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The New Face of Enterprise Collaboration Trends, Observations, and Lessons Learned.

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1 The New Face of Enterprise Collaboration Trends, Observations, and Lessons Learned

2 2 Agenda 8:00 – 8:30Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:30 – 9:30Welcome Introductions Enterprise Collaboration  What is it  What are the trends  What is the business value  What are my technology considerations  What is my blueprint for success  Industry Case Study – Independence Blue Cross 9:30 – 10:00Questions and Discussion

3 3 LiquidHub at a Glance Combining the planning and strategy of Enterprise Architecture and the execution of Service Oriented Architecture, our consultants work with clients to deliver Enterprise Agility: making most of existing IT system assets while providing a flexible technology architecture that will deliver value Approach Serving Financial Services, Life Sciences, Insurance, Emerging and other markets Premier technology consultancy and systems integrator with local roots but global reach Serving clients in international markets from offices in Philadelphia, Boston and our Global Delivery Center in Hyderabad, India Over 500 associates delivering high-end IT solutions in Technology Strategy, Enterprise Solutions, and Managed Infrastructure Solutions Vertical Focus

4 4 Collaboration The Classic View  Meeting room  Video Conference  Fax  Telephone  Email  Whiteboard  Discussion Board  Presentation Tools  Water cooler conversation * Definition : To work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

5 5 Collaboration The Future Web 2.0 Evolution of web-based communities and hosted services such as social networking, wikis, blogs, and similar participation and information sharing technologies.  Wikis  Blogs  RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds  Forums  Applications support AJAX, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Mashups  Podcasts

6 6 Collaboration Social Networking Technologies that allow people to connect with others and share information worldwide  MySpace  YouTube  Facebook  LinkedIn  Branded sites or social networking for customers Synthetic Worlds Technologies that provide 3D computer-based simulated environments that allow users to inhabit and interact with each other  Second Life  ActiveWorlds  Disney Toontown  Lively

7 77 Collaboration Industry Trends Not surprising, email and web sites are universally deployed. Most companies are using first generation web with limited team collaboration and virtually no Web 2.0

8 88 Collaboration Industry Trends Enterprise Social Computing will lag behind other types of investments with e-mail still leading as a core collaboration focus technology Almost half of organizations say that implementing enterprise collaboration strategies will be a major initiative in 2008 Spending on collaboration will increase by 14.8% on customer facing and team projects in 2008 (source Gartner Research)

9 9 Business Value Virtual Project Teams  Enable and improve interaction  Easily and quickly share information  Provide a common nexus for project delivery Collective Intelligence  Creating the global brain  Stimulate outcome alternatives  Improve the decision process Enhance the customer experience  Improve customer interaction  Accelerate product improvement  Manage product lifecycle Accelerate product delivery  Improve information access  Enable information sharing and decision making

10 10 Technology Considerations Drivers:  Existing Investments  Appetite for acceptance  Business value  Strategic fit

11 11 Blueprint For Success Have a collaboration strategy  Aligned with business needs  Leverage existing collaboration investments  Fit within the enterprise architecture Establish strategic partnerships  Industry trends  Technology leaders  Implementation knowledge Add business value  Identify projects with demonstrable business value  Secure business sponsership  Measure results Communicate  Establish a communications strategy  Develop a comprehensive communications plan  Stick to the plan Establish a Center of Excellence

12 12 COE Operating Framework

13 Thank You!!

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