


20 Warning Sign Used for two types of warning signs Pedestrian Crossing
School Zones/Crossing


22 Warning Sign Used specifically for construction and maintenance


24 Guide Signs Where you are Which way to go
How far you have gone or how far you have left to go (Distance)


26 Guide Signs Services available Food Gas Hospital Hotels


28 Guide Signs Parks and recreation


30 Traffic Incident Alerts you to possible dangers due to unplanned events Traffic Crashes Natural Disasters


32 Types/Categories of Signs
Five Different Categories Regulatory Warning Construction and Maintenance Guide Special

33 Regulatory Signs Red, White, or Black in color Tell you what to do
Must always obey them

34 Regulatory Signs

35 Regulatory Signs

36 Regulatory Signs One-Way Signs
Must always go the direction of the arrow

37 Regulatory Signs Warns of a speed zone approaching

38 Regulatory Signs Maximum and Minimum Speed Limits
Unless for safety, illegal to drive slower than minimum

39 Regulatory Signs Divided Highway (Approaching from Side)
Median Strip Separates both lanes of traffic

40 Regulatory Signs

41 Warning Signs Alerts drivers to conditions ahead
Usually diamond in shape Warns drivers about road hazards, schools, and other situations

42 Warning Signs Pedestrian Crossing School Zone/Crossing

43 Warning Signs Special Crossings

44 Warning Signs Signal Ahead Start Slowing down when you see these signs

45 Warning Signs Intersections Ahead

46 Warning Signs Turns and Curves Be aware of maximum speed on curves
You can always speed up, but you cannot always slow down

47 Warning Signs


49 Warning Signs

50 Warning Signs

51 Warning Signs

52 Warning Signs Posted where a divided highway begins
Posted where a divided highway ends

53 Warning Signs

54 Construction and Maintenance
Use extreme caution when you see these signs Usually diamond in shape

55 Flagperson Ahead

56 Guide Signs Route Markers Destination and Distance

57 Guide Signs Parks and Recreation Services

58 Guide Signs Detour

59 Special Signs Turn to page 77 of Rules of the Road

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