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Kristina Rumpff, Paul Skaife, John Simon.

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1 Kristina Rumpff, Paul Skaife, John Simon






7 75 TB of business data 42 business systems feeding into the EDW 350 million records loaded daily 13 billion records extracted daily * * Excludes tactical batch queries 16K tables, 28K views and 2K macros 6.8 million queries daily 7.3K jobs running daily 21K processes 39.6 billion records in largest table EDW LANDSCAPE 3 TB of new data per month 7 Major Data warehouses EDW, TDW, RDW, CDW, NDW, ISDW, WDR 50 Major reporting Systems 100 Minor reporting systems 100s of reporting solutions ranging from Access databases, to SQL databases to Teradata Datalabs


9 A single, powerful and extensible reporting platform Collaboration features Data visualisation functionality Strong self-service capabilities


11 Search Sites Communities Content Reports Dashboards & Scorecards Self-Service Mash-ups Subscribers & Physicals Credits & Adjustments FCRMAE Complaints NPS Mass Market and Investigative BI “Source of Truth” reporting * SSAS Semantic Layer SQL Server 2012 SSAS Tabular & Multi Dimensional Models Analytical Insights * SharePoint 2013 * Reporting - SSRS Dashboards - PerformancePoint or Excel Services Self Service Slice n Dice – Excel Mash ups – PowerPivot Visualization - Power View Advanced Visualizations Provide: Security layer Calculations Metadata Standard definitions Business Rules


13 Web ServersApp ServersCube ServersDatabase Servers 6 vcpu 16Gb RAM 6 vcpu 16Gb RAM 10 vcpu 114Gb RAM 10 vcpu 114Gb RAM 20 vcpu 750 Gb RAM 10 vcpu 102 Gb RAM 2* DL580 – 40 Cores and 1Tb RAM each Failover Fibre Channel storage SharePoint 2013 SQL Server 2012 SSAS Tabular & Multi - dimensional

14 Communi ty BI Site BI Content Access to BI Sites using email distribution lists based on role Access to Communities will not be restricted, however the content will be restricted Self-Service Mash-ups Access to cubes based on email distribution lists. A cube may have 1:M lists for BU, IP separation etc.

15 Spiderman Voltaire





20 BI Sites Team Sites Wikis & Discussion lists Tight Controls Less Controls Controlled Tightly governed SSAS Models PerformancePoint Reporting Services Controlled PowerPivot Power View Ad Hoc Loosely governed Collaboration Short Lived Power Pivot Power View


22 Config Management SharePoint Frontend Stored Procedures Database Server Admin can Add a new job Modify job Enable Job See the last status See the history Source PCS Job Extraction (Agent Job running every 15 Mins) Package Execution (Agent Job running every 10 Mins) Tabular Package Execution Cube Package Execution Service Broker Queue (Management Queue) Job Execution Process (SSIS)





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