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Welcome to the Media Center

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1 Welcome to the Media Center

2 PBIS in the media center
BE responsible, respectful & safe. What does this look like in the media center?

3 Responsible behavior in the media center looks like
Arriving ready to work. Arriving with your class or with the permission of your teacher. Waiting quietly in the check out line. Using your library voice Taking very good care of the books.

4 Respectful behavior looks like…
Using polite language. Showing kindness to others. Helping each other locate books Following the directions of the adults in the room. Using the furniture and computers with great care.

5 Safe behavior in the media center looks like…
Walking in the media center. Keeping your hands, feet and belongings to yourself. Conducting yourself in keeping with being in a library not on the playground or the blacktop.

6 What are the procedures that I need to know?
Computer usage and printing Borrowing books Location of items in the LMC General rules and regulations

7 Where on earth is it? Know your library media center!!!
OPAC (Online Patron Access Catalog) or as we call it ‘DESTINY’. Fiction Non-fiction Reference Periodicals (Magazines) VERY Silent reading area sofas and bean bags Computers (MC and Lab) Book Drops Know your library media center!!!

8 Check-out Procedures BRING YOUR AGENDA TOO.
You should bring all items to the circulation desk to be checked out. BRING YOUR AGENDA TOO. Fines are 10 cents a school day for overdue books. Fines are not charged on weekends and no school days. If you have a fine of more than $1.00 or you have fines or books owed from last school year you will not be able to borrow more books.

9 Computer use and printing
Any student who has a signed acceptable use form on file may use the computers in the media center. But …. REMEMBER

10 You may not… , enter chat rooms, IM or use any computer to computer communication No music or videos may be watched or heard. No games may be played You must ask for permission to print something. Remember that only school documents may be printed. For example, you may not print lyrics, game codes, sneakers, Pictures….etc.

11 Library Media Center Rules and Regulations.
All Seaford Middle School rules and regulations apply in the media center. NO, NO, NO: Do not come here on your own without a pass from the teacher of the class you are missing.

12 Use this @ home or at school
OR do a search for Seaford Middle School Media Center Delaware. (There is a Seaford in NY!) Over the course of the school year you will learn what resources are available for you on this site. Thanks, Mrs. Treherne & Mrs. Treehouse

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