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Pennsylvania Leads the War

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1 Pennsylvania Leads the War
Chapter 6

2 Lesson 1 – Trouble on the Frontier
In the mid 1700’s Pennsylvanians moved beyond the Allegheny Mountains to the fertile land of the Ohio River Valley Native Americans living there were forced off their land

3 Lesson 1 – Trouble on the Frontier
The French wanted to control the Ohio River Valley for their fur trade The French traded furs with the Native Americans Through these trades the French and Native Americans became friends

4 Lesson 1 – Trouble on the Frontier
The French started building forts along the shore of Lake Erie in the Ohio River Valley Fort Presque Isle Fort Le Boeuf Fort Duquesne This angered the British who also were living in the area too So, British colonists began offering Native Americans more money than the French for their furs; which hurt the French fur trade

5 Lesson 1 – Trouble on the Frontier
Conflict began to arise between the British and the French over the Ohio River Valley Quakers from Pennsylvania did not want to fight with the French Virginia Governor sent messenger, George Washington, to tell the French to leave The French refused to leave the Ohio River Valley

6 French and Indian War After the French refused to leave, Washington and his British army returned and built Fort Necessity The French laid siege on Fort Necessity, and Washington and his troops surrendered This battle marks the beginning of the French and Indian War

7 French and Indian War In the French and Indian War the French and Native Americans were allies and fought against the British for the land of the Ohio River Valley The French and Native Americans won early battles, yet, the British had later victories which helped them defeat the French. In 1763, the Treaty of Paris, ended the French and Indian War, and gave Britain the control of the land west of the Appalachian Mountains.

8 Pontiac’s War Without the French allies, the Native Americans feared the British would take control of their land Pontiac, the leader of the Ottawa tribe, organized several groups of Native Americans to fight against the British colonists The battles that followed were known as Pontiac’s War Eventually the Native American’s loss near Fort Pitt helped end Pontiac’s War

9 The Proclamation of 1763 After the French and Indian War and Pontiac’s War, many colonists wanted to move west, but Native Americans lived on those lands The British did not want any more conflict with colonists or Native Americans To prevent settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains, Parliament, passed the Proclamation of 1763, this law established a boundary that colonists were not supposed to cross

10 Lesson 2 – Trouble With Britain
Britain's victory in the French and Indian War left them in debt Britain began placing taxes on its colonists to pay its debts In 1765, Parliament passed the Stamp Act This law said that newspapers and official documents had to have special stamps, and colonists had to pay a tax for these stamps

11 Many colonists became mad and refused to buy stamps, and as a result Parliament repealed, or ended, the Stamp Act in 1766 However, Parliament still believed they had a right to tax colonists In 1767, Parliament passed the Townshend Acts This law set taxes on British goods such as cloth, glass, paper, and tea. As a result, many colonists boycotted British goods To protest British taxes, colonists dumped tea into the Boston Harbor, this event was known as the Boston Tea Party

12 The First Continental Congress
In 1774, delegates (representatives) from 12 of the 13 colonies met in Philadelphia at Carpenter’s Hall to discuss their feelings about Britain They were known as the First Continental Congress

13 The First Continental Congress
The delegates agreed to stop trade with Britain and create a list of concerns for the king. The delegates decided that they would hold a second meeting if the king refused to make changes in the colonies

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