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World War I Jeopardy Coach Mayo and a special thanks to Bryce Pilcher.

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1 World War I Jeopardy Coach Mayo and a special thanks to Bryce Pilcher

2 BattlesLeadersCountriesAlliances Pre- WWI Post- WWI Hodge Podge 100 200 300 400 500

3 In March 1918, the last partially successful German offensive occurred at? Battles

4 The Marne 100

5 Which battle began in July 1916, and was Britain’s and Frances offensive against Germany? Battles

6 The Battle of Somme 200

7 The main cause of the failure of the Schlieffen Plan was? Battles

8 The Battle of the Marne 1914 300

9 This offensive was Germany’s last major offensive before the end of WWI: Battles

10 Meuse-Argonne Offensive 400 Bonus

11 During this campaign, British and Australian forces failed to take Dardanelles in an effort to defeat the Turks: Battles

12 Gallipoli Campaign 800

13 Battles What battle occurred in February of 1916, which cost the French of 500,000 lives?

14 500 The Battle of Verdun

15 Who was the leader who wanted a navy and colonies like Britain? Leaders

16 William II 100

17 Who was the President of the United States during World War I? Leaders

18 Woodrow Wilson 200

19 Which leader of a Triple Entente country created a dictatorship during the war? Leaders

20 Georges Clemenceau of France 300

21 This officer was known for his major victories against the Turks, who was he? Leaders

22 Officer T. E. Lawrence 400

23 Who was the first lord of the British admiralty during WWI? Leaders

24 Winston Churchill 500 Bonus

25 This French General’s leadership of his forces made him a national hero, who was he? Leaders

26 General Philippe Pétain 1000

27 Which country withdrew from World War I in 1917? Countries

28 Russia 100

29 Which country entered World War I against its former allies? Countries

30 Italy 200

31 During World War I Germany proposed an alliance, that was never achieved, with what country? Countries

32 Mexico 300 Bonus

33 What would Mexico have received if they had accepted the alliance and the Central Powers had won? Countries

34 Most of their lost territory in the Southwestern US 600

35 What country became the worlds first totalitarian regime during WWI? Countries

36 Germany 400

37 At the end of WWI Germany was split by what country? Countries

38 Poland 500

39 The Triple Entente was made up of what three countries? Alliances

40 Great Britain, France, and Russia 100

41 The Triple Alliance was made up of Germany, Austria, and what other country? Alliances

42 Italy 200

43 The Balfour Note attempted to establish an alliance between Palestine and what country? Alliances

44 Great Britain 300

45 Spain entered the WWI fighting with which of the two alliances? Alliances

46 Neither, Spain stayed neutral 400

47 Which alliance was not a formal alliance but one based more on principle? Alliances

48 Triple Entente 500 Bonus

49 What alliance broke Britain's policy of “Splendid Isolation”? Alliances

50 Anglo-Japanese Alliance 1000

51 The Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by the group known as the: Pre-WWI

52 Black Hand 100

53 What did William II give Austria in terms of dealing with Serbia? Pre-WWI

54 A “blank check” 200

55 How did the second Moroccan crisis affect Great Britain? Pre-WWI

56 It caused Britain to draw closer to France 300

57 Why did Britain declare war on Germany? Pre-WWI

58 Germany violated Belgium’s neutrality 400 Bonus

59 Which treaty was violated by Germany’s aggression on Belgium? Pre-WWI

60 First Treaty of London (Convention of 1839) 800

61 Which country’s president and prime minister were out of the country when the mobilization crisis flared? Pre-WWI

62 France 500

63 Woodrow Wilson proposed his ________, which included Self-determination and an International Organization for collective security. Post-WWI

64 Fourteen Points 100

65 Which treaty ended WWI and demanded reparations from the defeated? Post-WWI

66 Versailles Treaty of 1919 200

67 Which country was completely broken apart because of World War I? Post-WWI

68 The Ottoman Empire 300

69 Which country managed to escape the mandates put on it by the Versailles Treaty? Post-WWI

70 Turkey 400

71 The Big Four at the Paris Peace Conference were? (Countries) Post-WWI

72 France, Great Britain, US, and Italy 500 Bonus

73 Which Article of the Versailles Treaty blamed Germany for the war and established the reparations? Post-WWI

74 Article 231 1000

75 World War I was also know as the: Hodge-Podge

76 Great War 100

77 Hodge-Podge Why did they US enter the war?

78 200 Germany’s resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare

79 Who wrote the book All Quiet on the Western Front, that characterized trench warfare? Hodge-Podge

80 Erich Remarque 300

81 Hodge-Podge Name three technological innovations that were used in World War I?

82 Machine guns, Tanks, Airplanes, Poison gas, U- boats, Zeppelins, and Radio 400 Bonus

83 Hodge-Podge On what date did William II abdicate because of the disintegration of the German Army?

84 800 November 9, 1918

85 The Young Turks, who established a parliamentary government in the Ottoman Empire, were led by who? Hodge-Podge

86 500 Mustafa Kemal Pasha

87 Category is: Effects of WWI

88 What government was doomed to fail due to the mandates of the Versailles Treaty?

89 The Weimar Republic of Germany

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