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Welcome to the Shivela Library/Media Center

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1 Welcome to the Shivela Library/Media Center
Library Staff: Mrs. Dexter Hours: 8:30 – 4:00pm Monday thru Friday Open everyday unless otherwise noted

2 Library Users should… Enter Library quietly – make sure you have your ID Card – no running and shouting, no food, gum or drinks. Remove hats & hoods – follow school rules regarding electronics & cell phones. Place backpacks on shelves or in front of shelves Speak quietly and respect others work area. Check out all items you take from the library Push in your chair and pick up your trash when you leave

3 Abuse of Library rules Mrs. Dexter, although so charming and easy going that you may forget how to act in the library, will remind you only once if you are not following the rules. If she has to ask you twice, she will ask you to leave. Everyone will maintain the learning atmosphere and be considerate of others at work during the school day.

4 A word about Textbooks They are EXPENSIVE!! PROTECT THEM!!
You are responsible for them from the time they are checked out until you return them. Two weeks to look over for damage and notify library staff. Fines for loss or damage. Show damaged textbooks

5 Dewey Decimal Classification
Non Fiction books are filed according to the Dewey Decimal System and are filed by the Subject/Classification number and the first 3 letters of the Author’s last name 000 General information 100 Philosophy & Psychology 200 Religion 300 Social Sciences 400 Language 500 Pure Science 600 Applied Sciences 700 Arts & Recreation 800 Literature 900 History & Geography 921 Biography What’s in the library – books, magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias How Are books organized in the library – show signage Show spine labels.

6 Fiction Books Fiction books are filed in Alphabetical Order and by the first 3 letters of the Author’s last name

7 Identifying Books Horror Mystery Historical Fiction Graphic Novels
Certain genre’s can be identified by the spine label Historical Fiction Graphic Novels Horror Mystery Easy to Read Fantasy

8 Online Catalog Tutorial
If you have never used an Online Card Catalog, click the link below and watch the following video to familiarize yourself with how it works. Online Catalog Tutorial

9 Checking out a book Current student ID card.
Two (2) books at the time (excludes core novels) Checkout period is two weeks (weekends and holidays do not count) Due date written/stamped inside Books can be renewed for 2 weeks Can’t check out with fines or overdues, reference magazines, dicitionaries Show due date slips


11 If you lose or damage a book…
Let the Mrs. Dexter know! You will be charged a fine for lost or damaged books. No new material can be checked out until fines are paid. If lost book is returned, a refund will be issued

12 Computer Use Computers are for school work only. Please ask before you use them. If you need to print, make sure you have paper.

13 Fun websites to visit before or after school or from home on the School Library website
Fun Brain Scholastic Kids A Series of Unfortunate Events Harry Potter Gamequarium Disney

14 California Young Reader
Read all three books, vote for your favorite and join us for an Ice Cream Party in April! Revolution is Not a Dinner Party: A Novel by Ying Chang Compestine Waiting for Normal by Leslie Conner Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass

15 Don’t forget… Shivela Library
You can visit the Shivela Library Website to find out what’s going on, check out new series, find out what’s good to read and much, much more! You can also check out the Card Catalog from your home computer to see if we have what you’re looking for…just click on the link below to get started! Shivela Library

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