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Heritage High School Library Orientation Information.

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2 Heritage High School Library Orientation Information

3 Rules All books are checked out for 10 school days. Vertical file materials may be checked out for 3 days. Reference books and magazines are used in the library only Books may be renewed for 10 days more if another patron has not requested the book. Overdue materials are assessed a fine of 5 cents per day. Lost materials are assessed the replacement cost. Students that owe $10.00 in fines will not be allowed to check out any more materials until the fines are cleared. They may however use materials in the library Items that have been paid for then found should be returned to the library for a refund. Photocopying and printing available at 5 cents per page. Please observe all copyright rules. Computers are available for student use. Please follow the posted rules.

4 Conduct Quiet Voices. The library is a place of study. Food. Drink, and Gum are NOT allowed. The school rules about hats and the dress code with be enforced. Students are allowed to use the internet in accordance with the District’s Acceptable Use Policy. Please stay within the guidelines. You will lose your privileges if you don’t When a class is being taught in the library, students are expected to respect their space and not interrupt the class. You wouldn’t walk into a classroom and disrupt it.

5 Personal Interest Students are encouraged to read for pleasure. We have a wide range of materials on many interests Students are asked to make requests for materials that are of interest

6 Lunch The library is open for use during the lunch period. Please finish all food and drink before entering the library. All rules for acceptable behavior will be enforced. The library is a busy place during lunch. We require that all students be seated. If there is not a chair available you must leave.

7 Electronic Data Bases The school subscribes to several data bases. These are very helpful in completing assignments. We have instructions on how to use them available and the library staff will help you find the information you need if you ask. Most often they will be demonstrated when you come in for a research assignment. The public library also has databases. You can also access them if you have a public library card. If you don’t have a public library card please get one. You can register for an e card online and use the databases. Please ask for help if you have questions.

8 Using the Public Library Students are encouraged to use the public library after school hours. Every effort is made to accommodate student’s needs. They have computers for word processing that can be used when the school is closed. Books and other items can be ordered online and delivered to your local branch.

9 Our Library The next few slides will show your various places in our library.

10 Main Desk

11 Catalog computers

12 Magazines

13 Work and study stations

14 Fiction Shelves

15 Nonfiction shelves

16 Video Conference Room

17 On Campus Suspension

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