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2 Library Media Center Hours: · Monday, Friday 7:30– 2:45
· Before/After School and during Lunches · During class with a pass that has been signed and dated by your teacher

3 VIP Library Privileges
Your student ID gives you VIP privileges in the library. You can cut in line to check-out books Get an extra raffle ticket Get a free bookmark Go on the Internet (if you have NET permission)

4 Library Collection Cool Magazines Fun Fiction Informative Non-Fiction
Interesting References High Tech Computers Board Games and more!

5 Behavior It should be quiet, no loud talking, playing, or socializing.
This is a Learning Zone.

6 Behavior Remember your manners.
Pick-up after yourself. (Your mother does not work here) “I see it, I hear it, I take it”

7 On Task: conducting research, looking for a book, or reading.
Behavior On Task: conducting research, looking for a book, or reading.

8 Items not allowed in the library
No Food No Drinks No Gum No Candy No Attitudes (I have enough attitude for everyone)

9 Help keep the library neat and clean!
Push in books that fall. Push in chairs. Put books on front counter. Take your stuff with you. Dispose of trash.

10 Checkout Policy Need a student ID to checkout.
Three week checkout period. Overdue fines, $.10 per day, max. $3.00. No other book may be checked out until you clear up your library account. It is your job, not your teacher’s, to get your books brought back on time.

11 Take care of materials. Lose it, pay for it.
Drop it in a puddle, pay for it. Dog eat it, pay for it. Don’t eat while reading at home. Damaged books will be assessed a damage fee.

12 Library Hours Mon/Fri: 7:30 – 2:45
No late passes will be given by the librarian. You need a pass to visit the library during class. ( the pass needs to be signed and dated by your teacher) Library is open before and after school. No checkouts between classes.

13 Computers Students may use the online catalog to look for books.
Students must have their ID and NET PERMISSION to go on the Internet. Must sign in with librarian before accessing the Internet. Word processing and PowerPoint is available after school. Computers are to be used for educational purposes. Students are NOT allowed to access MYSPACE, non-educational games, music, or music videos from a library computer.

14 Review Questions For how long can you borrow a book?
What do you need to check out a book? What are the VIP library privileges? How many books can you check out? Are you allowed to check out books in between classes? Is the library open during lunch? Name one type of material that may not be taken out of the library? What is the procedure for using a library computer?


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