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AdCore University Presents: Advanced Remarketing adCore University.

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1 adCore University Presents: Advanced Remarketing adCore University

2 Presented by: Naomi Hauser Technical Support Specialist Advanced

3 Guest Lecturers: Advanced Lior Vainshtein SEM Account Manager Dror Aharon SEM Account Manager David Markovitch Media & Performance Dept. Manager

4 Talk to us! : @adcorelive : adCoreScreenShare : Advanced

5 Advanced Remarketing All about Advanced Remarketing Features in the Google Network Advanced

6 Agenda What is remarketing? An overview of different platforms used for remarketing AdWords RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) Analytics remarketing list YouTube remarketing Questions New Features

7 Introduction Advanced What is remarketing? Remarketing (Retargeting) allows you to find visitors who previously interacted with your site, and target them. Show them ads that are tailored based on which sections of your site they visited. Your ads appear on Google Display Network or as they search for terms related to your products on Google.

8 Introduction Advanced Why use remarketing ? Reduced cost per impression Better conversion rates Improved ROI Precise targeting Cost effective branding

9 Platforms Advanced

10 AdWords remarketing Advanced

11 Advanced Remarketing RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) Advanced Lior Vainshtein SEM Account Manager

12 AdWords RLSA What is it? Why use it? Limitations Tips and Strategies Insights Advanced

13 AdWords RLSA What is Remarketing List For Search (RLSA)? It’s similar to a Display AdWords Remarketing list. BUT: It lets you customize your search campaign for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor ad creative and/or your bids to these visitors when they're searching on Google. Display Remarketing RLSA Search VS. Push Pull Advanced

14 Where to create an RLSA audience List? Shared Library  Audience  + Remarketing List AdWords RLSA

15 Limitations Minimum number of 1,000 cookies Set on the ad group level Google Analytics audiences – can’t be used for RLSA Shopping Campaigns Advanced AdWords RLSA

16 Tip #1: Add audiences for all search campaign ad groups! 1.Start with no bid adjustments to gather statistics 2.Based on the statistics, increase/decrease bid adjustments or split out campaigns using target and bid settings. Advanced Our Recommendations:

17 Advanced How to Add the List to your Search Campaign Audiences Tab  + REMARKETING Select the ad group Select the audience lists you will like to target Select ‘target and bid’ or ‘bid only’ setting AdWords RLSA

18 Advanced AdWords RSLA Tip #2: Which RLSA Settings is correct? 1.Target and bid – show ads only to people associated with these lists, with the option to bid on them 2.Bid only – add these lists so I can set bids on them, but show ads when my other targeting methods match

19 Advanced Tip #3: Add customized ads for website past visitors. Example of ad copy: –10% Off For Returning Customers –Special New deals Settings: Target and bid RLSA Strategies

20 Advanced Tip #4 - Adjust your bids for high/low quality audience lists (CPA) Settings: Bid only RLSA Strategies

21 Advanced Tip #5 - Create target and bid campaigns/adgroups for generic low position keywords and ’second chance’ keywords Reg. Search Campaign Past Visitors Campaign Settings: Target and bid AdWords RLSA

22 Tip #6 – Increase your audience size Expand the time period: –All audience 90 days –All audience 90-180 days Advanced Increase Audience Size

23 Use the target and bid audience? Don’t forget to exclude the audience from the original campaign Check with the client for special offers for returning customers DSA (Dynamic Search Ads). Available via the Editor! Advanced My Insights

24 Be creative Cross Remarketing Push by RLSA Advanced Think Outside the Box

25 Higher bids for more valuable customers Advanced Summary

26 Advanced Remarketing Analytics Remarketing List Advanced David Markovitch Media & Performance Dept. Manager

27 Analytics Remarketing List Why use it? Limitations Highlighted Features Examples Advanced

28 Why use it? Remarketing list Easy-to-use Efficient Increase conversions Highly targeted Advanced

29 Limitations by AdWords  2000 Remarketing Audiences per Analytics account.  100 unique cookies for Display  1000 unique cookies for Search Advanced

30 Limitations Interests:  Adult activities (alcohol, gambling, adult dating, pornography, etc.) Background:  Racial or ethnic information  Political affiliation  Religion or religious belief  Negative financial status or situation  Health or medical information Targeting:  Children Advanced

31 Examples of Good lists : Advanced Analytics remarketing List  The Curious  Big Spenders  Socialites  Just Missed Em!

32 Best practices for Limitations TIP #1: DON’T come off as CREEPY!  Frequency capping  Avoid personal info  Up to date privacy policy Advanced

33 Smart List Tip #2: Use Analytics Smart Lists!  Automates and refines the decision making process of remarketing.  Predict visitors that are most likely to convert (based on visit duration, page depth, location, device, referrer, and browser).  Calibrate remarketing campaigns in AdWords to assign a value to each visitor. Advanced

34 Smart List Advanced

35 Enhanced Segmentation  Tip #3: Turn on your “Display Advertiser Features” and “Demographics and Interest Reports” New feature: lists based on origin, behavior, and demographics. Advanced

36 Seasonal Or Event-Based Advanced  Tip #4: STAY CURRENT! Promote current sales events to previous web visitors.

37 Product Or Service-Specific Advanced Tip #5: Use logic.  Promote a specific product page  Encourage to revisit the page and convert  Customized remarketing list of visitors who have been to a specific product page

38 Advanced Advanced Remarketing YouTube Remarketing Lists Dror Aharon SEM Account Manager

39 YouTube Remarketing Who should use it? Linking to AdWords Remarketing Lists Recommendations Tips and Insights Advanced

40  Reaching a wider audience (Mostly B2C advertising)  Demonstrating product/service in a short period of time  Increasing ROI by targeting interested customers  Boost Brand Awareness & Customer Engagement Who Should Use It? Advanced Businesses interested in:

41 Why Link YouTube To AdWords? Advanced

42 Remarketing Lists Advanced Remarketing lists: Target viewers based past interactions with videos or YouTube Channel. Targeting groups: Select different targeting settings.

43 TIP #1: Choose the right remarketing List  Viewers who have visited your site but did not convert in the past 7/30 days.  Viewers who have converted only once in the past 7/30 days. Recommended Remark. Lists Advanced

44  Negative Remarketing Lists: Audience who have converted Recommended Remark. Lists Advanced  Negative Keyword List: from previous example keyword related to meat

45 TIP #2: Choose the right Video for the right audience.  Don’t show vegetarians a video describing delicious meat products.  Create different campaigns with videos for different purposes (Branding, targeting a specific audience etc.) Match Your Videos With Your Audience Advanced Check Out what Burger King did:

46 TIP #3: Upload your own ‘Companion Banner’ don’t let google choose!  The companion banner continues to show, even when the video ad has been skipped.  Any click which follows is free for the advertiser. This is quite a nice feature. Companion Banner Advanced

47 TIP #4: Get yourself a bumper ad!  Bumper ads – Pre-roll video format running only 5 seconds - resulting in higher view frequency. Great for driving brand awareness and recall. Bumper Example Bumper Example Bumper Ads Advanced

48 Summary Google AdWords (RLSA) Google Analytics (Segments) YouTube (Connect it) Advanced USE

49 Questions: Questions Advanced

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