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Winman Library ORIENTATION 2012 Mrs. Tow Library Media Specialist.

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1 Winman Library ORIENTATION 2012 Mrs. Tow Library Media Specialist

2 VISITING THE LIBARY  Library Access and Hours  The library is open from 7:45 to 2:20. However, on most days, students may get a library pass from the counter in the main office at 7:20 am.  The library is open until 3:10 on Wednesdays, which is Library Department Night.  Students may visit the library during the day, with a signed agenda from their teacher.  Students must sign in on the appropriate binder on the library counter. Please greet the librarian in/out.

3 CIRCULATION Policies & Procedures  3- week loan period  Books may be renewed, provided there is not a long waiting list. The book must be brought in to be renewed.  Interlibrary loan available from RICAT schools  Students with overdue materials will not be allowed to borrow additional materials until the overdue items are returned or renewed or lost books paid for.

4 HELPFUL HINTS  You can log in to your own library account to request books.   From the Winman Catalog, click on “login.”  Your username is “wwn+your 6 digit student ID#”; your password is “wwn.”  For example: wwn123456 password = 6-digit birthday 01  Fiction books with a on the spine are student favorites.  Please use the rating sheets - raffle prizes  Reading lists by theme are in the white binder on the podium and online in Destiny Quest.  Don’t lend your books to a friend. You will be responsible to pay for any loss or damage.

5 Computer Room & Printing  ¨ You must have your Acceptable Use Policy turned in to use the internet.  DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS, including the Desktop, OF ANY COMPUTER or you will lose all computer privileges.  ¨ When printing in the library, COPY all text to WORD before printing (don’t print directly off the web site).  ¨ Pictures may not be printed without permission.  ¨ Library Printer is at the Check-out Desk.  If if doesn’t print, check to see if the printer is out of paper.

6  Your GPS on the information highway  RICAT ---- Winman Library Page

7 GET INVOLVED  Library Volunteers  Library Advisory & Planning Team  Warwick Public Library Cards – forms available here; cards sent here

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