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The Great War 1914 - 1918.

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1 The Great War

2 Causes Web of Alliances Nationalism Imperialism Militarism

3 *Web of Alliances

4 *Nationalism – devotion to one’s nation
What is a “nation”? Sharing common history, culture, language and ETHNICITY France – Alsace-Lorraine The Balkans *Imperialism – one country dominating others Social Darwinism The best nation would come out ahead in the competition between counties

5 *Militarism – glorification of military
Not a question of “if”, it’s a question of “when” Increases in Size of Armies Stockpiles of weapons New Weapons Machine guns Mobile artillery Gas Submarines Tanks Airplanes


7 The Spark to start the Fire

8 Austria-Hungary’s Ultimatum
AH Empire sends Serbia an ultimatum Stop anyone who speaks ill of the AH Empire Newspapers, army and gov’t officials, etc Do not hinder AH’s investigation of the assassination Report everything to AH What is Serbia giving up? Do you think Serbia accepted this?

9 The Start of the War AH Empire declares war on Serbia
July 28th, 1914 Russia mobilizes for war Seeing Russia is mobilizing, Germany declares war on Russia France’s alliance w/Russia makes them declare war on Germany Germany declares war on Belgium ??? The *Schlieffen Plan

10 *Trench Warfare Machine Guns Mobile artillery Gas Later on, Tanks

11 How did the US enter the war?
President *Woodrow Wilson Urges neutrality Britain sets up a blockade against Germany so Germany uses *U-Boats against allied ships *Lusitania and Sussex

12 The Last Straw *Zimmermann Telegram April 2, 1917 January of 1917
President Wilson asks Congress to declare war on Germany

13 Commies! *Russian Revolution
Democratic revolution overthrows Czar Nicholas II but keeps Russians in war Communists have new revolution Led by *Vladimir Lenin Russia stops fighting and makes peace with Germany Germany sends eastern front troops to the west

14 American troops turn the tide
Germany attacks and attacks With the incoming American troops, French, British and Italian troops were able to resist the German attacks German offensive collapses Armies get cut off and Germany surrenders

15 Armistice and Treaty of Versailles
Armistice – No more fighting November 11th, 1917 5 million Allied troops dead 8 million Central power troops dead 6.5 million civilians dead Treaty of Versailles – Peace treaty June 28th, 1919

16 Wilson and his 14 points *14 points
“Peace without victory” Wilson goes to the peace negotiations personally Europeans loved him Wilson could not convince European leaders to accept his plan Kept League of Nations

17 Treaty of Versailles punishes Germany
Germany claims sole responsibility for starting World War I Limited Germany’s army to 100,000 Enlisted men must be in army for 12 years; Officers – 25 years Limited to tiny navy NO SUBMARINES Germany loses territory Germany must pay reparations $54 billion ($663.9 billion today)


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