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Microsoft Business Intelligence. Angelia Leo Group Manager – Server & Tools Microsoft Singapore CONNECT, EMPOWER, OPTIMIZE The Microsoft Application Platform.

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1 Microsoft Business Intelligence

2 Angelia Leo Group Manager – Server & Tools Microsoft Singapore CONNECT, EMPOWER, OPTIMIZE The Microsoft Application Platform

3 Static-State Applications GUI driven Applications Connected Applications Internet Connected Applications Services Based Applications Spreadsheets Word Processors Standalone Apps Enhanced GUI Integrated toolsets LOB apps connected within company Monolithic Early - Mid 80s Internet Enabled Mid 90s Client Server Late 80s-Mid 90s Composite/ Services Based Mid 00s -... Mainframe Apps Dumb Terminals Rich UI Connected to suppliers & customers Internet enabled Loosely coupled Web Services architecture SOAP/XML/ESB Devices, form factors


5 “Application server platforms are the foundation for emerging composite applications” “Application platform suite (APS) products are integrated assemblies of three fundamental runtime technologies” “A Superplatform is a tightly integrated suite of products that provide organizations with a comprehensive platform for enterprise computing” “A Superplatform is a tightly integrated suite of products that provide organizations with a comprehensive platform for enterprise computing” “The platform a customer uses to design, develop, deploy and manage applications to run their business." “The platform a customer uses to design, develop, deploy and manage applications to run their business."


7 More easily connect Heterogeneous systems Create adaptable solutions built for change Cohesive technologies that span the IT Lifecycle Increase productivity for individuals, teams & organizations Improve resource allocation, prioritization & risk management Speed time-to-market with higher predictability Thousands of ISV solutions & partners supporting the platform Enterprise scalability and industry-leading TCO Widely adopted tools & technologies


9 Microsoft’s Promises to You

10  Higher Availability & Scalability  Stronger Security  Ease of Manageability Trusted Platform Lower Costs & Risk Deliver Results Faster BetterDecisions  Faster Application Development  Simplified Application lifecycle management  Enhanced Interoperability Deliver New Tools Faster FasterResults  Better Insight & Deeper Analytics  Richer End User Analysis & Reporting  Stronger MS Office integration Simplifies Data Management & Analysis Optimize Your Application Platform Near Zero Downtime Deep Business Insight Faster Time to Value

11 Breakthrough Features in SQL Server 2005 Major Enhancements in SQL Server 2005 New Features in SQL Server 2005 Best of Breed Business Intelligence  Enterprise ETL  Unified Dimension Model (UDM)  Data Mining  Ad Hoc Reporting  BI Dev Studio Enterprise Data Management  Security  Recoverability  Storage  Manageability  Database Mirroring  Snapshot Isolation  Native Data Encryption  Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)  Table Partitioning Unmatched Developer Productivity  TSQL  ADO.NET  Full Text Search  Native XML/SQL CLR  Query Notification  Integrated Development Environment

12 Mission Critical Data Platform Optimizing IT for Growth Upgrading to SS2005 NeedsChallenges Always On, Always Available I Cannot Access Data When I Need It Right Time Information Reduced Risk My Data and IP Can be Lost or Stolen Faster and More Flexible Apps My Apps are Hard to Develop and Run Unmatched Programmability Faster, Better Decisions Support I Cannot Turn Data into Actionable Insight When I Need It Deliver Better Results Faster Secure By Default

13 Deliver Results Faster with Mission Critical Abilities Higher Availability & Security 35% faster transaction processing 5x faster failover enabling % availability Native data encryption Greater Visibility & Deeper Analysis Up to 2x performance increase with large OLAP dimensions Rich End User Analysis & Reporting Enhanced Developer Productivity Up to 40% faster development time with VS and.NET integration New Cachesync simplifies web development Unmatched Performance and Low TCO “…already seeing 70 percent faster responses with XML data types, and has found it up to 90 percent faster to create XML-based applications.” “Integrated Microsoft technology helps accelerate our solutions so we can provide more immediate, innovative service to our clients.” “Moving to Integration Services for our enterprise ETL needs was the right decision—we were able to immediately capitalize on the team development features and rapid learning curve…”

14 SQL 7.0 SQL 2000 SQL 2005 Enterprise Data Management 32-bit, 2 GB max Distributed Queries Dynamic locking Full-Text Search 64-bit, 64GB max Multiple instance Differential Backups Parallel Operation Creating Indexes Indexed Views 64-bit Std./Ent., Unlimited CPU support Partitioning; Snapshot Isolation Online Operations Database Snapshots Indexed Views Oracle Replication Database Mirroring Business Intelligence OLAP integration OLAP integration OLEDB interface in DTS DTS jobs in SQL Agent Real Time OLAP Partitioned Cubes DTS Custom Tasks Data Mining Reporting Services Notification Services Integration Services Unified Dimensional Model (UDM) Report Builder / OLAP Reports XMLA command language Proactive Caching KPI Framework 7 new Data Mining Algorithms Developer Productivity ODBC, ADO, OLEDB Extended Stored Procedures DMO, SQL-NS XML Integration of Relational Data BIGINT, SQL_VARIANT and TABLE data types T-SQL User - defined Functions SQL-CLR &.NET Integration Native Data Encryption XML Data Type & XQuery Service Broker User-defined Types and Aggregates SMO, AMO, RMO, NMO SQL Client.NET Data Provider VS Shell Integration SQL Server Feature Comparison – By Key Focus Areas

15 Improving organizations by providing business insights to all employees leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions Advanced Analytics Self Service Reporting End-User Analysis Business Performance Management Operational Applications Embedded Analytics Microsoft Business Intelligence Vision

16 Portal (Office Server) Integrated Offering Office SQL Data Warehouse (SQL RDBMS) Integrate(SSIS)Analyze(SSAS)Report(SSRS) Business Scorecarding (BSM) End-user Analysis (Excel) BIPlatform AnalyticApplications End-userTools

17 BIPlatform Data Warehouse (SQL RDBMS) Integrate(SSIS)Analyze(SSAS)Report(SSRS) Portal (Office Server) Business Scorecarding (BSM) End-user Analysis (Excel) AnalyticApplications End-userTools Microsoft BI Offering Integrate (ETL) Analyze (OLAP and Data Mining) Report (Reports and Notifications) Analyze (Excel) Collaborate (BI Portal) Manage (KPIs, Scorecard)

18 Selected SQL 2005 Upgrade Customers Re-architected business critical Sports Database application using.NET and VS 2005, deployed SS2005 IS and RS 2.5 TB retail BI/DW, end-to-end BI: OLAP, RS, IS running on SQL Server 2005 Market Data Dissemination System with 5000 Tx/sec and over 100K queries / day 200GB DB for German paper manufacturer, upgrading 10 servers to SS2005, 400 total users 260+ concurrent SQL Server 2005 BI platform for financial: AS, UDM, RS, IS and DM in ETL. SharePoint Portal Server to host

19 SQL Server 2005 TB+ Customers Data Warehousing  5.3 TB Credit Card DW, 5 Mil card holders  300 power users, complex query, OLAP, SSIS, SSRS, Office BSM  4 TB Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) DW  350 users, complex relational query, SSIS & SSRS  4.5 TB Retail Data Warehouse on HP Superdome  Uses SQL Server OLAP, SSIS, SSRS  2 TB DW, originally migrated from Informix  300 users, complex query, OLAP & Data Mining  2 TB of Clinical Data & growing, 50 TB storage  US Dept of Veterans Affairs, facilities, 40+ OLAP Marts

20 SQL Server 2005 Customers In Singapore And Many More Singapore Customers from: Government, Telecom, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and Financial Verticals

21 Database Security Vulnerabilities Source: Company web sites, (Includes both SQL Server and MDAC) SQL Server Oracle DB Oracle: Unbreakable? 2006

22  SQL Server Express provides simple free DB  SQL Server WG provides robust database for growing businesses and smaller departments Deliver Lowest Cost & Easiest to Use Database  Enable customer to take full advantage of multi-core  Fully support 64-bit in SQL Server STD & EE  Includes Advanced HA Solution  Includes new DB Partitioning Feature Make Enterprise Functionality & Scale Mainstream  Includes new Report Builder Application  Includes new SQL Server Integration Services  Reporting, OLAP, & Data Mining Services provided at no extra cost Provide Advanced BI at commodity prices  Free license for passive servers including backup servers and disaster recovery servers  Low cost options for ISVs to embed SQL Server technology in applications Provide Fair & Flexible Licensing Options Delivering Value & Flexibility With SQL Server 2005

23 Introducing SQL Server 2005 Packaging & Pricing New for SQL Server 2005 Note: All Higher Editions include same functionality as the edition below it. Does not include Developer Edition and SQL Server Mobile Edition ExpressWorkgroupStandardEnterprise Fastest way for developers to learn, build & deploy simple data driven applications Easiest to use & most affordable database solution for smaller departments & growing businesses Complete data management & analysis platform for medium businesses and large departments Fully integrated data management and analysis platform for business critical enterprise applications Free $3.9K per proc or $739 (Server + 5 users) *CAL for Workgroup does not work with other editions $6K per proc or $2,799 (Server + 10 users) $25K per proc or $13.5K (Server + 25 users) 2 CPU 3 GB RAM Management Studio Import/Export Limited Replication Publishing Back-up Log- shipping Reporting Server & Report Builder 4 CPU Unlimited RAM (64-bit) Database Mirroring OLAP Server Reporting Server New Integration Services Data Mining Full Replication & SSB Publishing Unlimited Scale + Partitioning Adv. DB mirroring, Complete online & parallel operations, DB snapshot Advanced Analysis Tools including full OLAP & Data Mining Customized & High Scale Reporting Customized & High Scale Reporting Adv SSIS 1 CPU 1 GB RAM 4GB DB Size Simple Management Tool Reporting Server Native Encryption Replication & SSB Client

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