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Gillette & MSN Mark Charkin – Regional Sales Manager

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1 Gillette & MSN Mark Charkin – Regional Sales Manager
Phil Bird – International Research Manager Gareth Breton – Dynamic Logic

2 MSN Worldwide – Topline Facts
35 countries worldwide, 18 languages Surpassed Yahoo in reach and revenue Over 250 million unique users come to MSN a month (globally) #1 reach in 11 countries Top 3 reach in 22 markets #1 WW service – Hotmail > 130million active users #1 WW Messenger service > 85million active users #1 in Europe In top 3 in 14 of the 16 markets Ahead of both Yahoo and AOL in overall reach & rank Strongest growth in reach & minutes compared to competitors Strong vertical development in MSN Cars, MSN money and MSN Entertainment etc Territories: Total Unique users expected during campaign period: Total Page impressions expected during campaign period: Formats and creative ideas:

3 AdIndex Advertising Effectiveness Research
Provided for: & August 20, 2003 Top-line report Prepared by: Wendy Kong

4 Research Background MSN wanted to objectively quantify the impact of the online advertising campaign for Braun Dynamic Logic was selected to conduct the third party research The intent of the research was to quantify the value of ALL impressions, not just those clicked on Metrics examined: Unaided Brand Awareness Aided Brand Awareness Online Ad Awareness Message Association Brand Favourability Purchase Intent Findings are based on a large sample n = 794 (386 Control / 408 Exposed) All respondents were recruited between 6/5/03 and 6/9/03 for Control and between 6/30/03 and 8/1/03 for Exposed Respondents were recruited from MSN

5 AdIndex Methodology: Pre / In-Market
AdIndex uses a control-exposed methodology that measures the branding value of online ad campaigns as they run live across a site or set of sites. In this case, a Pre-Wave Control Group (Group B) was surveyed prior to the launch of the campaign. The Exposed Group (Group A) was surveyed during the course of the campaign. Do the results indicate a difference? Did they see the campaign? Exposed* Yes Yes Since a major difference between groups A and B is the presence of the creative, we attribute the lift to the campaign Both groups are surveyed about their attitudes toward the brand in the creative* A Pre-Wave Control* No B * Both groups are random samples from the same population (they are statistically the same people)

6 How do you measure where consumers are in the continuum?
The Hierarchy of Advertising Effects How do you measure where consumers are in the continuum? Brand Awareness Measures the level of familiarity respondents have with the brand (aided and unaided) 1. First, consumers need to be aware of a brand Message Association Measures the extent to which respondents can match the messages and/or concepts in the creative to the brand 2. Then they need to understand the value to them, or what the product is used for Brand Favourability Measures the extent to which respondents have a positive or favorable opinion of the brand 3. The consumer forms an opinion about the brand Purchase Intent Measures the likelihood of respondents to purchase the brand in the future 4. Finally, the consumer decides whether he or she is likely to purchase the brand

7 “Smooth Skin for Weeks”
Creative Units Message Association: “Smooth Skin for Weeks”

8 Definition of Brand Metrics
Unaided Brand Awareness – Measures top of mind awareness respondents have of Braun Question: When thinking of epilators for women, what brand comes to mind first? Aided Brand Awareness - Measures respondents’ familiarity with Braun Question: Have you heard of the following brands of epilators for women? Online Ad Awareness - Measures whether respondents recall seeing Braun advertising online Question: Do you remember seeing any advertising on the Internet in the past month for any of the following brands? Message Association - Measures the extent to which respondents can match the message in the creative with Braun Question: Which of the following brands, if any, uses the following message in its online advertising? “Women deserve a little extra. Extra alone time. Extra sleep. Extra comfort. “Smooth Skin for Weeks” Brand Favourability - Measures respondents’ overall opinion of Braun Question: How would you describe your overall opinion about each of the following brands of women’s epilators? Purchase Intent - Measures respondents’ likelihood to purchase epilators from Braun in the future Question: How likely are you to purchase the following brands of epilators for women (in the next 12 months)?

9 Overall Campaign Results Brand Metrics
Campaign was successful at keeping brand top of mind, as there were increases in Unaided Brand Awareness and most awareness metrics Aided Brand Awareness was already maximized at a score of 98.3% The increase in top of mind awareness increases the likelihood that consumers will include Braun in their consideration set during the purchase cycle Overall Respondents Control Exposed Difference Impact Unaided Brand Awareness 53.7% 59.1% +5.4* 10% Aided Brand Awareness 98.3% 98.7% +0.4 0% Online Ad Awareness 19.6% 40.7% +21.1* 107% Message Association 19.9% 31.9% +12.0* 61% Brand Favourability 67.4% 68.4% +1.0 1% Purchase Intent 74.0% 73.8% -0.2 Sample Size 408 386 Analyst theory *Statistically significant difference between control and exposed group at a 90% confidence level Lift = (Exposed-Control) / Control

10 Relative Difference (Impact)
Braun Campaign vs. MarketNorms† Relative Difference (Lift) Campaign outperformed MarketNorms Europe in Online Ad Awareness and Message Association Relative Difference (Impact) *MarketNorms Q1/03 (overall n=117,411)

11 Campaign Summary Allows tracking and analysis of the amount
led to 3000 visitors on the / Turkey Promotional page which lead to 1000 visitors on's Braun Store 6500 Clicks on the ad's on MSN Allows tracking and analysis of the amount of traffic incurred during the promotion from beginning to end

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