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Tableau Visual Intelligence Platform

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1 Tableau Visual Intelligence Platform
Rapid Fire Analytics for Everyone Everywhere

2 Agenda Introductions & Objectives Tableau Overview Tableau Products Tableau Architecture Why Tableau? Q/A

3 What is Tableau? Tableau enables users to quickly see and understand their data by automatically turning data into pictures

4 Common Questions We Hear…
We need to empower the avg. business user to make decisions using technology with minimal IT support, how can we do this? We can’t afford another complex and costly BI deployment, how quickly can this this solution be deployed and what are the resource requirements? What are the on going support time and costs (TCO) and how do these impact my projected ROI? Our customers are mobile, can we securely put data in the hands of our users regardless of where they are? Can we leverage our existing IT investments and meet the Big Data challenges we’re going to face with your application? How?

5 Market Expectations Fast Cost Effective Everyone Easy Everywhere
Secure Explosion of Data Number of data sources BIG Data Real-time Proliferation of Devices Tablets / SmartPhones New Interaction Paradigms Cloud Computing Streamlined Deployment / Scale Cloud Data Sources Social Networking / Collaboration

6 Tableau’s Visual Intelligence Platform
Server Consume Desktop Create Mobile Web Desktop Connect to data in: Server Standardize

7 Tableau Desktop Create One single, Cost effective solution
Explore, visualize, and analyze your data Create dashboards to consolidate multiple views Deliver interactive data experiences No designers, no wizards

8 Tableau Desktop Tableau Server
One single, Cost effective solution Tableau Desktop Create Meta Data: Heuristics, One Click Create and Share Governance: Data, Content, Connection and Policy Security: Database, User, Content, Data & Communications Automation, Disaster Recovery, High Availability Tableau Server Shared Services

9 Tableau Desktop Tableau Server Tableau Server
One single, Cost effective solution Tableau Desktop Create Tableau Server Consume Web client with zero footprint No formal training required Personalized content Team collaboration and sharing Automation to push content and manage Easy to administer and scale to very large users Tableau Server Shared Services

10 Embed, Deploy & Custom Apps
One single, Cost effective solution Tableau Server Embed, Deploy & Custom Apps Tableau Desktop Create Tableau Server Consume Fully interactive web deployment on all browsers Ability to embed with one click in other portals Deploy on mobile technology and cloud technology Office integration with Excel, PowerPoint and Access Tableau Server Shared Services

11 Tableau’s Visual Intelligence Platform
Tableau Server Web and Portal Rollout Mobile Deployments Easy to Use, Deploy and Maintain Speed to Connect, Understand and Act on Data Internet Scalable Solution One single solution to meet all needs Cost effective, Fastest ROI and Time to Value Tableau Desktop Connect Author Publish Tableau Server Consume Personalize Share Tableau Server Meta Data Security Governance

12 Tableau’s Architecture
Web Browser Interactive Zero footprint Web 2.0 Export to office Mobile Ready Data Sources Text Excel Sql Oracle Cubes Hadoop Vertica Teradata Green Plum SAS Etc.. Tableau Server Web Applications Portals Dynamic 2-way embedding Tableau Professional Author Publish Retrieve Ad Hoc Analysis

13 Leveraging Tableau’s Architecture
Data Marts Data Warehouse Files Cubes Tableau Native Query Technology Interactive queries direct to the database Always the most current data Leverages IT policies for security Values the EDW strategy Leverages existing IT investments/architecture Tableau In Memory Technology Imports data Architecture Aware Fast data engine Column store Highly compressed 64-bit (32-bit as well) SQL Connector Tableau Data Engine MDX Connector VizQL Compiler User Interface

14 How Tableau is Unique? Thought Leadership Leveraging your Investments
Visual Intelligence Platform (VIP) Speed to Solutions – x faster than other vendors Data Visualization Best Practices Leveraging your Investments Single Platform For Direct Connect AND In-Memory Federated Data Blending of Disparate Data Sources Integrated Mobile Solution Built to Scale Unlimited Data Scalability (100’s of petabytes) Unlimited User Scalability (10 million users) Cloud Enabled Tableau connects directly to Teradata through natively optimized drivers. You are not forced to extract data. This leads to more usage of the Database and hence more needs of capacity The customer saves HUGE amounts of money on reduced data movement cost – Which is quite unnecessary Tableau installs in 1 min and most reports can be created in 10-15mins. This reduces risk for Teradata projects Business people are drivers leading to higher adoption and in turn more projects are referred to Teradata.

15 Industry Validation Gartner: User surveys – Tableau #1 with a margin
Forrester certified a 127% ROI in 13 months BARC survey rated Tableau #1 for customer loyalty, lowest cost and shortest time to implement How do people think with data CURRENTLY? Most people use Excel

16 Tableau’s History See, Understand and Share Data VizQL™ Future ?
Gartner ~ Magic Quadrant Fastest Growing BI Vendor Tableau Mobile Platform Tableau Public Cloud ~ 7.5M users Forrester Report - ROI 127% Deloitte Fast #115 7,500 successful customers 50+ federal agencies including the Air Force DARPA VizQL™ 3000+ customers Release 3.1 ~ Tableau Server Release 1.0 ~ Tableau Desktop 2004

17 Links for Additional Information
Demonstration of Tableau Desktop: Demonstration of Tableau Server: Customer Stories and Case Studies: For additional information: Sean Brophy (703)

18 How could you Visualize Your Information in Tableau??







25 Tableau Visual Intelligence Platform
Rapid Fire Analytics for Everyone Everywhere

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