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How are we CREATING Your Web and Global Presence.

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1 How are we CREATING Your Web and Global Presence

2 Creating your Web and Global Presence Good Web Design Visitor-centric, clear purpose Progressive disclosure Displays quickly Browser compatible Intuitive navigation Spelling, grammar, writing Secure (eCommerce) Attractive design, easy to read Cultural bias? (Regional? Domestic? International?) No technical problems (broken links, buggy scripts) Maintainable (separate content from style) Search Engine Accessible 2

3 Creating your Web and Global Presence Type Of Websites At a basic level, dynamic websites can give the website owner the ability to simply update and add new content to the site and ability for client or user to upload documents. Advantage: Much more functional website Much easier to update. 3 DYNAMIC WEBSITE These website are having fixed content. Static website can only really be updated by someone with a Knowledge of website development. Advantage: Quick to develop. STATIC WEBSITE

4 Website Look & Feel OUT OF THE BOX 4

5 Website Look & Feel CORPORATE 5

6 Relative area of importance 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 Your Company AdministratorUser 7

8 Administrator Add/Edit/Delete News & Events Add/Delete/Edit Products Export to Excel Will receive enquiry on his/her email. 8 Please Note: This is the generic structure of the website. It will be modified as per your requirements.

9 Users/Visitors Home Page About Us Mission & Vision Management Team Our Approach Services Case Studies Testimonials Clients Testimonials Enquiry Form Downloads Contact Page 9

10 Unrevealed Features Search Engine Compatible Ajax – For Rich User Experience jquery – For light weight animation Integration with Social Networking Website (Pages on Linked In, Page On Facebook, Twitter) 10

11 You May Require Twitter Updates on your website. Multiple Language Support (Via Google or Independent) Chatting Application Payment Gateway 11

12 Tools & Platform ASP.NET 3.5 Sql Server 2005/2008 HTML, CSS, Jquery, Javascript Photoshop 12

13 Creating your Web and Global Presence Online Marketing Following are the options for promoting your website over the internet: 1. Google Advertisement 2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 3. E-mailers & Flyers 13

14 Creating your Web and Global Presence Google Adv. You can start advertisement on Google within an hour. Google ads will appear on top and left side of the search result. You can decide your search keywords for which the advertisement need to be displayed. You need to pay Google for every click on your advertisement (that will actually redirect a user to your website). 14

15 Creating your Web and Global Presence SEO If we do SEO it will take minimum of three months for your website to appear on first or second page. SEO will help to place your website in the search result itself. We can optimize your website for some selective keywords which will help Google in its search. In SEO we do back link creation, entry in web directory, write blogs about your website, maintain your social network portfolio etc. in order to enhance the rank of your website. In SEO you don't have to pay any amount to Google for any click as your website appear in search result. It is a continuous process to maintain the rank of your website on Google. 15

16 Creating your Web and Global Presence E-mailers & Flyers 16

17 THANK YOU Address: B-65/201, Sector I, Shantinagar, Opp. Thane Bus Stand Miraroad (East), Thane – 401107 Email: Mob: (+91)

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