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Driver Safety.

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1 Driver Safety


3 Traffic signs, signals and road markings
Traffic signs, signals and road markings are set up to control the flow of traffic, make streets and highways safer for all. Traffic Signals Hung Vertically: red (top) yellow (center) green (bottom) If there is a green arrow is always on the bottom. When the lights are horizontal, red is always on the left

4 Traffic signs, signals and road markings
Red Light Motorist must stop BEFORE the intersection or crosswalk Yellow Light Should stop before entering the intersection or crosswalk, unless the vehicle is so close to the intersection that it cannot be stopped safely. Green Light Safely proceed through the intersection Green Arrow When shown alone of in combination with a red signal, proceed only in the direction shown by the arrow.

5 Traffic signs, signals and road markings
Lets Practice Lane 1 Lane Lane 3

6 Traffic signs, signals and road markings
Flashing Yellow Slow down and proceed with care Flashing Red Light Traffic signs, signals and road markings Unlit Signal Stop. It is considered a four way stop sign Orange, Steady Raised-Palm Symbol Pedestrians should not leave the sidewalk White Steady Pedestrian Silhouette Pedestrians facing the signal may cross the road in the direction of the signal. Turning motorists must yield to any pedestrians.

7 Traffic Signs Warning Guidance Regulatory
Warn motorists of hazards ahead that are difficult to see Guidance Guide motorists to a destination by clearly identifying the route Regulatory Regulate traffic speed and movement *signs are manufactured in different shapes and colors to convey a particular message*

8 Traffic Signs Warning Signs Road Work Signs
For road conditions that need caution for specific hazards that may be encountered during certain road operations Road Work Signs Alert motorists of temporary roadway conditions Reduce speed limit signs are posted alongside orange work zone signs. In NJ all traffic fines are doubled in work zones HOW TO REACT…

9 Traffic Signs Guidance Signs Regulatory Signs
Guidance signs identify destinations and routes for motorists Regulatory Signs Generally rectangular with longer vertical dimension, and have black working and borders on a white background STOP: octagonal sign with white wording and border on red background YIELD: white inverted triangle with red wording and border with a white border band DO NOT ENTER: white square with a red circle that has a white band horizontally across the center of the circle and the words “DO NOT ENTER” in white letters on the upper and lower parts of the circle

10 Make A Sign You will be in partners making signs for the classroom and the school. Examples: STOP, DO NOT ENTER, YIELD, ONE WAY, DO NOT PASS, WRONG WAY, NO TURNS, NO STANDING AT ANY TIME, EXIT You and your partner will decide on which sign you are going to make (1 per pair) then you will recreate the sign. (personalize it if you want) On the back of the sign you will write WHY (the school needs the sign) HOW (it will help) WHAT (the sign is) WHERE (you want the sign to go) Signs will be turned in at the end of the period.

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