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Fairfax High School Library Media Center Orientation.

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2 Fairfax High School Library Media Center Orientation

3 Library Media Center Hours n OPEN: 7:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. Nutrition Lunch n CLOSED: Mon: Per. 1 Tues: Per. 2 Wed: Per. 3 Thurs: Per. 5 Fri: Per. 6 AND ½ hour before lunch and 20 minutes before Nutrition - also for testing, meetings, etc., as posted

4 Prohibited in the Library Media Center n Food n Liquids n Gum and candy n Cell phones and other electronics n Loud voices

5 Print resources n Reference (REF) n Non-fiction n Fiction (FIC) n Story Collection (SC) n Paperbacks (PB) n Graphic novels (GN) n Special Editions (SE) n Magazines n Study Manuals (STU MAN) **Do not re-shelve materials used in the library – put them in the SINKING CART (across from front desk)

6 Equipment n Photocopier ($.10 per page) n PC computers* n B&W printer ($.10 per page for text only, up to $.50 per page for graphics) n Color printer (up to $.50 per page) n Scanner *Must have AUP sticker on ID to use the Internet

7 Checking out and returning books n Present: -Fairfax ID -books desired n (Read the books) n Return books to a person (the librarian or adult assistant) at the front desk

8 Circulation policy n Regular: 2 weeks n Reference*: 1 day (*old encyclopedias only) n 3 book maximum n 1 renewal (if not overdue) n Overdue fines: Regular-$.10/day Reference-$.25/day **$.25 for a lost date due card

9 Finding what you need n Check: n -OPAC/computer catalog -EBSCO* for magazines -The librarian (*in the Digital Library – must have AUP sticker to access)

10 Enjoy your visit to the Library Media Center

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