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How to Make a Good Impression Dean Donaldson: Channel Development EMEA, Eyeblaster 8 th November 2007 MSN Innovate, Oslo A user-centric approach to advertising.

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1 How to Make a Good Impression Dean Donaldson: Channel Development EMEA, Eyeblaster 8 th November 2007 MSN Innovate, Oslo A user-centric approach to advertising Media Workshop

2 Agenda  The inherent challenge  Study around conversions  Progressive thinking  Analysis and justification  Understanding user journeys  Behavioural Targeting & User Profiling  The Real Story  Cross-channel targeting  Summary

3 The Journey of the User  Online advertising is generally seen in transient, linear paths  See ad → Click → Micro site → Main site  Can distort overall objectives  Focus becomes about driving through to a site  Real objective is beyond the click-thrus  Favourable awareness and then action  Ultimately a purchase of a product or service  Feed the user where they are  Users are more calculated in their approach  They choose delivery method and customise their environment  The rise of ‘desktop widgets’ – browser is no longer king  The need to speak to the user personally wherever they are Inherent challenge in digital advertising

4 CTR: Overall vs Video  Media Firsts: “What new format or feature can you recommend that will get me the best click-thru rates?” Dropped from 5% to less than 1% in 5 years

5 From Pull – “Traffic Drivers” WEBSITE YAHOO! MSN AOL ORANGE  Average CTR is below 0.3%  Clicks are not pre-qualified Trying to pull the users to your website

6 To Push – “Smart Ads” YAHOO! MSN AOL ORANGE WEBSITE  Average dwell time is about one minute Pushing content to the user, exactly where they are

7 Development of the web  Web 1.0 – Content  Web 2.0 – Conversation  Web 3.0 – Convergence It’s all about Conversions! The big ‘Con’? = clicks!

8  Engagement  Post Impression Activity (Sub-Conscious Acknowledgement)  Impression  No Awareness (No Conscious Acknowledgment)  Click-Thru  Post-Click Activity (Conscious Acknowledgement)  Call to Action  Required Response (Conscious Decision)  Information Request / Data Capture / Physical Purchase ? Shades of Grey Measuring the true response  Interaction  Pre-Click Activity / Post-Interaction (Active Involvement)

9 DNA of an Advertiser  A study of all activity for a client over a period of a year, covering both rich and standard inventory  340 million impressions  26% Standard Banners vs. 74% Rich Media  53% Polite Banners  21% Expandable Banners  25 major campaigns ranging from 1MM – 53.5MM impressions  17 publishers ranging from 150K to 138MM impressions  Over 130 post-click activities were tracked Analysis of total activity July ’06 to May ‘07

10 Impress to Convert Impressions drive 4:1 more conversions over clicks  Analysing post-impression and post-click tracking  Conversions happen as a result of ‘seeing’ not ‘clicking’ on the ad  Downplays the immediacy of initial response with a more powerful brand awareness driver, that produces tangible results later on Note: This is a case study based on one advertiser, 25 campaigns, 340MM impressions

11  Halo Effect: Even standard conversions happen due to rich media path 74% of total impressions were rich media based The Impact of the Impression Looking back at last 5 adverts in conversion sequence 98% of conversion path was rich media based 12345 RM: 82% SB: 18% RM: 98% SB: 2% 82% of conversions were rich media based Conversion Note: This is a case study based on one advertiser, 25 campaigns, 340MM impressions

12 The Art of Blending  Advert in shop window  Set up stall in a mall  Juggling clowns

13 Enhanced Experience  Delivers content to the user where they are – attracts, teases, engages  Offers choice to the 90%+ users who don’t click-thru  Results prove interaction overrides typical ad timeout – over 1 minute! P910i – 2004 Distract and Immerse – Engaging the consumer in situ Brand Response Nissan – QashQai C4 – Mousetracker ITV – Dinosaurs Canon – Eos

14 Pre-click Interactivity Tracking  Best Practice: Track all elements in an ad Test Drive Brochure Request More Information Main Click Rotate Dwell-time = Brand awareness Get a full view of your campaign success Honda Civic


16 Justify Your Campaign Success Drilling down to find the conversion factor

17 Plan Your Next Move How to justify a low CTR!

18 Analysis and Metrics  2,000 people walk down the street:Impressions = 100%  1,000 of these are unique, some return:Reach & Frequency = 50% (2:1)  800 people notice a building, 200 don’t:Post-Impression??= 40%  300 people walk into the store:Interaction= 15%  10 people go up to first-floor:Click-thru= 0.5%  1 person buys a coffee:Conversion= 0.05%  Emotional response – people who notice, but don’t do anything  10 in 1,000 = 1% are unique responders  10 in 800 = 1.25% are emotional responders – what about other 790?  10 in 300= 3.33% of the Interactors will respond – what about 290?  Conversions – can I buy a coffee without going to first-floor? An example from the real world

19 Media Conversion Costs Spend € 200,000.00 € 15.00 CPM Clicks to landing page Impressions 13,333,333 0.5% CTR 66,667 Clicks € 3.00 Cost per click 20.0% Drop-off rate 53,333 Post click Arrivals 5,333 Post view Arrivals 58,667 Total Arrivals 29,333 Unique arrivals 5.0% Conversion rate 1,466.67 Total conversions € 136.36 Cost per conversion Interactions within the ad 20.0% IR 2,666,667 Interactions € 0.08 Cost per interaction 1,333,333 Unique interactions 0.5% Conversion rate 6,667 Total conversions € 30.00 Cost per conversion € 106.36 Difference CTR v IR Calculating the real cost per conversion  40x more likely to interact then click  4.5x conversions in banner then site

20 Understanding the User  Each user journey is unique  A number of sub-conscious and conscious factors of awareness that influence the final decision  A number of measurable interaction points that make up the whole  Seeking a truer representation  Who are the Uniques?  Where did they actually come from?  What did those Uniques do?  What was their actual intention?  How did we influence them?  Did we drive a conversion? The consumer as an individual, not a mass

21 EU Tobacco (Multi) – Behavioural  93% of interactors saw second sequenced advert  Those who saw second advert were positively inclined towards click thru

22  13.5% watched the entire entry video  0.1% average CTR – 0.33% in ‘sent mail’ MPU  0.01% started the data-capture process  11% of initial respondents went on to give email address in subsequent screens  Higher rates could have been achieved if the data request fields were higher Levi’s (MultiNational) – Social Advertising

23 Mars UK – Run-of-Network Data Capture Login MPU Homepage SynchronisedMessenger  35,000 emails captured in one single day!!  10% of users played the game  60% played more then once  18% interacted with IM banners  Brand exposure 10x more in IM then on homepage

24 A B C D Mud Slinging A. Don’t own a SE Mobile but have seen the ads C. Recently compared phones on the site B. Already own a SE mobile and actively looking to replace D. Has just received online quotation

25 Consumer Behaviour Tracking  Re-target ads based on previous behaviour across media properties  Cross-sell/Up-sell to maximise ROI  Build valuable user database over time  Who has never visited your site  Who has visited your site  Who is active participant on your site  User interactions determine which ad is shown next in sequence  Encourage user through the decision making cycle  Unlimited creative ‘paths’ help improve conversion rates Pre-Impression, Post-Interaction & Pre-Click DejaVu Re-targetingBehavioural Sequencing During the CampaignPrior to Campaign 1 st imp2 nd imp3 rd impPrior to ImpressionAd Unknown Site Visitor Participant

26  MEC Interaction sought a technology to actively engage the individual user wherever they were physically or within the campaign lifecycle 1. Physical Location: Multi-lingual throughout CEEMEA territories 2. User Environment: Complementing web page access with mail and desktop messenger and the need to flow seamlessly between them 3. Lifecycle State: Multiple stages of competition  From initial awareness, registration process to the multiple upload stages over the weeks K550i Cyber-shot™ Promotion

27  Take photos of yourself preparing for each weeks challenge and upload to the site Lights, Camera, Action! How to train for one of the four challenges

28 K550i Extreme Challenges (Change by Week) Week 1Week 2Week 4Week 3

29 Behavioural Profiling to Target Message The K550i Extreme Tour Concept  Creative based on user state: if registered, how and if uploaded pics? The GameRegistration User totally unknown No UploadUploaded User registered via the banner No UploadUploaded User registered via the web site

30 Campaign Process  Game animation rotates with sign-off  Urges registration within banner  Allows photo upload within banner  Then enables forward-to-friend  Drops tag to remember state  Once complete sends email to user  Request to complete web registration  Confirmation of registration email  Drops tag to remember state  User can enter this weeks competition  User completes photo upload  Drops tag to remember state  Re-targeting creative based on state Banner registration and re-targeting concept

31 Following the User Multiple points of entry and reminder  Being exposed to the initial creative  Example: Web Browser  Enabling user to register in situ  Example: MSN Today  Re-targeting irrespective of channel  Example: Live Mail  Further re-targeting across channels  Example: Live Messenger  And any combination thereof… Web Page Messenger eMail

32 Results Guiding people through the campaign funnel

33 Summary  Most technically challenging campaign undertaken online to date  A melting pot of:  innovative planning  creative technology  publisher knowledge  consumer insight  as well as an element of calculated risk-taking on behalf of the client  Did not cost a single cent more on ad serving or on media purchase  Know how to work the technology that is user-centric to meet objectives  Only required some slight amendments to the back end destination site and a very well-crafted master template… Multiple points of entry and reminder

34 Thank You We hope we have made a Good Impression! Dean Donaldson: And Eyeblaster (Easy Concepts) reprehensive for Norway is: Danny M. Van der Cingel (Business Development Director) | +31 (0)2 068 39 857

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