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Becoming a Successful Oracle Business Partner

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2 Becoming a Successful Oracle Business Partner
Bronwyn Hastings Vice President Global Alliances and Channels

3 Agenda Importance of Partners Success Through Oracle PartnerNetwork
Next Steps

4 Importance of Partners to Oracle

5 Oracle Corporation US$ 10b company Over 40,000 employees
200,000 Database Customers Worldwide 13,000 Applications Customers Worldwide

6 Importance of Partners
13,500 active members in the Oracle PartnerNetwork 46% OPN community are ISVs 100,000 active users registered in the Oracle PartnerNetwork Portal 40% worldwide license revenue generated by Partners 47% growth in indirect license revenue from ISVs 47% current ISV’s with Distribution Agreements 70% of Oracle's FY04 YTD application business is influenced by partners 51% of Oracle’s applications and On Demand implementations are done by partners 242% growth in SE One incremental revenue from Q3 to Q4 This is how important you’ve been to our strategy….moving forward, there are expanded opportunities for you… Remove 47% of revenue generated by partners.

7 Source: Gartner Global Industries Worldwide Forecast, Sept. 2003
Importance of ISVs Provide industry domain and expertise Provide localization and proximity requirements Extend footprint in key industry segments Drive deeper adoption of Oracle Technology Key influencers in IT Spend Total Software Spend, 2003 Banking Professional Services High Tech Higher Ed Life Sciences Chemicals CPG Healthcare Retail Trans. Utilities AMC Communications Government Industrial Mfg. Projected 5 Year CAGR Wholesale Industry 2003 CAGR Banking $8,295.6 6.8% Communications $7,195.5 3.1% Government (Federal) $7,002.8 9.3% Professional Services $4,963.0 6.7% Retail $4,572.1 9.5% Industrial Manufacturing $4,205.0 4.6% Healthcare $3,948.6 8.9% Transportation $3,861.2 7.2% Utilities $3,136.9 7.3% High Tech $3,100.2 9.4% CPG $1,992.5 Higher Education $1,775.2 Chemicals $1,286.7 Life Sciences $853.8 AMC $517.6 5.7% Source: Gartner Global Industries Worldwide Forecast, Sept. 2003

8 Oracle PartnerNetwork: Enabling Success

9 Oracle Alliances & Channels
Single Face of Oracle Oracle Alliances & Channels Oracle Marketing Oracle Sales Oracle Consulting Oracle Support Oracle Development Oracle University Program Portal Community Oracle PartnerNetwork provides the framework for our business with partners which spans all geographies, languages, cultures and governmental regulations. The program delivers a common set of business processes for greater efficiency, resources and benefits targeted to partners’ areas of focus, a community of global partners, accessible through a single point of entry, the OPN portal. Supporting all interactions with partners is one consistent set of business practices, standardized worldwide. The allows us to deliver resources and benefits that have greater relevancy for our partners. (Use 10g as an example.) OPN allows us to drive product adoption & market development in the areas where the partner has expertise as well as where Oracle wishes to go to market. As partners identify the areas in which they currently offer a product or service around our technology, we are then able to target and simplify access to the resources they need. Through OPN we are able to measure partners’ technical competence and business commitment to and investment with Oracle. PARTNER BENEFITS: Product Development / Support Development Software Development Tools Development Kits Implementation Methodology Technical Briefings Educate: Oracle University Technical Training Implementation Workshops/Bootcamps Online Training Product / Field Marketing Marketing Kits Marketing Tools Marketing Training Marketing Workshops Branding Field Sales OMM Sales Kits Sales Tools Sales / SC Assessment Training and Tests Solutions Catalog Profiles Manage: Alliances & Channels HQ Contracts & Agreements Distribution Terms & Conditions Online Business Planning Interaction Center

10 Partnering With Oracle
Three Partner Levels Partner Certified Partner Certified Advantage Partner Four Product Focus Areas Database Application Server Applications Collaboration Suite

11 Product Focus Areas Application Server Collaboration Suite Database
Products Specializations Application Server Business Intelligence J2EE/Web Services Mobile Portal Security Collaboration Suite Compliance Calendar Files and Ultrasearch Voic and Fax Web Conferencing Wireless and Voice Database RAC E-Business Suite CRM Financials Human Resources Projects Supply Chain Management Technology

12 Oracle Information Architecture
Information Access Business Processes Data Hub Grid Infrastructure Development Framework Enterprise Management The whole of how information technology interoperates and cooperates is contained within this model. How information is organized, how it interacts within your business processes, how it can be organized, protected, managed and translated into real corporate value. This presentation will talk about each of these component parts and the role they have to play in creating and evolving a long term information architecture, so that your business can best unlock the potential of all of the technology miracles that interplay in your operations. The core of the architecture includes: utility-like data management in utility-like grid infrastructure. a method for creating a consensus about key information between all your systems by using a data hub in business processes, the actual applications and practices that have changed your operations from a business to an e-business A method for providing consistent, personalized access to collaboration and intelligence.information Add to that a coherent method of managing and developing to this architecture, and the ability realize this architecture on demand and you have the Oracle Information Architecture [next] Oracle On Demand

13 The Same Technology for the Mid Market
Oracle 10g Goal: Reduce administration costs by 50% Complete infrastructure to simplify and automate management and performance tuning Application & SQL Management Storage Management System Resource Management Backup & Recovery Management Space Management Database Management Intelligent Infrastructure

14 You Can Start Small … Database Standard Edition One
$149 per user/ $4995 for two processors Quick and simple install Automated tuning and management tasks Easy and automated storage management Dependable performance and scalability … and grow as your customer demands dictate A word to sum up this release is “Simplify”. In order to get hundred, or even thousands of computers to work together requires a huge Amount of automation and simplified management. So, we’ve focused on these major areas of the server to greatly improve the Manageability, not just of one server, but of many servers running on grid configurations. We’ve worked to: Cut storage management time and effort significant More Easily deploy and maintain clusters, Provides a unified data provisioning method Provide heightened control and automation of managing databases in a grid environment We’ve also streamlined partner experience with some very powerful new technologies to make it easier to embed Oracle into their applications. [next slide]

15 Go-to-Market Engagement

16 Oracle PartnerNetwork: Development

17 NEW : Development Benefits
Migration Center of Excellence Migration Financing Intel “10g Test Drive” Grid Center Program with Platform Vendors OTN ISV Center for easy on-ramp

18 Oracle PartnerNetwork: Training

19 NEW : Training Benefits
ISV Road Maps Updated Courses for Oracle 10g Sales Sales Consulting Reseller EBSi Roadmap – Coming Summer 2004


21 Oracle PartnerNetwork: Support

22 NEW : Support Benefits Infrastructure and Process
Increase supportability for Partners and their Customers Alignment with ISV life-cycle to ensure increased engagement during critical periods Updated training on leveraging Oracle Support Trend analysis on Support data to better provide pro-active assistance

23 Oracle PartnerNetwork: Marketing

24 NEW : Marketing Benefits
Event Wizard Low cost list acquision Oracle Publishing Solutions Catalog Updated Marketing Kits for Business Development Initiatives and Product Focus Areas

25 Business Development Initiatives
Mid-market Grid Industries On Demand Linux Here it would be appropriate to highlight how partners can work with us in each of these areas….perhaps Rauline will drill down a bit more when she goes into field delivery and engagement. Overall FY05 Objectives Agreed Upon in Regional A&C Management Meeting: OPN membership growth (13000) 10% overall Revenue associated with partners and Oracle economy ISV recruitment, enablement, sales (20-30%) Industry / Solution partnering (completion of at least 2 industries) Mid Market growth Linux Global Account Management Partner Readiness and Competency Simplification of business process / practice ******************************************************************************************** Mid-Market Objectives: Gain momentum in fastest growing market segment Overcome mid-market customer and partner perceptions Create awareness of Oracle solutions for the mid-market customer Recruit partners offering mid-market solutions Drive adoption: technology and applications Industries Objectives: Improve Oracle visibility in the industry space Deliver better and complete solutions to the customers through partners Increase the contribution of the Industry solutions to the Oracle revenue Define a specific path to better engage selected Partners on Industries, maximizing the Oracle economy Improve field readiness on the Industry Partner Strategy ISV Focus Regain lost momentum and demonstrate renewed commitment to ISVs Recruit ISVs to complete industry solution footprints Oracle Information Architecture Establish Customer Data Hub as a development and integration platform for ISVs and SIs. Programatize OIA for partner adoption in integration Grid Computing Drive adoption of Oracle 10g on Linux and promote participation in Grid Computing. Linux: Drive adoption of Oracle 10g on Linux and promote participation in Grid Computing. Outsourcing: Oracle Information Architecture

26 Demand Generation : Product Focus
Oracle Database and Application Server 10g Oracle Collaboration Suite Grid Computing Linux On Demand Oracle Information Architecture

27 Demand Generation : Industry Alignment
Few Industries, specific subsegments Targeted spearheads Drive revenue through joint go to market and common value proposition based on a combination of: Oracle technology and EBS modules System Integrators Industry Knowledge & competences Specialist partners Industry Solution Partner Applications for specific areas

28 Demand Generation : Mid-Market
Mid–market is the fastest growing market for IT spend Customers want to buy from a trusted advisor – You Oracle is affordable and easy to use and manage Go-to-market with partner solutions to reduce customer complexity and extend reach Target the marketplace with 10g special features Drive demand for mid-market solutions that map to IT spending trends So what exactly is Oracle’s mid-market strategy? Well, first lets look at the customers requirements. At a high level, customers in the mid-market are looking for real solutions to business problems. The first part of our strategy is to work closely with our ISV partners to ensure that there is a broad platform of Oracle based solutions available to solve these business problems. Our aim is to publicise these solutions and help stimulate demand for our partners, and thereby indirectly for our own products. 10g special features: Smaller footprint Easy install and management Better embeddable capabilities Lower total cost of ownership Standard Edition One Standard Edition with RAC

29 Oracle PartnerNetwork: Sales

30 NEW : Sales Benefits Financing Updated Sales Kits Open Market Model
SE One and Oracle 10g Open Market Model OLSA (Oracle Software License Agreement) Click Wrap Agreements Electronic Ordering OLSA Online Electronic Product Delivery End user welcome Secure approvals through your Oracle Channel Manager 2 year Distribution Agreement

31 Distribution Options Model Definition Discount Full Use
Unrestricted programs with all functions intact that a partner resells to the end-user. 30% Application Specific (ASFU) 60% Restricted license type sold by an ISV in conjunction with its Application Package. Embedded (ESL) Highly restricted license type sold by an ISV embedded in its Application Package. 80% off Oracle list or 5% of their published application price for SE 10% of their published application price for EE

32 Simplification of Working with Oracle
We are putting into place systems and process to simplify how you do business with Oracle….

33 Ease of Interaction Simplified portal access through dashboards
By Product Focus Area By Business Development Initiative By Partner Category By Industry Simplified upgrade criteria and process P r o d u c t F s Certified Advantage Certified Through the portal, you’ll be able to access business development initiatives, product focus areas, and industry footprints plus upgrade your membership easily. Navigation has been streamlined to offer resources based on your partner type and area(s) of engagement. Partner

34 Summary : ISV Resources
Existing New Support MetaLink support for members Support & upgrade for CP/CAP ISV service level model for strategic partners Global support accounts Knowledge transfer program Technical PTS Grid Center program with select platform partners EBSi technical support sales Sales Global account planning for strategic partners Including sales engagement model and joint marketing planning Open Market Model for lead registration, influence and referral Marketing Solutions Catalog Self Service marketing tools and kits Solutions Catalog with promotion to Oracle Sales Inclusion in marketing campaign lead flow (ex: mid-market and industries) Enhanced event and marketing planning and execution assistance OTN General OTN benefits New ISV Center. Benefits to include: Online training Subset of MetaLink support Newsletter with ISV focused topics Online discussion and bulletin board forums ISV specific content Migration & Assistance PDF benefits Financing option for migration projects through OFD Proposed Migration Center of Excellence (TBD) Deliverables and Timelines for talking points: Simply Business Awareness Campaign North America Launch at Gartner Mid-Market Event on April 19th Combined with advertising, banner placement, etc. Technology : 10g, SE One, SE with RAC Applications : E-Business Suite Special Edition Demand Generation activities for FY05 Mid-Market Solution Brochure Combined Tech and Apps messages Initial Launch March 15th Solution CD produced regionally each quarter ISV Recruitment Campaign

35 Next Steps

36 Next Steps If you’re not a member join OPN at Update your Solutions Catalog profile for marketing exposure to customers, partners and Oracle sales Leverage OMM for opportunity management and sales engagement Deepen your adoption of Oracle Technology Integrate your applications through integration services or customer data hub Leverage demand generation campaigns to promote your joint solutions Identify new areas for go to market engagement through Oracle PartnerNetwork business development initiatives Ensure you are using the new Oracle PartnerNetwork branding on your website and marketing materials * Partners will automatically be migrated to specific Product Focus Areas based on their existing relationship with Oracle. Solutions Catalog Lead Flow Timeline: Chaitra is targeting somewhere around Oct to November timeframe provided Apps IT has resources. She is already working on a proposal for Lead functionality/routing/integration to GCORS/PRM that we can position to all the regions/LOB stakeholders. I am estimating the base proposal will be ready from my team by end of this month.


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