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+ Beginning Blogging by Six Sisters’ Stuff. + Just start! What do you want to blog about? What are you an expert in? What makes you unique? What are you.

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1 + Beginning Blogging by Six Sisters’ Stuff

2 + Just start! What do you want to blog about? What are you an expert in? What makes you unique? What are you passionate about?

3 + Picking a niche Picking a very specific niche can limit your audience but create a more loyal following. Broadening your niche can help reach a larger variety of people. Consider working with brands when picking your niche.

4 + WordPress vs. Blogger Blogger: FREE to start User friendly Fewer server problems Automatically adds geotags to posts WordPress: Increased traffic More plugins available Complex coding Complicated interface Many forums and communities for help

5 + Choosing a domain name Buy a domain name from sites like, even if using Blogger. Brings credibility to your site Allows you to monetize on Google Adsense Pick a name that is brandable and easy to remember. Your domain name should be catchy, easy to remember and unique.

6 + Set Up Social Media Most powerful form of marketing Before choosing which social media sites to use, ask yourself: How are you going to manage them? How much time do you have to devote to each one every week? What accounts do you want readers to interact with you on? What social media sites will your target audience be using most frequently? Less is more.

7 + Facebook Share all posts from your blog through Facebook. Different types of posts: Text only Text with a link Full picture Thumbnail Use catchy keywords and phrases to attract readers. Customize your page. Interact with readers and other bloggers.

8 + Google+ Upload each post from your blog to Google+. Upload an image with each post. Use hashtags. Comment and +1 others’ posts. Interact with readers Join communities

9 + Pinterest Use the name of your blog for your profile name. Customize your profile. Set up boards, with self titled boards listed first. Boards are searchable on Google. Most people will look at the top 5 boards on your page. Pin a variety of pins to different boards to help grow your following. Use hashtags to make yourself visible to more viewers.

10 + Twitter Share every post from your blog on Twitter. Use hashtags. Used mostly to connect with brands. Use a third-party scheduler to schedule tweets automatically.

11 + Instagram Set up an account with your blog name so people can find you. Separate personal/blog accounts Use hashtags. Customize your account and include your URL in your profile. Great way to work with businesses. Interact with others.

12 + Start posting! Qualities of a good post: A good picture Quality content Original Interesting Honest

13 + Photos matter! Use free online photo editors, like to edit EVERY photo (check your swag bag!). Add a watermark to each photo. Use vertical photos for Pinterest. Save photos with post title.

14 + What makes quality content? Original Your perspective, your creativity Interesting Be yourself Tell your story Be honest Transparency Be transparent when it adds value to what you are writing. You don’t need to share every detail. Time After your design is set, spend time on content. Find your voice

15 + Make your site “sticky” Once your blog is up and running, you want people to stick around! Google Analytics provides detailed insight to how long readers are staying on your site. Feature your most popular posts on your blog. Use widgets and plugins to promote your own posts. Link to past posts in current posts. Have a search bar at the top of your site, plainly in sight.

16 + Make your site “sticky” Utilize tabs at the top of your site to help readers navigate. Have a picture of yourself near the top of your site. Have a clear place readers can connect with you and subscribe to your blog and social media sites. Make your blog easy to read. Keep up the momentum of popular posts.

17 + Make your site “sticky” Be interactive with your readers. Answer questions and comments Ask questions and take polls Give readers incentive to subscribe to your site. Giveaways Show off your readers. Include a video of yourself on your blog.

18 + Basic SEO SEO: Search Engine Optimization The rank in which your site appears in search results Consider post titles Use phrases that people will search for in Google Title pictures Save your picture with keywords about your post

19 + Network with other bloggers Blogging is not a competition. Everyone has something different to offer! We can all help each other grow! Comment on other blogs. Participate in group giveaways to gain followers. Find a “tribe.”

20 + Utilize link parties What is a link party? Some blogs host a party where you can share links to posts from your site to share with their readers Many blogs have lists of link parties they participate in on their site. Each blog reaches a different audience. Great way to drive traffic to your site. Visit parties at the beginning of the party. More people will see your link if you are at the top

21 + Utilize link parties Leave a comment to the link party host to thank them for hosting. Leaving comments on others participating in link parties is a great way to gain followers.

22 + Monetize your blog Apply for Google Adsense. Sell small ads in the sidebar. Contact Etsy stores Use a third party, like Passion Fruit Ads, to handle advertising on your blog for a small monthly fee. Build brand relationships.

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